Angel #3 - Surrogates Chapter 3

Written by Christopher Golden - Pencilled by Christian Zanier - First released on January 12, 2000

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The Short: Angel, with the help of Cordelia and the demonic Doyle, is hot on the trail of the woman who had him thrown down a well and left for dead. She's also responsible for a series of murders and kidnapings. But Angel may find out that catching up with her is the last thing he wants to do. Straight from the hit series, follow Angel's exploits as he turns L.A. upside-down.

Cover 2 Cover 1 The Long: The story opens with Angel facing off with Doctor Lavinia Feehan in a room filled with small monsters with glowing red eyes. Angel says he knows the babies of Rita Carlson and the others weren't stillborn and wants to know what happened to them. Lavinia says the children weren't theirs, they were hers, and they are right in front of Angel. She leaves him to the mercies of her children. Angel draws a sword and fights the monstrous children. In an alley Cordelia and Doyle are surrounded by four mind controlled men. Cordelia has a taser and Doyle has a camera. Hoping to snap the men out of it Doyle flashes they with the camera, Cordelia shocks one with the taser, Doyle hits another with his camera. Cordelia shocks another. Doyle flashes them again then the men seem to wake up from a daze, not remembering where they were. A smug Doyle tries to comfort Cordelia who threatens to shock him with the taser. They send the men home, but Cordelia says ''We'll bill you.'' annoying Doyle. They go to find Angel, who they find dripping with blood in the middle of a pile of dead monsters.

The next day at Angel Investigations Doyle tells Cordelia they are called Lamia, who are not actually demons, just an ancient race that are very rare. Angel walks in and figures Doctor Feehan is using human women as incubators to create new Lamia. As Cordelia leaves, unsettled by the whole idea, Angel asks how Doyle knows of them. Doyle says he had a ''thing'' with one once, and how they have certain urges. Angel says that some species shouldn't reproduce, he's one of them and Lamia's are another.

At Hammerlin Entertainment, the president, Rachel Hammerlin talks on the phone. Her missing husband walks in (he was one of the mind controlled men who attacked Cordelia and Doyle), clothes all torn up. They hug and leave together. The husband tells Rachel how he started digging into the past of Doctor Feehan. In the parking structure Angel approaches Rachel and her husband and tells them he know their lawyers are suing Doctor Feehan. He says if they find her to contact him, she agrees.

At police headquarters the phone rings and Detective Kate Lockley answers. Angel gives her the tip that in the murder case of Rita Carlson she should look into Lavinia Feehan and the Fertile Ground clinic.

Back at Angel Investigations Cordelia and Doyle return from looking into the employees of the Fertile Ground clinic. They say the employees were entranced just like the men who attacked them. Doyle tells Angel to talk to a snitch named Fegley at a place called The Hole In The Wall. At the bar Angel approaches Fegley, who is not intimidated by Angel, and shows off a demon face to scare him. Angel is unimpressed and when Fegley realizes this is ''Angelus'' he's dealing with promises he'll tell him anything he finds out.

Fly Angel gets back to Angel Investigations with nothing to show for his efforts to find a note from Cordelia saying she went to get a manicure and finds Doctor Feehan standing there. She says she is going to make him pay for killing her children. Angel draws his sword and vamps out, then Feehan changes into monster form, that of a huge Lamia Queen and attacks him. They fight, trashing the office. Angel says Lamia may be dying out, but they live off human flesh, and therefore they can't be allowed to live. The fight makes it's way into the ally behind the building then into the air, where Angel stabs Feehan in the heart and they fall to the ground. A homeless guy witnesses the fight. Angel throws the body into a sewer hole then throws gasoline on it and a match.

Back at Angel Investigations Cordelia is cleaning up the paperwork that was thrown about in the fight as Doyle makes arrangements for carpenters to repair the damage. Doyle goes to the roof where Angel talks about how there are other Lamia out there, and that they will now try even harder to reproduce. The story ends with a scene of the charred corpse of the Lamia in the sewer being eaten by a rat.

Creature Feature

Doctor Lavinia Feehan and her children are members of an ancient race called Lamia. Their form is large and muscular with brown or grey skin and glowing red eyes and a set of functional wings. They have clawed fingers, razor sharp teeth and a long forked tongue. Lamia live off human flesh. Feehan also seems able to entrance humans with her gaze and is able to cast a spell that makes her appear human.

Fegley is a demon, possibly a half demon like Doyle, with a human and demon form. The demon form has glowing red eyes and a small group of vestigial horns on his forehead.

Cool Quotes

  1. Unfinished.


    Barney Fife
  1. Cordelia: ''You're like Ireland's answer to Barney Fife.''
    Barney Fife bumbling lawman played by
    Don Knotts in the 1960 television series The Andy Griffith Show.

  2. Fegley: ''...oh...right... Angelus. Killed more Europeans then the plague.''
    The Great Plague of London was an epidemic of plague that ravaged London, Eng., from late 1664 to early 1666, killing perhaps more than 75,000 of a total population estimated at 460,000.


  1. As it was set up in issue #1 this story is set some time in season 1. The fact that they have business cards already means that it happens after Lonely Hearts, where Cordelia had the cards made up. The fact that Doyle is alive means it must happen before Hero. If I had to guess I'd say it was probably right after Lonely Hearts, since the whole team seem rather new to their job.


  1. Unfinished.


The Morgue

  1. At least 20 Lamia young: At the Fertile Ground building, stabbed with a sword by Angel.
  2. Doctor Lavinia Feehan: Behind Angel Investigations, stabbed with a sword by Angel.


Angel - Cordelia Chase - Allan Francis Doyle

Guest Starring:
Detective Kate Lockley

Doctor Lavinia Feehan - Michael Hammerlin - Rachel Hammerlin - Fegley - Homeless Man

Points Of View


Not a bad little story, but a little simple. I guess that's what you get from comic book adaptions of television shows. I liked the Lamia, they were an interesting monster. I wish they could have gone more into Doyle's history with them. The appearance of Kate was a little too contrived, and she really had nothing to do with the plot. Just a way to get a television character in the comic book. One annoying fact was the lack of consistincy between the cover art and interior. The Lamia look completely different inside then they do outside.

6 out of 10

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