Angel War Zone - 1ADH20

Written by Garry Campbell - Directed by David Straiton - First Aired on May 9, 2000

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The Short: Angel and crew are hired to track down a blackmailer who is trying to extort money from millionaire David Nabbit. While tracking the blackmailer, Angel gets caught in a war between a street gang led by a young man named Gunn and a band of vampires. Angel makes a deal to send the vampires packing while saving the lives of most of the gang.

Ambush The Long: (see Continuity #1) A young girl walks down a dark alley in the middle of the night, looking over her shoulder nervously. She hears sounds, but keeps moving. Three men turn the corner behind her and start to follow her closely. She turns to face them, only to see vampires growling at her. Someone walks up behind the vampires with a dark outfit and sword, the vampires recognize him, as a truck loaded with other men with anti-vampire weapons pulls up behind him.

Big Fight Angel, Cordelia and Wesley show up an a high cost party to meet a client (see Cool Quotes #1 & Reference #1). The client turns out to be a socially inept software billionaire named David Nabbit. Together with some friends, he visited a demonic brothel, but unwittingly had pictures taken of him in a compromising situation with a demon lady of the evening (see Reference #2). He has a picture of the man blackmailing him, Lenny Edwards, but can't find him. David wants Angel to get the pictures back. In the alley the gang of vampire hunters and a group of vampires are fighting. Several vampires and one gang member are killed and one gang member is wounded severely before the five remaining vampires run off, with a gang member following them. The gang grab their wounded, get in the truck and head back to their home, a fortified building. Inside the building Bobby, the wounded gang member dies. The gang leader asks a gang member, James, how they are set up for the night, and he says they have squatters, who the leader insists they feed and give shelter for the night. At Madam Dorian's, the demon brothel, Angel walks in and is immediately spotted as a vampire by Madam Dorian. He tells her one of her clients is being blackmailed with pictures taken there, and how if word got out it would be bad for business. Madam Dorian calls out Lena, the demon of serviced David, and tells her to cooperate with Angel (see Continuity #2). At the gang headquarters the girl tells the gang leader, Gunn, that they are dying and he is getting reckless. A gang member, Chain, shows up saying the vampire led him straight to their nest. Then another member shows up saying a vampire is moving rooftop to rooftop coming near them fast. They go to check it out. On the street Angel sneaks up behind Lenny, telling him he is taking over and that he wants the pictures, showing his vampire face. Gunn sees this and thinks Angel is moving in on the neighborhood.

Hostage At David's place Cordelia and Wesley accept a check for their expenses in tracking down Lenny. They are shocked to see David has given them so much, but David says he pays well for people who do good work, and they were the only people who even talked to him at the party. That night Lenny waits to give the pictures to Angel, but as Angel approaches a demon hired by Lenny jumps Angel. During the fight Angel is able to grab the pictures and then snaps the demons's neck. Angel is still recovering when the gang's truck shows up and launches a stake in Angel's back, barely missing his heart. Angel pulls it out and runs, being chased by the gang. Angel ducks in a building, but discovers a number of traps have been set. The gang attack, until he grabs the girl, Alonna, holding her hostage. When a stray crossbow bolt nearly hits Alonna, Angel moves his hand to take it instead. This shocks the gang. Angel says he is impressed by them. He tries to ally himself with them, but they let him go warning him not to return. The next day at Angel Investigations Cordelia patches up Angel as they look over the pictures (see Reference #3). Angel says he wants to find the vampire nest. Wesley sets out to find the gang. At the nest the leader vampire gives a pep talk to his vampires, during which he stakes one of his own. At the gang headquarters Gunn argues with Alonna and James as whether to trust Angel. Angel finds the nest, but it is empty except for one guard vampire, who he questions. At the gang headquarters Alonna and Gunn talk as canisters of gas are throne in from daylight outside. He suspects a vampire attack, so he orders his people out into the daylight where they would be safe. Gunn realizes no one is attacking and that they were set up. A van pulls up quickly and men in dark suits and masks grab Alonna. Gunn jumps on the back of the van and sees vampires inside feed on Alonna before being knocked off.

Cordelia and Wesley are out in the car looking for the gang headquarters. At the headquarters Angel grabs a guard and forces him to ask him in. Inside he confronts Gunn, then offers his help, but Gunn traps him in a meat locker. The gang leaves for the vampire nest. At the nest the gang pull up in the truck. Gunn goes in first, saying to follow him in 10 minutes. When he gets in he finds Alonna, but she is already a vampire.

In the meat locker, Angel pounds on the door, then starts to break through the wall. At the nest Alonna the vampire talks to Gunn, telling him how wonderful being a vampire is, they have no guilt. Angel almost gets the locker open as Cordelia does it for him. Wesley reminds him Angel has a cell phone in his pocket and Angel is embarrassed and runs off to save the gang. Alonna is still talking to Gunn and says she will look out for him, wanting to turn him into a vampire. As she is about to drain him he stakes her. Angel stands there and tells him they should leave. The gang comes in and the vampires come out of hiding and surround them. Angel tells the vampires if they leave now and never come back to Los Angeles they will get to live. The vampire leader laughs and asks who he is, but Angel effortlessly stakes him and the vampires and gang leave. The next day Wesley and Cordelia talk about the gang (see Continuity #3). Cordelia says it scares her how poor they were, and considers prostituting herself to David, since he has so much money and she needs security. She talks herself out of it. That night Angel approaches Gunn. Gunn says he'll keep fighting, Alonna was the reason he fought. Angel says he may need Gunn's help someday.

Creature Feature

Madam Dorian's is a brothel in Bel Air, California who has in it's employ a number of female demons of various types, including at least one Vigorie demon, and a demon named Lena. Madam Dorian seems human, but was able to tell Angel was a vampire on sight, suggesting she may be more then she seems.

Brothel Madam Dorian Lena

Demon 1 Demon 2 Demon 3

Demon 4 Lenny Edwards employs a demon to knock off Angel. It's a garden variety big strong baddie.

Cool Quotes

  1. Cordelia: ''What? No, money, I like the smell of a little money once in a while.''
    Angel: ''She's not just saying that. Hide some in the office sometime to watch her. It's uncanny.''
    Another useful skill for Cordelia.


  1. Wesley: ''Camembert, I believe.''
    Camembert is a French cheese made form cow's milk; to earn the controlled name, the cows must be from Normandy. Its manufacture, over two days, requires a special ladle. (Thanks to Melissa Evans for the information and to Poppedijn for the picture of Camembert.)

  2. Wesley: ''In Bel Air, I believe. The Watchers Council is ripe with stories about it.''
    Bel Air is a very expensive and exclusive area in Los Angeles right around the 405 Freeway, west of Beverly Hills, some flat area but mostly hillside. North of Sunset Blvd. up to Mulholland Drive. (Thanks to Marsia from the Watcher's Diary for helping find this information.)

    Dungeons & Dragons
  3. David: ''Are you familiar with Dungeons & Dragons?''
    Angel: ''Yeah, seen a few...''
    Welsey: ''You mean the role playing game.''
    Angel: ''Oh, game, right.''
    Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy role playing game created by TSR in 1981. It has gone through several changes over the years, and strangely enough the latest version has no mentions of demons or devils, in an attempt to stave off critics that it promotes devil worship. They now have ''extra-planar-entities'' who bare a striking resemblance to the old demons and devils from earlier editions.

    John Wayne
  4. Cordelia: ''...and the idea of a vampire in a white hat probably seems a little give-me-a-breaky.''
    The term white hat, meaning good-guy or hero, stems from the tradition that heroes in western films always wore white hats. Also used by the vampire Willow in
    The Wish and Spike in In The Dark. (Thanks to Matt Cyran for the picture.)


  1. The events of this episode take place after Angel visited Sunnydale in The Yoko Factor, which first broadcast on the same night right before this episode.

  2. The demon Lena seems to be the same type of demon seen in the cascade of images we saw back in City Of.

  3. Cordelia: ''And I thought my first apartment was bad. Can you believe people actually live there?''
    City Of - Cordelia was first shown in her run down apartment.
    Rm w/a Vu - Cordelia got fed up with her first apartment and found a new one.


  1. Unfinished.


  • Cordelia and Wesley seem to have healed nicely from their encounter with Faith last episode, leaving us to believe some time passed.

  • Angel is invited into David Nabbit's home, and the home of the street gang.

  • I wrote up a conversion of Charles Gunn for Champions 4th edition role playing game at

    Marcus Kevin West
  • During the first broadcast of this episode, they showed the 7 Up commercial with Kevin West, who played Marcus the vampire in In The Dark.

  • The Morgue

      Alonna Dusts
    1. Anonymous vampire: In the alley, staked with a stake launcher by a gang member.
    2. Anonymous vampire: In the alley, beheaded with a sword by Charles Gunn.
    3. Anonymous vampire: In the alley, staked with a stake launcher by a gang member.
    4. Anonymous gang member: In the alley, neck snapped by a vampire.
    5. Anonymous vampire: In the alley, staked by a gang member.
    6. Bobby: In the gang headquarters, injured in the fight by a vampire.
    7. Anonymous demon: On the street, neck snapped by Angel.
    8. Ty the vampire: In the vampire's lair, staked the lead vampire.
    9. Alonna: In the vampire's van, drained by vampires.
    10. Alonna the vampire: In the vampire's lair, staked by Gunn.
    11. Knox the vampire: In the vampire's lair, staked by Angel.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

    Guest Starring:
    Alonna Alonna Michele Kelly as Alonna Gunn
    Chain Maurice Compte as Chain
    Knox Mick Murray as Knox
    Lenny Joe Basile as Lenny Edwards
    Coming soon! David Herman as David Nabbit
    Charles J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

    Bobby Sean Parhm as Bobby
    Ty Sven Holmberg as Ty
    Dorian Rebecca Klingler as Madam Dorian
    Lena Kimberly James as Lena
    James Ricky Luna as James

    Famous Faces

    Lenny Joe Basile, who played Lenny also played the lead guard in the X-Files episode Three Words 8.16. You might also recognize him as one of the fathers in the 1995 film Bye Bye, Love.

    J. August on Sliders Gunn J. August Richards, who played Charles Gunn, played the part of Damon in the 1995 sci-fi television series Sliders episode Just Say Yes 4.07. His full name is Jaime Augusto Richards III and his has an official web site at

    Lena Kimberly James, who played Lena, played one of the villainous Furrier gang in the 1999 comedy film Mystery Men.

    James Ricky Luna, who played James, played Carlos in the Enterprise episode Broken Bow 1.01. He also has his own web site at

    Points Of View


    A bit predictable and slow. This episode did set up a few things that may develop nicely in the future. Gunn might be a good ally for Angel Investigations, although they probably should have had Wesley or Cordelia contact him, since he seems so uneasy around vamps. Madam Dorian's could be an interesting place in the future, especially if it is somehow connected to Jheira and the escaped Vigories. I'm starting to think Angel is starting his own super hero group. With all those allies he's developed lately, he could do it.

    7 out of 10

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