Eliminati Description The Eliminati were a group of sword weilding vampires in sevice of the demon Balthazar.

Powers: They had the normal powers and vulnerabilities of vampires.

Appearances: Bad Girls.

Names: Vincent.

Empath Demons

Barney Description Empath demons have ruddy skin, 4 small horns and pointed ears and nose.

Powers: Empath demons are empathic, they can sense the emotions of those around them with great detail.

Appearances: Parting Gifts.

Names: Barney.

Ethros Demons

Ethros Description: An Ethros demon appears to be a pale humanoid with large wrinkles on it's face and yellow eyes. They have pointed teeth and deep inhuman voices.

Powers: Although they have a physical body, an Ethros Demon can turn to energy and possess people. They have a tendency for mass murder, and try to corrupt the souls of those they possess and kill those around them. They can scan the surface thoughts of those near them, imitate voices, and possess some level of telekinetic power. They are vulnerable to the cross and holy water and can be bound by certain circles. They secrete a green glowing fluid called plakticine both in normal form and when possessing others. The possessed victims have enhanced strength and can manifest a demonic appearance. If the host of an Ethros demon ingests eucalipsis powder they manifest their demon aspect and go into a fit. The demon can be forced out by an exorcism ritual. When an Ethros is cast out it immediately seeks another body to inhabit. The demon is expelled with such force that the newly inhabited rarely survives. When wounded an Ethros demon seeks primordial volcanic basalt to aid in it's regeneration.

Appearances: I've Got You Under My Skin.

Show notes:



History: Eyghon was a possessing demon summoned by Rupert Giles, Ethan Raine and their friends for fun. The would let it possess them and the get a high off it. Things got serious when one of their friends was killed. Eventually it followed Rupert and possessed his girlfriend Jenny Calendar. She was saved when they forced it out of her and into Angel, who fought the demon for possession of his body and won.

Powers: Eyghon was a possessing demon who could take over the bodies of dead or sleeping humans. When possessing them they become more powerful physically and can manifest his appearance.

Appearances: The Dark Age.

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