''He will embrace his darkest instincts.''

Angel There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb - 2ADH22

Written by David Greenwalt - Directed by David Greenwalt - First Aired on May 22nd, 2001

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The Short: Part four of the four part Angel finale. Angel struggles with the inner beast that the demon dimension brings out in him, while Cordelia learns that her role as princess involves mating with a demon, and Wesley and Gunn band with rebel forces to overthrow the government and Her Majesty.

Cordelia The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see
Continuity #1) we open on Cordelia crying in her throne room over the supposed death of Krevlornswath. She says she wants to go home, and the severed head says he's right there with her, shocking Cordelia right off her feet (see Continuity #2).

Cordelia is shocked to learn that the host of Caritas is not dead, just beheaded, but they have to save his body from being mutilated or he will die (see Reference #1). The priests of the Covenant plan on making more examples out of Cordelia's friends and send the Imperial Guard to kill them too. The priests prepare to kill all the humans slaves using the killing collars they wear if they rebel. In the woods Gunn and Wesley are about to be killed by rebels until they are all attacked by the Guard (see Continuity #3). Fred bonds with Angel in her cave. Cordelia plans to sneak into the mutilation chamber as a slave to get the host's body back (see Cool Quote #1). Angel learns from Fred that the words in the book are mathematical formulas for opening the portals. They are attacked by the Imperial Guardsmen.

Fred knocks out the captain. The rebels are able to chase off the Guard too and they realize Wesley and Gunn are on the same side and release them. They decide to stay with the rebels. In the castle Cordelia seems to find the host's body, but it's already mutilated (see Reference #2). She then learns that the Groosalugg swapped bodies and smuggled the host's out to his family. Wesley proposes a plan to the rebels and they make him their leader. Fred and Angel leave the cave together. Groo and Cordelia flirt, then she tries to encourage him to rebel against the Covenant. She also learns that he is foretold to take her visions from her when they mate. Cordelia is shocked and doesn't want to give them up. She then has a vision of Groo fighting the Angel-demon.

Landokmar As the rebels plan to attack Fred and Angel join up with them. They also come across Landokmar who has the host's head and is on his way back home. Gunn insists that the people who start the diversions in the rebellion will die, but Wesley knows that. They send Angel to challenge the Groosalugg to mortal combat. As Cordelia and Groo talk the priests walk in and try to force them to get on with the mating, but Angel shows up with the challenge. The priest tells Groo that the challenger plans on defiling and killing Cordelia, working Groo into a rage. During the combat Wesley starts the attack.

Crew Groo gets the upper hand in the fight, but then Angel changes into the demon and kicks his ass. Wesley and the rebels face the priest leader Silas, and Cordelia beheads the priest. Before Angel kills Groo he is able to change back to human form. Cordelia shows up and says she loves Groo, stopping the fight. Cordelia proclaims the priests have fallen and all the slaves should be freed. Back at the host's family farm he gets himself back together and he says his good-byes to mother (see Reference #3 and Continuity #4). In the castle Wesley and Fred have figured out how to get back using the sacred books. Cordelia and Groo kiss good-bye. Back on Earth the crew plus Fred arrive in the car right in the middle of Caritas. When the crew get back to the Hyperion they find Willow sitting there with a sad look on her face. Angel realizes something is wrong with Buffy (see Continuity #5).

Creature Feature

Captain We learn that Deathwok demons can survive beheading. Their bodies must be mutilated to be truly killed. If not then they can be reassembled and healed. They also seem to have different numbers of toes from one individual to another. We discover one more humanoid demon species in Pylea. They are blue skinned and hairless, with black eyes. The captain indicated that the demons on Pylea have their hearts in their rumps, not their chests.

We learn that Pylea has vampires too, but they are called a van-tal, a drinker of blood.

Cool Quotes

  1. Marelda: ''...you must cut my tongue from my worthless skull.''
    Cordelia: ''No. No cutting. What is it with you people and mutilation?''
    Marelda: ''We don't have a lot of entertainment, mum.''
    Proof television helps avoid violence.


  1. Host demon: ''So, please just listen? My people, the fun-loving Deathwok clan, you cut off our heads we just keep on ticking until you mutilate our bodies. Obviously they haven't gotten to my body yet. Probably a backlog in the mutilation chamber. So if we move quickly and quietly...''
    The host is quoting the old catch phrase for Timex watches - ''Takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'.''

  2. Host demon: ''It is my suit! You think they have French Viscose in this hellhole? Why am I still alive? Once they chop me up it's over! I'm looking at pieces of myself! Oh, it's over! Wait a second. Since when do I have five toes?''
    Viscose is rayon, the oldest artificial silk; the process for making it was discovered in 1891. Currently, the largest market for rayon is disposable wipes and fabric softener sheets. (Thanks to Melissa Evans for this information.)

    Dionne Warwick
  3. Host demon: ''My psychic friend said...''
    In the early 1990s, former singer
    Dionne Warwick hosted the Psychic Friends Network's 30-minute infomercials, coaxing late-night television viewers to call one of its 2,000 psychics, who foretold the future at $3.99 a minute. Also referenced by Gunn in First Impressions.

  4. Angel: ''There's no place like...''
    Angel is repeating the famous last words of Dorothy in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. This film was referenced in Over The Rainbow by Cordelia, in Belonging by the host, in The Yoko Factor by Willow, in Eternity by Angel, in What's My Line Part 2 by Xander, in The Pack by Buffy, and by Amilyn in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This film was also the inspiration for the title of No Place Like Home and for the scenes in Fear, Itself and Nightmares. (Thanks to Poppedijn for finding this picture.)


  1. Angel: ''Previously on Angel.''
    Belonging - Cordelia is given direction acting. Wesley tells his father he was put in charge.
    Over The Rainbow - One of Gunn's men is killed. Angel wants to leave. Wesley says Cordelia's been sucked into the portal. Cordelia is captured. The car flies through he portal, Angel learns he can be in sunlight in Pylea.
    Through The Looking Glass - Angel sees his reflection. The crew learn Cordelia is a princess. Cordelia meets the Groosalugg. Krevlornswath is reunited with his mother. Angel saves Fred. Gunn and Wesley are captured and told they will be beheaded. Silas tells Cordelia she will do what they say and shows her Krevlornswath's severed head.

  2. Cordelia: ''No. Oh, no. God, please forgive me. This is all my fault. Because I pardoned you - and they, they wanted to teach me a lesson. You didn't do anything wrong. You didn't do anything. I don't like it here anymore. I just wanna go home.''
    Through The Looking Glass - Cordelia pardoned Krevlornswath after he was captured helping Angel free Fred.

  3. Wesley: ''Forgive me, Gunn. I should never have opened my mouth.''
    Through The Looking Glass - Wesley convinced the rebels he knew the princess.

  4. Host demon: ''My psychic friend said...''
    Over The Rainbow - Aggie told him that he had to return home one last time.

  5. Angel: ''Willow?... It's Buffy.''
    The Gift - Obviously the end of the episode takes place after Buffy died saving the world.


  1. It may or may not be a legitimate goof, but Willow's hair style is like that she had in mid season 5 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, she had cut and curled it by the time she did a guest spot in Disharmony and it was still that way in The Gift, but it seems to be the old way again, leading me to believe her scene was shot months earlier.


  • The host sings the song Over The Rainbow from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. You can listen to him sing it here.

  • The rebel leader is the 35th reoccurring non-star character on the show. He was last seen in Through The Looking Glass. Barshon is the 36th reoccurring non-star character on the show. He was last seen in Through The Looking Glass. The Groosalugg is the 37th reoccurring non-star character on the show. He was last seen in Through The Looking Glass. Krevlornswath's mother is the 38th reoccurring non-star character on the show. She was last seen in Through The Looking Glass. Willow Rosenberg is the 39th reoccurring non-star character on the show. She was last seen in Disharmony, although she made a non-appearance in a telephone conversation in Blind Date.

    Rebel Leader Barshon Groosalugg Mom Willow

  • New names for Cordelia: The Light That Shines In The Darkness Upon The Land (by Marelda), Exalted One (by Marelda), The Filthy Cow-Bitch (by the Captain).

  • The Morgue

    1. Markalla: In the castle, head exploded by Silas.
    2. Anonymous rebel: At the rebel camp, shot with an arrow by a Guardsman.
    3. Imperial Guardsman: In Fred's cave, stabbed accidentally by his captain during a fight.
    4. Imperial Guardsman: As he rides out of the rebel camp, stabbed by rebel #1.
    5. Silas: In the castle, head chopped off by Cordelia.
    Note: The rebel leader, as well as many rebels and guards die in battle off camera at the camp. Fred suggests she rolled the unconscious bodies of two Guardsmen to there the Drokken would find them.


    Angel Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

    Guest Starring:
    Host Andy Hallett as the Host Demon (Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan)
    Fred Amy Acker as Winifred "Fred" Burkle
    Landokmar Brody Hutzler as Landokmar of the Deathwok Clan
    Groosalugg Mark Lutz as the Groosalugg
    Covenant Demon Michael Phenicie as Silas
    Mother Tom McCleister as the Deathwok Clan Mother
    Captian Lee Reherman as the Captain

    Rebel #2 Jamie McShane as Rebel #2
    Rebel Leader Adoni Maropis as the Rebel Leader
    Rebel #1 Dahan Pere as Rebel #1
    Markalla Alex Nesic as Slave #1 (Markalla)
    Priest #1 Andrew Parks as Priest #1 (Barshon)
    Serving Wench Whitney Dylan as the Serving Wench (Marelda)
    Willow Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg (Uncredited)

    Famous Faces

    Lee Captain Lee Reherman, who played the captain, was the gladiator Hawk on American Gladiators. He also played Yuri in the X-Files episode Vienen 8.18. Lee was a commentator for the XFL. There are good web pages devoted to Lee at http://www.best.com/~serge/hawk.htm and http://www.xfl.com/television/leereherman.html.

    Whitney Dylan, who played the Marelda the serving wench, played the part of Lysette Torchio in The Zeppo. She also played Shinda in the Special Unit 2 episode The Web 1.04 and Wendy in the Charmed episode Brain Drain 4.07.

    Lysette Shinda Wendy

    Demon Rebel #2 Jamie McShane who played Rebel #2, played the demon in Redefinition.

    Points Of View


    Not a bad season finale. Although I heard a lot of people who thought it didn't stand up to The Gift, I think it was in some ways better. Less angst, more action, and less untied up plots holding us over to see what they do next season. Willow was a surprise at the end, but what's with her hair?

    9 out of 10

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