Angel #2 - Surrogates Chapter 2

Written by Christopher Golden - Pencilled by Christian Zanier - First released on December 22, 1999

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Cover 2 Cover 1 The Short: Angel is in deep trouble as he tries to solve a case involving a demonic fertility clinic. Just why are mothers being murdered and husbands turned into zombie-like guards? Before he can find out, Angel will have to find a way out of the hole he's in. And the only way out is into the harsh light of the sun. Cordy and Doyle had better hurry or this could be Angel's last case. Straight from the Buffy spin-off series, Angel keeps the excitement turned up to top volume!

The Long: Unfinished.

Creature Feature

Cool Quotes

  1. Unfinished.


  1. Angel: ''I read in the Times about her lawsuit against Fertile Ground.''
    Angel probably means the Los Angeles Times newspaper. They have a web site at

    Mission Impossible
  2. Cordelia: ''So let me see if I understand this: While you do your Mission Impossible thing Doyle and I go through the front door and take on a platoon of homocidially brainwashed husbands, and try to free them?''
    The 1966 television series Mission Impossible featured self-destructing tapes used to send the main character on his assignment. An interesting fact is that Mission Impossible regulars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain are the real life parents of Juliet Landau, who played Angel's former love Drusilla during season 2 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Also referenced by Cordelia in Lonely Hearts.


  1. As it was set up in the last issue this story is set some time in season 1. The fact that they have business cards already means that it happens after Lonely Hearts, where Cordelia had the cards made up. The fact that Doyle is alive means it must happen before Hero. If I had to guess I'd say it was probably right after Lonely Hearts, since the whole team seem rather new to their job.

  2. London, 1856
    This flashback to 1856 happens after someone caught Luke the vampire sleeping in 1846 mentioned in The Harvest but before Angel tormented Drusilla in London in 1860 in Becoming Part 1.


  1. Unfinished.


The Morgue

  1. Prison guard: In Angelus' cell, neck crushed by Angelus. (In a flashback.)
Note: Angelus killed a girl named Parker in London before the flashback started, but we didn't see it.


Angel - Cordelia Chase - Allan Francis Doyle

Guest Starring:
Doctor Lavinia Feehan - Rachel Hammerlin

Peter Carlson - Shayna (Rachel's secretary)

Points Of View


I enjoyed seeing Angel trapped and having a Highlander-style flashback to something like that happening to him before. The plot about the Fertile Ground clinic is starting to shape up nicely. I'm really enjoying the interior artwork, you don't need to struggle to figure out who each character is.

7 out of 10

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