Angel The Sanctuary - 1ADH19

Written by Tim Minear and Joss Whedon - Directed by Michael Lange - First Aired on May 2, 2000

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The Short: Picking up right where the last episode ended, Angel tries to help Faith. Wolfram & Hart hire a demon to kill Angel and Faith. After a botched assassination, Buffy shows up, hearing word that Angel is harboring Faith and argues with him how to rehabilitate the rogue Slayer. She wants Faith in jail. Meanwhile a team sent by the Watcher's Council show up and attempt to kill Faith. They are defeated, but Kate learns Angel is harboring Faith and arrests him. As they arrive at the police station Faith turns herself in and Angel is released.

Faith and Angel The Long: After a lengthy ''Previously on Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer'' segment (see
Continuity #1), we cut to Angel's place, where a worn Faith and Angel walk in. Angel sets Faith up in his bed, and tells her he'll be nearby. Faith imagines attacking Angel, but does nothing.

Cordelia At Angel Investigations, a battered Cordelia does her morning filing. Wesley walks in and they are both shocked at how bad each other look after their fights with Faith. Wesley apologizes for letting it happen, but Cordelia says it's not his fault. Cordelia tells Wesley Faith is still there. Angel walks out and is surprised to see Welsey. Angel takes donuts to feed Faith, but Wesley is upset Faith isn't restrained, calling her a rabid animal. Welsey speaks his mind and leaves, upset with Angel (see Cool Quote #1). Cordelia has Angel sign some checks, and then he realizes they were for paid vacation for Cordelia. She tells him she has no intention of staying while Angel has a psycho in the basement (see Reference #1). Cordelia leaves (see Goof #1). At the scene of the fight, Kate Lockley shows up and investigates, despite the fact that it isn't her case. Detective Kendrick thinks it was Faith, but wants to know why Lockley is looking in to it. He claims Kate has been investigating all the supernatural cases (see Reference #2). At Angel Investigations Angel finds Faith alone with a knife, and gets her to give it up to him (see Continuity #2). At Wolfram & Hart Lindsey, Lilah and Lee discover Faith is staying as Angel's house guest (see Continuity #3). They decide to kill them both. At Angel's place Faith is having flashbacks to when she killed Allan Finch. She gets up and starts to pack, but Angel talks her out of it (see Reference #3). At a bar called Third And Long that night, Wesley is playing darts by himself, when the Council retrieval team approaches him.

Buffy In the bar Wesley talks with the Council team. They offer to make him Watcher again if he helps them catch Faith. At Angel's place Faith and Angel talk about redemption and microwave popcorn (see Cool Quote #2). Faith wonders if she can say she is sorry, Angel wonders if she is. Faith mentions sleeping with Buffy's new boyfriend, and Angel is shaken (see Continuity #4). At Wolfram & Hart Lindsey, Lee and Lilah arrange for a demon assassin to kill Faith and Angel. At the bar the Council team give Wesley a drug syringe to use on Faith. Wesley requires that they don't harm Angel and they agree. At Angel's place Faith watches television and eats popcorn as Angel showers (see Reference #4). We see the demon climbing the ceiling above Faith. As Faith flips the channels she comes across a news broadcast where they show her picture and Kate says she's violent and unpredictable. Angel insists she is safe there, then the demon attacks them (see Goof #2). Faith grabs a knife and stabs the demon dead, then she breaks down in Angel's arms (see Goof #3). Buffy Summers walks in and is shocked at what she sees.

Angel pic At Angel's place Buffy is fuming at the sight of Angel and Faith together. She says she came because she heard Faith tried to kill Angel. Faith tries to apologize, but Buffy won't accept it. Angel tells Faith to go upstairs, Buffy hits Angel and Angel hits her back. Buffy is shocked Angel would hit her, he apologies. Upstairs Wesley walks in and sees Faith, they talk. At Wolfram & Hart Lilah informs the others that the assassin didn't kill Faith (see Reference #5). Lee rants about how crazy this is (see Cool Quote #3). Lindsey decides they need to use the law to get Faith. Faith and Wesley walk in and Wesley tells them the Council is coming. They prepare to escape in the sewers, but Faith runs for the roof. At the police office Lindsey tells Kate Faith is with Angel (see Continuity #5). He then mentions how vampires killed Kate's father (see Continuity #6). On the roof of Angel Investigations Buffy confronts Faith (see Continuity #7). As they argue the Council team shows up with machine guns and attacks. As Faith and Buffy run for the next roof a helicopter shows up.

Faith and Buffy dodge gunfire on the roof as Weatherby faces Angel and Wesley. Angel breaks for the roof as Wesley is able to drug Weatherby (see Reference #6). Buffy knocks out Collins, and Angel jumps for the helicopter, where he takes out Smith and forces the pilot to land. As Angel lands Kate confronts him about where Faith is and when he refuses arrests him. Buffy and Wesley show up at the police station as Kate threatens to put him in a cell with a view of the sunrise. Buffy tries to protect him as they notice Faith sitting there. She tells Kate she wishes to confess. Later on in the police station Buffy and Angel have a falling out. Angel tells her she was looking for vengeance. She admits she has someone else, but Angel says he can't move on, so he wants her to go home. Buffy leaves and Wesley walks up and tells him Angel did the right thing. Faith is shown sitting in a cell alone, tired and at peace.

Creature Feature

Council Collins, Weatherby and Smith work for the Watcher's Council, and were sent to get Faith. They are humans, but very knowledgable of the supernatural.

Wolfram & Hart Continuing in the roll of villains this episode are Lindsey McDonald, Lee Mercer and Lilah Morgan of Wolfram & Hart. This time they hire a demon to kill Faith and Angel, then when it fails they inform Kate that Angel is protecting Faith.

Demon An unnamed demon is employed by Wolfram & Hart to take out Faith and Angel. It is dark colored, has four eyes, a monstrous mouth, and can climb walls. The shooting script referred to it as a bug demon, and implied it was female.

Cool Quotes

  1. Wesley: ''Don't you dare take the moral high ground with me after what she did. I believe in helping people. I do not believe in coddling murderers!''
    Angel: ''It wasn't too long ago that you were the one making the case for her rehabilitation.''
    Wesley: ''It wasn't too long ago I had full feeling in my right arm!''
    When did Wesley grow a pair?

  2. Faith: ''So, how does this work?''
    Angel: ''There is no real simple answer to that. I won't lie to you and tell you that it'll be easy, because it won't be. Just because you've decided to change doesn't mean that the world is ready for you to. The truth is, no matter how much you suffer, no matter how many good deeds you do to try to make up for the past, you may never balance out the cosmic scale. The only thing I can promise you is that you'll probably be haunted, and maybe for the rest of your life.''
    Faith: ''So how does this work?''
    Angel: ''Uh, power level, time, start. Sure that popcorn is gonna be enough for you?''
    Redemption and popcorn, who'd of thought?

  3. Lee: ''This is getting ridiculous. The first assassin kills the second assassin, sent to kill the first assassin, who didn't assassinate anyone until we hired the second assassin to assassinate the first assassin.''
    Lindsey: ''All right, this obviously isn't working.''
    Lilah: ''You think?''
    I couldn't have said it simpler myself.


  1. Cordelia: '' Like I'm gonna stick around here while psycho-case is roaming loose downstairs with three tons of medieval weaponry? Not!''
    Psycho is a 1960 film starring Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, a mild mannered motel owner who kills unsuspecting women. Plot: Phoenix office worker Marion Crane is fed up with the way life has treated her. She has to meet her lover Sam in lunch breaks and they cannot get married because Sam has to give most of his money away in alimony. One Friday Marion is trusted to bank $40,000 by her employer. Seeing the opportunity to take the money and start a new life, Marion leaves town and heads towards Sam's California store. Tired after the long drive and caught in a storm, she gets off the main highway and pulls into The Bates Motel. The motel is managed by a quiet young man called Norman who seems to be dominated by his mother. Also referenced by Cordelia in Somnambulist.

  2. Detective Kendrick: ''Come on Kate, everybody knows you've gone all Scully. Anytime one of these weird cases crosses someone's desk you're always there. What's going on with you?''
    Kate: ''Scully is the skeptic.''
    Detective Kendrick: ''Huh?''
    Kate: ''Mulder is the believer, Scully is the skeptic.''
    They are of course talking about the 1993 television series The X-Files starring David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully. Plot: Fox Mulder is a believer in the paranormal. He has been assigned to the X-Files unit which investigates F.B.I. cases for which standard investigatory techniques don't seem to work. Dana Scully, a medical doctor and F.B.I. agent is a skeptic. Together they travel to F.B.I. cases where something unexplainable has happened. Also referenced by Buffy in The Pack.

  3. Angel: ''Where are you gonna go? Back out in that darkness? I once told you that you didn't have to go out in that darkness. Remember? That it was your choice. Well, you chose. You thought that you could just touch it. That you'd be okay. Five by five, right, Faith? but it swallowed you whole. So tell me, how did you like it?''
    Five by five is a old term used by radio operators used to gauge signal strength and clarity, both on a scale from one to five. Therefore five by five would be the strongest and clearest signal. The term five by five was a common phrase used by Faith in the last two seasons.

    TV2 TV1
  4. The first show on the television Faith watches is unknown.
    The second show on the television Faith watches is unknown.

    TV3 The third show on the television Faith watches is the 1941 Superman cartoon created by Max Fleischer. I wrote a conversion of Superman for Champions 4th edition role playing game at Superman was also referenced by Buffy in Never Kill A Boy On The First Date, by Xander in Helpless and The Zeppo and by Forrest in The Initiative and Doomed.

  5. Lilah: ''Strike two.''
    A strike is a term in baseball. When a batter attempts to hit a ball into play they are allowed until they make three strikes or one out.

    Dart Board
  6. Wesley: ''180!''
    180 is the maximum score possible when throwing three darts at a regulation dart board, with each hitting the 60 point mark.


    Buffy & Rupert
  1. Angel: ''Previously on Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.''
    Bad Girls - Wesley meets Faith. Faith kills Allan Finch, says she doesn't care.
    Choices - Faith gets a new knife.
    Consequences - Angel has a long talk with Faith about evil and change.
    This Year's Girl - Buffy tells Faith it doesn't have to be like this. Faith shown in a coma. Rupert explains the Council retrieval team. Faith escapes them.
    Five By Five - Wolfram & Hart hire Faith to kill Angel. Faith nearly shoots Angel. Faith tortures Wesley. Faith and Angel fight, she breaks down in his arms.

  2. Faith: ''I've been asleep for eight months. You rest.''
    Graduation Day Part 2 - Faith fell into a coma after a being stabbed by Buffy.
    This Year's Girl - Faith woke up from her coma and escaped the hospital.

  3. Lilah: ''I told you he wouldn't be easy. He can't be bought, and apparently he can't be killed, even by a Vampire Slayer. Rumor has it he used to actually date one.''
    Reptile Boy - Angel first asked Buffy out.
    The Prom - Angel broke up with Buffy for the last time.

    Faith & Riley
  4. Faith: ''All my life there was only one person that tried to be my friend, went out of her way when I had no right or reason to expect her to, and I screwed her. Not to mention her boyfriend, only, him literally.''
    Angel: ''Faith, you and I never actually...''
    Faith: ''No, not you. The new one. Oh, my god. Angel, I'm so sorry I...''
    Enemies - Faith and Angel almost had sex when he pretended to go along with her plans to learn more about them.
    Who Are You - Faith and Riley had sex while Faith was inside Buffy's body.

    Angel pic
  5. Lindsey: ''I believe that I have some information that will be of interest to you. Because, while it is true that we differ on a great many issues, we do have one thing in common.''
    Kate: ''Ah, our bodies are both 80% water?''
    Lindsey: ''An enemy.''
    Sense and Sensitivity - The picture of Angel was from when he helped save Kate from Little Tony.

  6. Lindsey: ''...and we can't be completely clear because the law isn't clear on these matters, is it? I mean take for example, those creatures that murdered your father. They could never have been brought to any kind of traditional justice, even if they had survived, and personally, I feel that you were totally justified in taking whatever, extra legal, measures you found necessary.''
    The Prodigal - Kate's father was killed by a drug running vampire, Angel was there but was unable to save him. Kate later staked the vampire herself.

  7. Faith: ''What do you wanna do? You're gonna throw me off the roof, again?''
    Graduation Day Part 1 - Actually Faith jumped from a roof to escape Buffy.


  1. As Cordelia leaves Angel, he folds up the check book and places it under the donuts he is carrying, but in the very last part of the scene he is standing there with the check book open on top of them again.

  2. When Angel tries to convince Faith she is safe just before the demon jumps them he puts his left hand on her shoulder. The camera switches to an above shot and Angel isn't touching her with that hand. Then it quickly switches to a shot from the side and he has that hand on her neck.

  3. When Faith drops the knife she killed the demon with, it bounces several times, like maybe the floor was cushioned for stunts or the knife was rubber? I'm not sure.


  • Early in the show during some in between scene cuts there are frames of Wesley being tortured in Five By Five and some scenes of Faith and Angel together in his home that weren't in any episode.

  • Faith is the 12th reoccurring non-star character on the show. She last appeared in Five By Five.

  • The Morgue

    1. Anonymous bug demon: In Angel's home, stabbed by Faith.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

    Guest Starring:
    Kate Elisabeth Rohm as Detective Kate Lockley (Right)
    Lindsay McDonald Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald
    Lee Mercer Thomas Burr as Lee Mercer
    Lilah Morgan Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan
    Collins Alastair Duncan as Collins
    Faith & Angel Eliza Dushku as Faith (Left)
    Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Anne Summers

    Weatherby Jeff Ricketts as Weatherby
    Smith Kevin Owers as Smith
    Kate Adam Vernier as Detective Kendrick (Left)
    Buffy & Rupert Anthony Head as Rupert Giles (Right, uncredited, seen in flashback from Bad Girls.)
    Allan Finch Jack Plotnick as Allan Finch (Uncredited, seen in flashback from Bad Girls.)

    Famous Faces

    Alaster Collins Alastair Duncan, who played Collins, played Alastar the chameleon demon in the Charmed episode Brain Drain 4.07.

    Captain Famine Jeff Ricketts, who played Weatherby, played the part of Famine on the Charmed episode Apocalypse Not 2.21. He also played the alien captain in the Enterprise episode Fight or Flight 1.03 and appeared again as Keval in The Andorian Incident 1.07. He would go on to play Malcolm in the 2001 film Chance.

    Kate Adam Vernier, who played Detective Kendrick, also played the courier driver in the X-Files episode The Amazing Maleeni 7.08, which is ironic considering he makes an X-Files reference in this episode. He has his own web site at He appeared in the Limp Bizkit music video Rearranged. I contacted him though e-mail and interviewed him about his part in the episode. You can read what he had to say here.

    Points Of View


    Good lines all around, I almost didn't miss Cordelia, almost. It was nice to see Buffy and Angel NOT get along or have sexual tension. Kate was well done as usual. They really are trying to push Welsey on us, I say give it up.

    8 out of 10

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