''An all new two hour event sends Buffy and Angel 400 years in the past. Old friends and enemies return. An extraordinary two hour Buffy/Angel event.''

Angel Darla - 2ADH07

Written by Tim Minear - Directed by Tim Minear - First Aired on November 14th, 2000

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The Short: As Angel broods about Darla as she starts to feel guilt and confusion about her past life. Angel tries to figure out where Wolfram & Hart are keeping Darla and Wesley worries that they planned all this to keep Angel busy. Darla tries to contact Angel for help and then makes an escape. Lindsey helps her get out but the Wolfram & Hart guards find her and the executives decide to take Lindsey off the case and terminate Darla. Lindsey gives Angel information as to where they are taking Darla to kill her and he saves her. Once back at Angel's place Darla begs for him to sire her as a vampire so she won't be plagued with her soul any more, but he refuses. She runs off. During this episode we have flashbacks Darla being sired by the Master in 1609 Virginia, Darla introducing Angel to the Master in 1760 London, Drusilla deciding she wants a playmate in 1880 London, Darla killing the gypsies who cursed Angel in 1898 Romania and Angel trying to rejoin Darla in 1900 China.

Darla The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see Continuity #1) we open on Angel in his room, where he is drawing a picture of Darla. Wesley comes in and wants to know if there is anything on his mind he wants to share, but Angel insists he's fine. Welsey points out that the floor is covered with drawings of Darla. Elsewhere Lindsey walks in on Darla, finding her injured and cowering in the corner, all the mirrors in her room shattered. She babbles about her past and cries about how she's Angel's soul mate.

Angel We open in 1609 somewhere in the Virginia Colony, where a sickly and human Darla is being leeched by a doctor as nurses look on. A heavily robed priest walks in and sends the others out. Darla, who it turns out is a wealthy whore, isn't interested in having her soul saved, and says let the devil take her. The priest removes his hood revealing he is the Master. She recognizes him as the man who came to her last night and sang to her, she invited him in then. He then offers to be her savior and bites her. In the present Angel talks to Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn in his office about wanting to find Darla. The group are skeptical until Gunn points out that they must be keeping her at some safe house, so they should look into realestate holdings of Wolfram & Hart (see Continuity #2-#4) . In 1760 London Darla introduces Angel to the Master. She tells the tale of the bloody death they reaped since she sired him in Galway (see Reference #1 & Continuity #5). Although the Master tires to be impressive, Angel looks down on him for living in a rat infested stink hole and looking like a bat. The Master beats the snot out of Angel, but allows him to leave with Darla (see Reference #2). He gives their relationship a century tops. Back in the present at Angel Investigations, Angel learns that Darla means dear one, but didn't come into popular use until over 100 years after Darla was born and realizes it's not her original name. Wesley states he has fears that Wolfram & Hart wanted Angel busy and out of the game, because it's working. In Lindsey's office, Lindsey walks in with Darla. Holland greets them then wants to speak to Lindsey alone. Holland is happy to learn she is cracking up, but warns she may try to kill herself.

Spike In 1880 London Darla, Angel and Drusilla stand over a freshly dead man who Dru drained (see Continuity #6). Drusilla says she's all alone, Angel suggests making herself a playmate as a human Spike bumps into Angel on the street and walks off, obviously hurt over something, Drusilla is very interested in him (see Cool Quotes #1). In the present at Angel Investigations Cordelia and Wesley think they have narrowed down where Wolfram & Hart are keeping Darla (see Continuity #7). Although Angel wants to check it out, they convince him to let them go and scope out the place first, especially since it's the early afternoon and the address is in Sun Valley (see Reference #3). At Lindsey's office Lindsey and Darla talk about her life before she was a vampire, which she barely remembers. She doesn't know what she is now. He kisses her, but she says it's not her he wants to screw, it's Angel. They get all hot and heavy, but then she bites him. She doesn't know what or who she is. Back in 1898 Romania, Angel wanders aimlessly in the woods with his fresh new soul (see Continuity #8). Darla begs to have the gypsy man return him to his former state, but he refuses. As Drusilla kills gypsies in the camp Darla says she will protect the man's wife and children, who are in a wagon, if he fixes Angel. Spike walks out of the wagon with blood on his lips and belches. Darla realizes he killed the family and she kills the gypsy man. Wesley and Gunn report back to Angel about how they found Darla's home wrecked, but seemingly by Darla. As Wesley and Angel argue about whether Darla needs Angel's help, Cordelia takes a phone call, which ends up being Darla herself calling from Lindsey's office (see Cool Quotes #2). She wants to know where she was when she was dead. She's afraid and wants Angel's help. Lindsey walks in and catches her on the phone. A security guard tries to take Lindsey and Darla to Holland's office. As she runs off there is a struggle which Angel overhears on the phone, and then the sound of a gunshot.

Group In Holland's office Lindsey and Holland review the security tape of the guard being shot as Lindsey helps Darla escape. Holland thinks Lindsey is too emotional when it comes to Darla and takes Lindsey off the project. Wolfram & Hart picked her up already and Holland plans to terminate the project. Angel leaves to help Darla. In 1900 China Darla is found packing clothes in her room during the Boxer Rebelion (see Continuity #9). A dirty and foul smelling Angel sneaks up on Darla. She pulls a knife on him, but is unable to kill him. He offers to try to make it like it was between them. He wants to try to put things back together despite his soul. She accepts and they kiss. In the present Angel jumps Lindsey in the parking lot looking for Darla, but it seems Lindsey was trying to contact Angel. Lindsey knows where they probably took Darla to kill her and wants Angel to help her. In the past a better dressed Angel looks for Darla in the streets as the rebelion continues. He comes across a misionary family with a baby in an alley and protects them from a rioter, then he notices Darla and blocks her from seeing them. He gets her to go looking for food some place else. They run into Spike and Dru, seems Spike killed a Slayer. Drusilla senses fear in the direction of the missionaries, but Angel says he's getting bored with the rebellion and the four vampires walk the street together ignoring the chaos around them. In the present two thugs throw Darla from the back of a van then pull a gun on her.

In the past Angel walks into Darla's room. She knows he was feeding on rats. He insists he's killed men, she's seen it, but she says it's always rapists and murderers. He only kills evil doers. She wants him to prove himself by killing a baby. She found him in that alley where Angel protected them from her. In the present Angel rushes in and saves Darla from the men. At Wolfram & Hart Lindsey is getting to work as he notices the guard who was shot dead is alive and talking to Holland. Lindsey realizes he's been had. It was all a set up to drive Darla back to Angel. Lindsey thinks it's to give Angel a moment of happiness, but Holland insists that won't happen, that isn't the plan. What Angel is going to do is save her soul. Darla wakes up on the couch in the lobby of Angel Investigations. Angel asks to be alone with Darla for a minute. She is sickened with guilt and wants it to go away. She wants him to turn her into a vampire again so she won't be burdened by a soul. Angel refuses and Darla panics. She doesn't want to be human, because of all the pain and suffering it brings. He can't do it. In the past Angel refuses to kill the baby. He grabs it and crashes out the window. In the present Darla runs out, saying not to look for her again.

Creature Feature

Master The Master is an ancient and powerful vampire, so old when he sired Darla in 1609 that he had lost his human features completely and gained a more demonic appearance. The Master is the progenator of a long line of vampires. We know he sired Darla, who sired Angel. Angel sired Penn, Drusilla and Theresa Klusmeyer. Drusilla sired Spike and Sheila. The Master is the head of a vampire cult called the Order of Aurelius, who worship the ''old ones'' and plan to bring about the end of the plague of humanity on Earth.

One small item about vampires we learn this episode from Spike is that they can belch. I didn't need to know that.

Cool Quotes

    Drusilla & Spike
  1. Angel: ''Well, if you're lonely, Dru, why don't you make yourself a playmate?''
    Drusilla: ''I could. I could pick the wisest and bravest knight in all the land and make him mine forever with a kiss.''
    William: ''You, watch where you're going!''
    Darla: ''Or you could just take the first drooling idiot that comes along.''
    And so she did. The modest origin of Spike. It was love at first bite.

  2. Angel: ''Look, if she's in trouble we have to find her.''
    Wesley: ''Angel...''
    Angel: ''She needs help.''
    Wesley: ''That might very well be. It might also be what somebody would like you to think.''
    Cordelia: ''Angel...''
    Angel: ''Cordy, just take a message. So you think this is a setup.''
    Wesley: ''We mustn't rule it out.''
    Cordelia: ''Angel!''
    Angel: ''Cordy, please, I'm talking.''
    Cordelia: ''Hi Darla. He can't talk right now. He'll call you back once he's found you, yeah, bye-bye.''
    Somebady kiss Cordelia for me.


  1. Darla: ''On the way back we cut a bloody swath through South Wales and northern England. He was magnificent.''
    Angel: ''Yorkshire men, tough as leather.''
    Wales is a component country of the United Kingdom. With England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It occupies a peninsula jutting westward from England into the Irish Sea.
    Yorkshire is a former county of England, until 1974 the country's largest county. Historically, Yorkshire was divided into three ridings, each of which had the full administrative status of a county.

  2. Angel: ''Naples,you and me Darla, what do you say?''
    Naples is a city, capital of Naples provincia, Campania regione, southern Italy. It lies on the west coast of the Italian Peninsula, 120 miles southeast of Rome.

  3. Cordelia: ''Probably a good idea, since it's one o'clock in the afternoon and that address is in Sun Valley.''
    Sun Valley is a neigborhood in the east end of the San Fernando Valley. A lot of it is rural, hillside with ranches but sadly is better known in Los Angeles for the flat areas with a bad reputation for crime. (Thanks to Marsia from the Watcher's Diary for finding this information.)


    The Box
  1. Wesley: ''Previously on Angel.''
    Dear Boy - Angel spots Darla at a hotel. Angel realizes Darla is human. Lindsey says he wants Angel dark, not dead. Wesley explains how Angel can turn evil. Angel and Darla discover Drusilla. Darla says she remembers everything. Angel says Darla has a soul now and the memories will start eating away at her.
    To Shanshu in L.A. - Wolfram & Hart bring Darla back from the dead in a box.
    Five by Five - Darla learns the gypsies gave Angel a soul.

  2. Cordelia: ''This won't involve kidnapping again will it?''
    Dear Boy - In order to learn what Darla was up to Angel kidnapped her.

  3. Cordelia: ''Different in the sitting right on top of you sense, yeah.''
    First Impression, Untouched, Dear Boy - Darla visited Angel in his room and appeared in his dreams.

  4. Cordelia: ''Before he said he could smell her.''
    Dear Boy - Angel said he knew it was Darla because he knew her smell.

  5. Darla: ''His name would already be legend in his home village, if he had left anyone alive there to tell the tail.''
    The Prodigal - After returning from the grave as a vampire Angel slaughtered his family and a large portion of Galway, Ireland.

  6. 1880 London
    Fool For Love - The events from this flashback were seen from Spike's perspective.

  7. Angel: ''I killed her Wesley and she came back. They brought her back and now I need to know why. I mean why like this? Why human?''
    Angel - Angel staked Darla with a crossbow bolt in the back to save Buffy from her.

    Gypsy Man
  8. 1898 Romania
    Five By Five - Darla found the gypsy girl as a birthday present for Angel.
    Becoming Part 1 - Angel is cursed by gypsies as punishment for his crimes. The gypsy man Darla killed taunts Angel.
    Five By Five - Darla learned Angel had been cursed with a human soul and forced Angel away.

  9. 1900 China
    Fool For Love - The events from this flashback were seen from Spike's perspective.


  1. When Angel is sitting at his desk there are reflections of him in the finish, even though he is a vampire and should cast no reflection.


  • This episode is the second of a two part story which started in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode Fool For Love which was first broadcast right before this episode.

  • The name Darla means dear one.

    Spike Drusilla
  • Drusilla is the 19th reoccurring non-star character on the show. She was last seen in Dear Boy. Spike is the 20th reoccurring non-star character on the show. He was last seen in In The Dark.

  • This is the first time they mention Holland's last name on the show. Before this it was only mentioned in fan magazines. It's Manners.

  • New name for Angel: The Stallion (by the Master).

  • The Morgue

    1. Darla: In her home in the Virginia Colony, drained and sired by the Master.
    2. Gypsy man: In his camp, neck snapped by Darla.
    Note: There were other deaths which happened off camera. Drusilla drained a sailer in 1880 London just before the scene started and killed William/Spike right after the scene ended. Spike and Drusilla killed a number of gypsies in 1898 Romania. Spike killed a Slayer in 1900 China. They killed numerous passersby during the Boxer Rebelion.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

    Guest Starring:
    Master Mark Metcalf as the Master
    Lindsey Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald
    Holland Sam Anderson as Holland Manners
    Darla Julie Benz as Darla
    Drusilla Juliet Landau as Drusilla
    Spike James Marsters as Spike

    Gypsy Zitto Kazann as the Gypsy Man
    Guard Bart Petty as the Guard

    Famous Faces

    Mark Medic Mark Metcalf, who played the Master, played the part of the Hirogen medic in the Star Trek: Voyager episodes The Killing Game Part 1 4.18 and The Killing Game Part 2 4.19. He also played the part of the father in several Twisted Sister music videos.

    Council Gypsy Zitto Kazann, who played the gypsy man, played a council member in the Charmed episode Be Careful What You Witch For 2.22.

    Points Of View


    Well, if this episode did one thing it was to shed some light on the previous Buffy episode. They really fooled people into thinking there was a goof when it appeared that Angel was still evil in 1900. I really need to edit the scenes into chronological order. Okay, I'm officially bored with Darla. Bring Faith or Jheira back.

    7 out of 10

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