''The time has come. A prophecy is fulfilled. A child is born. Now the forces of darkness will seek a newborn power. Witness the birth of Angel's son.''

Angel Lullaby - 3ADH09

Written by Tim Minear - Directed by Tim Minear - First Aired on November 19th, 2001

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Crew The Short: Part 3 of a 4 part series. As Darla's contractions get closer together, Angel has a run-in with Holtz, who remains dead-set on destroying the two vampires, even after he learns of Angel's Soul. As Darla violently begins childbirth, Angel faces the responsibility of becoming a father and the possibilities of what miracle or destruction this new being may bring to the world.

The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see
Continuity #1) we open on Angel being shocked by the presence of Holtz in the Hyperion lobby. Angel realizes that Holtz is the Tro-Clon. The Grappler demons trap Angel. Holtz sends some demons to find Darla. In the nearby alley Darla is having contractions and Angel is late (see Reference #1). Wesley unsuccessfully tries to get Darla to use breathing to reduce the pain, but she reminds him she doesn't breath. (Listen to the teaser here.)


Creature Feature


Cool Quotes

  1. Holtz: ''Do you know what he is?''
    Lilah: ''Yeah, I know. Vampire, cursed by gypsies who restored his soul. Destined to atone for centuries of evil, wacky sidekicks, yada, yada. I'd have him killed myself, except the people I work for have this policy.''
    That about sums it up.


  1. Gunn: ''What we could really use right about now is some Vaseline and a catcher's mitt.''
    Vaseline is...


  1. Gunn: ''Previously on Angel.''
    The Prodigal - Darla spies Liam in a pub and is impressed with him. She sires him in an ally.
    Darla - Angel and Darla get evil together.
    The Trial - Holtz traps Angel in a barn.
    Heartthrob - Holtz confronts Angel in France. We learn Darla is pregnant.
    Quickening - Angel bites Mrs. Holtz. Wesley learns the baby is a boy. Lilah and Linwood talk about the baby. Darla's Water breaks. Commandos take over the Hyperion. Holtz kills the Commandos and finds Angel.
    The Offspring - Holtz traps Angel and tortures him. Sahjhan offers to bring Holtz to the future. Sahjhan wants his word he will show no mercy. Darla tells Angel she is pregnant. Wesley speak of the Nazian prophecies and the Tro-Clon.
    Dear Boy - Angel learns Darla is alive.
    Reprise - Angel and Darla have sex. Angel wakes up.
    Epiphany - Angel kicks Darla out and tells her if he ever sees her again he will kill her.


  1. Unfinished.


  • The official WB photo gallery for this episode is at http://www.thewb.com/Popups/PhotoGallery/0,8200,30084,00.html.

  • You can download the official trailer for this episode at http://www.thewb.com/Popups/Trailers/0,8204,26396,00.html.

  • The lullaby that Holtz sings is a real lullaby. You can read the words here. You can listen to him sing it here. (Thanks to RebeccaMW for finding this.)

  • The Morgue

    1. Vampire Sarah Holtz - In front of her house, thrown into sunlight and burned by Daniel Holtz.
    2. Darla: In the alley behind Caritas, staked by herself.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn
    Fred Amy Acker as Winifred "Fred" Burkle

    Guest Starring:
    Darla Darla Julie Benz as Darla
    Linwood John Rubinstein as Linwood
    Host Andy Hallett as the Host Demon (Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan)
    Lilah Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan
    Gavin Daniel Dae Kim as Gavin Park
    Sahjhan Jack Conley as the Sahjhan
    Holtz Keith Szarabajka as Daniel Holtz

    Arney Robert Peters as Arney
    Caroline Bronwen Bonner-Davies as Caroline Holtz
    Sarah Kasha Kropinski as Sarah Holtz
    Translator Jim Ortlieb as the Translator (Uncredited)
    Baby Jake Tupen, Connor Tupen and Trent Tupen as the Baby (Uncredited)

    Famous Faces

    Translator Jim Ortlieb, who played the translator, also played Nasado on Roswell.

    Points Of View


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