''The one soul he failed to save will be reborn as an evil he can't bring himself to destroy. She joins another from Angel's past in a reign of terror.''

Angel Reunion - 2ADH10

Written by Tim Minear & Shawn Ryan - Directed by James A. Contner - First Aired on December 19th, 2000

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The Short: Set right as the last episode left off, Angel frantically searches for Darla's body, hoping to stake her before she rises as a vampire. Although he finds her buried in a plant nursery where Drusilla left her, Drusilla delays him so long that Darla rises. In the fight that follows Drusilla and Darla are separated. Eventually a confused Darla is able to find her way to Wolfram & Hart where Drusilla is and the two vampires go out on a killing spree. Angel breaks into Wolfram & Hart looking for Darla, but Holland has him arrested. Kate frees him saying she can't stop Darla and Drusilla alone. Angel investigates the scene of the vampire pair's deadly shopping spree, but it is too late. He learns they plan to have a massacre at Holland's wine tasting. He shows up and finds the pair about to chow down on the guests. Angel decides he isn't interested in saving the lawyers from their own creations and locks them in with Darla and Drusilla. After Angel goes back to Angel Investigations he tells the gang what he did. They are shocked and tell him what he did was wrong. Angel calmly tells them they are all fired.

The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see
Continuity #1) Gunn rushes into Angel Investigations headquarters with Angel on his shoulder. He says he found Angel at Darla's place (see Continuity #2). Angel is severely disoriented. He eventually gets out that Drusilla made Darla drink her blood. Angel panics and goes to find a stake, saying he can save her from rising as a vampire.

Stake At the office Wesley and Gunn go over Angel's family tree as Wesley looks up things on the computer. Wesley says Darla could rise as a vampire any time before the coming dawn. Angel gets up and drinks some blood from a cup. Wesley tells him what time sunrise is. Cordelia says Lindsey's people say he's in a meeting. They mention how he can't go to the Wolfram & Hart offices without being detected (see Continuity #3). Angel decides to go to Lindsey's home (see Continuity #4). At Lindsey's place Angel kicks the door in to discover that the house is bare. A woman walks in saying that the open house isn't until Saturday. She says Lindsey moved yesterday. She asks if this is about Lindsey's cousin, who she was told was pregnant. Angel reasons that this was Drusilla preparing for siring Darla. The woman says the cousin insisted on having the birth near the stars. In a greenhouse on top of a building Drusilla and Lindsey prepare for Darla's rising. Holland and Lilah walk in and chat, but then leave saying they have something to prepare for, taking Lindsey with them. Drusilla starts to sing to Darla (see Continuity #5). At Angel Investigations Cordelia has a list of cemeteries for them to look into, but it looks hopeless because there are so many and so little time. Angel insists Drusilla will want to bury Darla. Angel mentions how Drusilla mentioned a nursery, and being near the stars (see Continuity #6). Gunn realized maybe she meant a plant nursery. Cordelia suggests a firm who is a corporate flower supplier for Wolfram & Hart. Angel arrives on the rooftop with the greenhouse and discovers a box of dirt inside (see Reference #1). He looks under the dirt and finds Darla's body. He pulls out a stake and prepares to pierce her heart with it, but he's attacked with a shovel from behind by Drusilla. As they fight Darla wakes up and seems very disoriented. As Angel gets another chance to stake her Darla grabs him by the neck and lifts him from the ground.

Darla As Darla holds Angel in the air Drusilla speaks to her, distracting her, and Angel is able to break loose. A big three-way fight breaks out. Darla attacks Drusilla, but when Angel throws her she suddenly recognizes him and speaks his name. Drusilla distracts Angel and Darla takes a flying leap off the building (see Goof #1). Angel looks for her, and when he turns around Drusilla is gone too. Angel returns to Angel Investigations. He orders everyone to get weapons and plans to go to Wolfram & Hart, since it's their only lead. Cordelia objects to the idea (see Reference #2). Angel convinces them they have no time to wait for Drusilla and Darla to start killing people to find them. At Wolfram & Hart Holland walks into Lindsey's office, mentioning a party his wife has planned. He is worried about Lindsey's lack of a date. Holland plans to open a case of wine for tasting (see Reference #3). Out of the darkness of the corner Drusilla starts to speak, surprising Holland. Drusilla is worried about Darla and says Angel wasn't happy. Holland asks about Angel, and Drusilla says he's on his way. Lindsey gets a call that a vampire has entered the building. He opens the door to leave and Darla is standing there. She moves close to him, smelling his neck, but he doesn't move and seems rather calm. She throws him across the room then grabs Drusilla by the hand and runs out with her. Holland calls the guards, saying they are to be allowed to leave. Holland scolds Lindsey about his attachment to Darla. In Angel's car the crew race to Wolfram & Hart. Cordelia has a vision of a man in trouble and insists Angel turn the car around. Angel refuses and Cordelia pulls a stake on him. He turns the car around (see Reference #4). On the street Darla attacks Drusilla, and Drusilla wonders why. The fight works out into the street where Darla asks why she made her into a vampire (see Goof #2). Drusilla says she thought is was what she wanted. They hug, but then a driver whose way is blocked gets out of his car and starts to mouth off. Darla attacks and drains him then tells Drusilla they are going shopping.

Drusilla & Darla At a crudely made alter rock music plays as a young man plans to shoot himself for Morgog. Angel and crew walk in to stop him. Cordelia warns Angel to be careful with him, but Angel quickly takes the gun away and tells him, in a half-hearted way, he must have something to live for (see Reference #5). Angel wants to leave but Cordelia insists they have more to do. He leaves. At a store Darla and Drusilla try on clothes. Drusilla's cell phone rings and Darla answers it. It's Holland, and he encourages the girls to go on a killing spree, promising them the support of Wolfram & Hart. They decide to look for shoes and kill a sales girl. At Wolfram & Hart Lindsey, Lilah and Holland talk to each other about how Angel will be kept busy, but then Angel bursts in through the window. Angel grabs Lindsey and Holland introduces himself to Angel (see Continuity #7). A pack of burly guards with stakes rush in and surround Angel and Holland. Angel says he could kill Holland before they stop him, but Holland isn't worried since Angel won't kill a human. Angel says Holland doesn't qualify as human because of the evil he commits. Holland says he doesn't care. Holland warns as Angel wastes time the girls are out killing people. Holland has the guards walk Angel outside as he leaves for a wine tasting at his home. Lindsey and Angel exchange insults as they walk him out. The guards put him in a police car where Angel discovers Detective Kate Lockley sitting next to him (see Goof #3). As Angel threatens to escape Kate says that there were two murders at a clothing store, with two women suspects, one matching Darla's description (see Goof #4). Kate says she doesn't think she can stop them alone and lets Angel go. At Holland's home Lindsey arrives, greeted by Holland's wife Catherine. In the cellar Holland toasts their recent successes with some lawyers. He is suddenly interrupted when Darla and Drusilla walk in, saying Catherine invited them in. Drusilla has blood on her lip. The pair vamp out and ready for the promised massacre.

Angel investigates the scene of the vampire pair's deadly shopping spree. At the tasting Darla and Drusilla frighten the guests. Angel discovers a lady who hid in the changing room the whole time and asks her what happened. He learns the two girls mentioned having to get to a wine tasting, which Angel figures is Holland's. At the tasting Drusilla has a flashback to the cellar when it was a bomb shelter. Lindsey apologizes for what happened to Darla and promises to aid her, but Darla senses fear from everyone except Lindsey. Lindsey is completely calm about the whole thing, as he doesn't mind what is happening. Angel shows up and finds Catherine still alive but bleeding (see Goof #5). She invites him in and he finds the pair about to chow down on the guests (see Cool Quotes #1). Holland and Lilah beg for him to help them. Angel decides he isn't interested in saving the lawyers from their own creations and locks the lawyers in with Darla and Drusilla. Darla bites Holland as the killing starts. After Angel goes back to Angel Investigations he tells the gang what he did. They are shocked and tell him what he did was wrong. Angel calmly tells them they are all fired.

Creature Feature

Rise In this episode we learn that fresh vampires only rise from the dead between sundown and sunup of the day following the one they were drained and fed blood. This does have some problems with the seemingly quicker rising of Jesse in Welcome To The Hellmouth and Blair in Helpless.

A demon mentioned but not seen in this episode is Morgog. The kid Angel saves worships him and says Morgog commanded him to take his own life. In the words of Angel: ''Morgog couldn't find his way to his hairy spine-hump without a road map!''

One of the more interesting things about this episode is that Angel gets invited into the home of Holland Manners by his wife merely saying ''Help us!''

Cool Quotes

  1. Darla: ''Come to punish us?''
    Drusilla: ''Yeah, yeah, spank us till Tuesday. We promise to be bad if you do.''
    The visual I got was something special. I've read one too many fanfics.


  1. When Angel arrives at the plant nursery you can see the One Wilshire Blvd office building which is on Wilshire Blvd, in the heart of downtown in the background.

    General Custer
  2. Cordelia: ''Nice plan General Custer!''
    Cordelia refers to General George Armstrong Custer (1839-76). He fought many winning battles against the Indians until his death at Little Bighorn, where he and every soldier under his personal command were killed by the Sioux. Also mentioned by Willow in
    Pangs. (Thanks to the BuffyGuide for this entry.)

  3. Holland: ''Now, don't be late this evening. I'm uncorking a case of 1928 Chateau Latour.''
    Chateau Latour is a brand of wine who has their own web site at http://www.chateau-latour.com/.

  4. When Angel and the gang are driving to Wolfram & Hart they are driving down Hollywood Blvd in the heart of Hollywood. After they complete their turn, you can see the Fox movie theater. (Thanks to Marsia from the Watcher's Diary for helping find this information.)

    Snap, Crackle & Pop
  5. Cordelia: ''Easy, Boss. This kid's ready to snap, crackle and pop. I felt it in my vision. We've really got to handle this one with care. You know, delicate...ly.''
    Snap, Crackle and Pop are the mascots of the Kellogg's Rice Krispies brand cereal. It has it's own web site at http://www.snapcracklepop.com/.


  1. Angel: ''Previously on Angel.''
    The Shroud Of Rahmon - Angel warns Kate there are forces she knows nothing about. She asks if he thinks she going to do nothing while he and Darla play their game. Kate shoots at Angel, he drinks from her and tells her to pretend she's dead. Kate touches her neck wound.
    The Trial - Holland asks how Darla is. Angel says Darla has been given a second chance. Darla says she's dying. Lindsey explains Darla's illness. Angel vows to stay with Darla for every moment she has left. Lindsey attacks Angel and Darla. Drusilla bites Darla.
    Darla - Angel asks why they brought Darla back as a human.

  2. Cordelia: ''Where was he?''
    Gunn: ''Coming from the motel.''
    Cordelia: ''Darla's motel?''
    The Trial - Gunn discovered Angel was staying at the Royal Viking Motel.

  3. Wesley: ''Angel, you realize you can't go into those offices undetected.''
    Five by Five - Lindsey told Angel that Wolfram & Hart had vampire detectors in their offices.

  4. Angel: ''He already invited me in once. This time when I kick that door down, I go through it, alone.''
    The Trial - Lindsey invited Angel in his apartment after Angel kicked the door down.

  5. Drusilla: ''Run and catch, run and catch, the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch.''
    Lie To Me - Drusilla mentioned her mother used to sing that to her.

  6. Angel: ''Soil, soil near the stars. She said she wanted to be near the stars. She used to, talk to the stars. She spent hours in my garden in Sunnydale, communing with the night sky.''
    I Only Have Eyes For You - Angel was first revealed owning a mansion in Sunnydale after he, Drusilla and Spike were forced to move out of the factory because Rupert burned it down.

  7. Holland: ''Angel! I don't believe we've had the pleasure. Holland Manners.''
    Angel: ''I'd be careful who you offer that hand to, Mr. Manners. You might just lose it. Isn't that right, Lindsey?''
    To Shanshu In L.A. - Angel severed Lindsey's right hand to save a scroll that could save Cordelia when Lindsey threatened to burn it.


  1. Although they show that Darla is barefoot when she rises from the grave, so seems to develop a pair of subtle foot coverings during the fight on the roof with all the broken glass around.

  2. When Drusilla is thrown over the car, you can clearly see her reflection in it's finish, despite the fact that she's a vampire and shouldn't have one.

  3. When Angel is placed in the police car you see the reflection of his head in the finish of the top of the car, although he too his a vampire an should cast no reflection.

  4. Although Kate says the murders were at 5th & Hill this is downtown and those types of store and people would never be there at night. The real location seems to be in the San Fernando Valley. (Thanks to Marsia from the Watcher's Diary for helping find this information.)

  5. I have problems with the editing of the ending sequence. First Darla and Drusilla arrive at Holland's home and start to threaten the guests. Then Angel shows up at the store and gets information about where they will be. Angel then makes it all the way to the home before the pair start killing! How long did Darla and Drusilla just stand there talking and waiting for Angel to show up? It would have made more sense if Angel dicovered where they were headed before they arrived at Holland's home, so he could walk in a few minutes later.


  • Darla, Drusilla and Angel get invited into Holland Manner's home by his wife Catherine.

  • New names for Angel: General Custer (by Cordelia), Daddy (by Drusilla) and The Angel-Beast (by Drusilla).

  • The Morgue

    1. The burly guy: On The street, drained by Darla.
    2. Salesgirl: In the store, neck snapped by Darla.
    Note: Darla or Drusilla killed at least one other salesgirl off camera, since we see the body. It can probably be safely guessed that some or all of Holland's party guests are killed by Drusilla and Darla off camera.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

    Guest Starring:
    Kate Elizabeth Rohm as Detective Kate Lockley
    Lindsey Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald
    Lilah Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan
    Holland Manners Sam Anderson as Holland Manners
    Darla Darla Julie Benz as Darla
    Drusilla Drusilla Juliet Landau as Drusilla

    Landlord Stephanie Manglaras as the Landlord
    Shopper Karen Tucker as the Female Shopper
    Erik Erik Liberman as Erik
    Catherine Katherine Ann McGregor as Catherine Manners
    Guy Michael Rotonoi as the Burly Guy
    James W. Earl Brown as M. James Menlo (Uncredited, seen in flashback to The Shroud Of Rahmon.)

    Famous Faces


    Points Of View


    Well, this is certainly a downer. Of course we all know Cordelia can't leave the team, she has the visions. I never even figured out how Angel seems to own anything, he probably doesn't even have a legal identity. I wouldn't be surprised if Cordelia actually owns the hotel, but I guess we will see. Honestly, not a lot happened in this episode from the last one other then the ending scenes. I guess we have to see how it turns out next year.

    8 out of 10


    I only didn't give this episode a ten because you'll never know when there will be a better episode. But so far, this has been my favorite. How much better can you get then a Darla, Drusilla and Angel fight? It was definitely one of the best fight scenes I've ever seen. You really get to see a different side of Angel. A lot of unexpected things happen in this episode. I wasn't sure what Angel was going to do when he found Dru and Darla at the wine tasting, but I never expected him to let them eat all the lawyers. The Darla and Drusilla chemistry is definitely there, and as if that wasn't enough, Angel fires the whole crew. That was totally out of the blue. This episode has everything I like. Action, mystery, suspense and a shocking ending.

    9 out of 10

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