''Angel must teach Cordelia to protect herself. It may not be enough to save her from his dark side.''

Angel Billy - 3ADH06

Written by Tim Minear & Jeffrey Bell - Directed by David Grossman - First Aired on October 29th, 2001

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The Short: Violence erupts within Angel's gang as a demonic boy brings primal rage to the surface of men, turning them hateful and murderous towards women. As Wesley and Gunn turn on a frightened Fred, Cordelia fears the onslaught of Angel's dark side.

Angel The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see
Continuity #1) we open on Angel teaching Cordelia swordplay in the cellar of the Hyperion. He is impressed by how quickly she learns. She attributes it to her experience as a cheerleader (see Continuity #2). At Wolfram & Hart Lilah Morgan learns that Billy, the man Angel saved from hell, has shown up after disappearing for a few days. Gavin Park in moving in on her client and she is very defensive. Congressman Blim shows up to pick up the man, his nephew. Gavin continues to move in on the client, taking credit. After the congressman and Billy leave, Lilah and Gavin get into an argument. Lilah threatens him and Gavin gets violent quickly, smashing her face into some shelves. As Billy walks away outside he smiles, as if knowing what happened.

Vision In Wesley's place we find Gunn and Angel playing video games as Fred watches them. As Gunn severely beats Angel in game play Wesley and Cordelia talk privately about her training. Wesley suggests he might start training Fred to fight. Cordelia tells him she knows he likes Fred, and he admits it. As they talk about the ups and downs of an office romance, Cordelia gets a vision of a woman being attacked by her husband in a convenience store (see Reference #1). Cordelia says that the vision she had happened a week ago. In the Hyperion Wesley shows up with a large file on the murder (see Reference #2). Wesley bought the information from a tabloid source. The informations says the man killed his wife when she wouldn't stop talking. As Angel looks at the surveillance photos of the crime he notices that the man he freed from the hell dimension was in the store just before the crime. Cordelia is freaked that the man who was set free to save her may have caused the death, but Angel says Lilah is responsible. Angel shows up at Lilah's home, knocking in the door, but unable to enter. He discovers Lilah severely beaten and bruised. She says Angel should see the other guy. Lilah says he can't touch Billy, because he's the nephew of congressman Blim. She warns him to stay away from her client. Wesley, Gunn and Angel drive to the Blim estate. Angel jumps the gates, leaving the others standing there. He sees Billy inside and crashes in, proving that Billy must not be human since Angel wasn't invited in. Angel accuses him of hurting women, but Billy says he never hurt a woman in his life, he just likes to watch. As Angel approaches Billy the police show up. They are there to arrest Billy because he phoned in the location of a murdered woman. As the officer takes him Billy touches the officer's arm. They take Billy off in a squad car as Angel stands watching in disbelief. In the car the officer who Billy touched argues with his female partner. They break into a struggle as Billy watches, entertained by the violence.

At the Hyperion Wesley gets information from a contact at the morgue telling him about the murder Billy was arrested for. Angel realizes that even though Billy didn't commit the crime, getting arrested gets him out of his estate and back on the street. Angel plans to break Billy out of his cell and take care of him, but Cordelia objects to the plan (see Reference #3). Fred hears over the police scanner that the patrol car carrying Billy didn't make it to the station, there was an accident. Wesley investigates the accident scene, discovering that one officer transporting Billy attacked his partner, and was shot. Wesley sends Gunn to the hospital to watch over the partner and see if he can get any information. Angel discovers some of Billy's blood in the car and on a nearby wall. Wesley gets a sample to analyze as Angel runs off to track Billy. At the Hyperion Cordelia is stocking up on weapons as Fred tries to talk Cordelia out of leaving. Wesley arrives with Billy's blood and she assists him in analyzing it. Cordelia shows up at Lilah's place and barges in. Cordelia insists Lilah tell her about Billy (see Continuity #3). After some verbal sparring Lilah tells Cordelia that Billy's touch causes men to go insane, attacking women, and that the touch works at different rates for different men (see Reference #4). Cordelia convinces Lilah that she is too much of a bitch to let a man like that walk the street. On the street Angel discovers a taxi cab where the driver beat the hell out of a woman. Angel threatens a man to learn where the driver's last fare was. At a party a man named Dylan gets a visit from his cousin Billy. Dylan is freaked about the arrival of Billy, after what happened last time. At the Hyperion Wesley and Fred analyze Billy's blood. Wesley starts acting odd and asking where Cordelia is. Fred avoids the question. Wesley starts to get annoyed by Fred's evasions.

Wesley starts to boss Fred around and preaches to Fred about her dresses being too provocative, making her very uncomfortable. Wesley goes over the deep end and starts to slap her around. Fred runs but Wesley won't let her leave. She runs up stairs as Wesley eyes the weapons cabinet. At the party Angel shows up looking for Billy. Angel is welcomed in when he states he wants to kill the bastard. Seems Billy isn't liked. Dylan explains that everyone in the family knows the rules about Billy, not to leave him with pets or women, and never to let him touch you. Dylan says he came there for money. Dylan says he knows who Angel is, and describes a woman who was there before him. Angel realizes it was Cordelia. Dylan says Billy went to get a family plane (see Reference #5). At the Hyperion Wesley stalks Fred with an ax through the rooms. He finds a locked room and kicks his way in. As he rants to himself about women he discovers Fred, but she kicks him and runs off (see Reference #6). At the airport Cordelia discovers Billy waiting for a plane. She confronts him, stuns him in the balls and pulls a crossbow on him. At the Hyperion Wesley chases Fred through the floors. Fred runs in to Gunn. At the airport Billy is unimpressed by Cordelia's bravado. As she is about to fire on Billy Angel stops her. Angel says he will kill Billy, but as he turns to face Billy, Billy grabs Angel's face, infecting him with his touch. Angel stands there stunned.

At the Hyperion Fred and Gunn run and barricade themselves in a room away from Wesley. Fred says it must have happened when Wesley was working with Billy's blood. Gunn is immediately worried when he learns that he too just touched that bloody handprint before finding Fred. Gunn tries to run off before he starts to act insane, but Wesley starts to chop at the door with his ax. Gunn starts to get short with Fred then catches himself, realizing he's being effected by the blood. At the airport Angel tells Cordelia to leave, but she refuses to. Angel fights for control as Billy watches with amusement to learn how his touch effects a vampire. Angel isn't as effected as he appeared and punches Billy squarely, but Billy only staggers and recovers. They start to fight. At the Hyperion Gunn gives Fred a chair leg and tells her to knock him out. She is reluctant, but he starts to provoke her, and she hits him strongly twice, right as Wesley starts to get in the room. At the airport Billy is holding his own against Angel. Cordelia tries to retrieve the crossbow, but before she can shoot Billy two gunshots take him down. Angel and Cordelia turn to discover Lilah as the shooter. Without a word Lilah turns and leaves. At the Hyperion Wesley looks around the room for Fred, who is hiding. Wesley figures she would be hiding, but she outsmarts him by setting a trap, knocking him through a hole in the floor with a fire extinguisher. Later Angel trains with Cordelia again. She wonders why he wasn't effected by Billy's touch. He figures it might be because he' a vampire, or because he gave anger up long ago. At Wesley's place Fred shows up. He lets her in and is extremely depressed and ashamed over his actions. He apologizes to her. Fred wants him to come back to work. Wesley is worried that something inside him wanted to kill her. She insists he is a good man. He agrees to return to the office. After she leaves he cries alone in his apartment.

Creature Feature

Billy Billy is a half demon of undetermined origin. Although he looks human, he is stronger and tougher then normal. His blood and sweat contains a chemical that drives men insane and violent against women.

Cool Quotes

  1. Cordelia: ''Angel feels responsible for this guy because he brought him back from hell. I feel responsible because he did it to save me. You, who are actually responsible for the entire thing, feel nothing at all, because you are a vicious bitch.''
    Lilah: ''So? You know me.''
    Cordelia: ''Please, I was you, with better shoes.''
    Can't we have the old Cordelia bach full time? Please?


    Santa Monica
  1. Fred: ''Well, even if you just include Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Malibu only, the combined populations is something like a hundred thirty thousand people spread over more than thirty square miles, and given that...''
    Santa Monica is bordered on the north by Malibu and on the south by Venice Beach. The world famous 3.5-mile Santa Monica Beach has appeared in countless movies and TV shows epitomizing the beach life of Southern California.
    Beverly Hills is, above all, a small town for the wealthy. Less than six square miles in size, Beverly Hills is strictly a neighborhood of homes and shops. The city has churches, but it has no smokestacks; it has restaurants, but no industry; boutiques, but no billboards; parks, but no eyesores. There's not even a hospital or a cemetery in the city to remind the residents of their mortality. It has been said that, technically, no one is born or dies in Beverly Hills.
    Malibu is a closely knit residential community characterized by its carefully preserved rural atmosphere. Malibu's combined incorporated and unincorporated areas covers approximately 45,000 acres, is 27 miles long and one to eight miles wide. Within these boundaries are a variety of climates and terrain including beaches, mesas and canyons that create a unique environment. The population is approximately 27,800. (Thanks to Melissa Evans for this information.)

  2. Cordelia: ''Tell that to the Powers. They already ran the THX version in my head, remember? How did you get this stuff?''
    The THX division of Lucasfilm Ltd. is the leading developer of quality assurance proframs, services and products for the entertainment and consumer electronics industries. THX assures the the finest picture and sound quality for cinemas, mixing studios, home theaters, DVDs, and multimedia products. Also referenced bu Buffy in
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer. (Thanks to Melissa Evans for this information.)

  3. Cordelia: ''Wait! Angel, you can't barge into a police precinct and go all Terminator.''
    The Terminator was a 1984 James Cameron film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, a cyborg sent back in time to change the future by killing Sarah Connor. In the film he broke into a police station, killing everyone in sight, trying to get to Sarah. Also referenced in When She Was Bad by Willow and Xander, in Living Conditions by Xander and Oz and in This Year's Girl by Buffy.

  4. Cordelia: ''Please, I was you, with better shoes.''
    Lilah: ''These are Boracchi.''
    Boracchi is...

  5. Dylan: ''Santa Monica. My family has a plane there. Billy said he wanted to fly some place. I don't know where. Vancouver, Tahiti, he didn't say. Hopefully far away.''
    Vancouver is...
    Tahiti is...

  6. Wesley: ''You can't come out into the open, can you? No, you hide, you deceive. It's nothing new. It goes all the way back to Eve. You and the serpent plotting behind our backs. 'Here, honey, eat this. It's just an apple.' That's the problem with your sex, you're all weak, and you're all dirty and you won't be satisfied until you've brought each and everyone of us out of the garden and down into the muck with you!''
    This is a reference to the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible.


  1. Cordelia: ''Previously on Angel.''
    There's No Place Like Pltrz Glrb - Fred writes on her wall in the cave.
    Heartthrob - Cordelia and Wesley comment on Fred. Fred writes on the wall in her room.
    That Vision Thing - Lilah has a psychic send Cordelia false and disfiguring visions. Lilah sends Angel to save a man from hell to save Cordelia. Angel defeats Skip and frees the man. Angel threatens Lilah not to ever come at him through Cordelia again.

  2. Cordelia: ''No need, I got it. Three years of Varsity Cheer Squad, I only ever had to be shown a move once.''
    The Witch - Cordelia joined the Cheer Squad of the Sunnydale High School Razorbacks.

  3. Lilah: ''I'm not Lindsey McDonald. I don't switch sides whenever it gets tough, and since when is this your job? I thought Angel was the dark revenger.''
    Blind Date - Lindsey betrayed Wolfram & Hart when he learned they planned to assassinate three children who they considered dangerous to the firm.
    Dead End - Lindsey betrayed and left Wolfram & Hart when he learned of their organ harvesting farm.


  1. Unfinished.


  • The official WB photo gallery for this episode is at http://www.thewb.com/Popups/PhotoGallery/0,8200,26765,00.html.

  • You can download the official trailer for this episode at http://www.thewb.com/Popups/Trailers/0,8204,23650,00.html.

  • Wesley's apartment is #105.

  • Billy Blim is the 41st reoccurring non-star character on the show. He was last seen in That Vision Thing.

  • The Morgue

    1. Anonymous woman: In a convenience store, beaten to death by her husband.
    2. Officer Sanchez: In a patrol car, shot by his partner.
    3. William "Billy" Blim: At the airport, shot twice by Lilah Morgan.
    Note: The woman Billy confessed to killing was killed three days previous to this episode.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn
    Fred Amy Acker as Winifred "Fred" Burkle

    Guest Starring:
    Lilah Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan
    Gavin Daniel Dae Kim as Gavin Park
    Billy Justin Shilton as William "Billy" Blim

    Congressman Blim Richard Livingston as the Congressman Nathan Blim
    Clerk Jennifer Brooke as the Clerk (Right)
    Female Officer Cheri Rae Russell as the Female Officer
    Detective Gwen McGee as the Detective
    Dylan Kristoffer Polaha as Dylan
    Sanchez Rey Gallegos as Officer Sanchez
    Guy Charlie Parker as the Guy
    Coming soon! Joy Lang as Amber
    Cab Driver Timothy McNeil as the Cab Driver
    Psychic Kal Penn as the Young Man in Fez (Uncredited, appeared in flashback to That Vision Thing.)
    Skip David Denman as Skip (Uncredited, appeared in flashback to That Vision Thing.)

    Famous Faces

    Detective Gwen McGee, who played the detective, played the T.V. anchor in the Charmed episode Give Me A Sign 2.15.

    Cab Driver Timothy McNeil, who played the cab driver, played miner #2 in Star Trek: Voyager episode Live Fast and Prosper 6.21.

    Points Of View


    Wesley as an insane stalker was just creepy. I enjoyed how Fred called Gunn Charles.

    7 out of 10

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