Acathla - DECEASED

Acathla Description: Acathla is a large powerful humanoid, when he died he turned to stone.

History: Acathla was a powerful demon brought forth long ago to suck the world into hell with a single breath. Before he could do it his heart was pierced with a sword by a virtuous knight, and Acathla turned to stone. He was buried in what would become Sunnydale, California and was discovered during construction of some housing. After his tomb was taken to a museum, it was stolen by Angel and Drusilla, who planned to remove the sword and awaken Acathla. Although Angel was eventually successful with the ritual, Buffy Summers showed up and pierced both Angel and Acathla's hearts with another sword blessed by the original knight. Angel was sucked into hell, closing the portal.

Powers: Acathla had the power to create a portal to hell and suck Earth into that dimension.

Appearances: Becoming Part 1 and Becoming Part 2.


Adam Description: Adam was a mixture of human, demon and cybernetic parts. His left arm was that of a Polgara demon.

History: See his web page.

Allen Francis Doyle - DECEASED

Doyle Description: Doyle's human form had black hair, bluish-green eyes, and a slight beer gut. He had a tendency to wear his black or brown jacket, accompanied with a loose shirt and an undershirt. He has a strong Irish accent. When he assumed demon form he gained green skin, red eyes and numerous blue spikes on his face and neck.

History: Doyle was born of a human mother, and grew up a relatively normal human life. His mother never told him about his father being a demon, he has never even met his father. A basically intelligent and decent fellow, he volunteered in soup kitchens. This is where he met his soon-to-be wife Harry. He received his teaching degree and got a job as a teacher of the third grade. When Doyle was 21, during a conversation with his wife about having children, he sneezed and assumed demon form for the first time. Harry freaked, and their marriage was never the same. Even after Harry came to grips with the fact that her husband was a demon, Doyle was unable to accept his heritage. Harry walked out on him because he became impossible to live with. Doyle fell on rough times. He learned about his demon side, magic and the demon sub-culture, but never accepted himself for what he was. Then Doyle was approached by another Bracken demon named Lucas, who was part of a clan on the run from The Scourge. Doyle refused to help them hide. While sleeping, Doyle received his first vision from the Powers That Be and saw their deaths at the hands of The Scourge (recounted in Hero). Soon more visions followed and he learned of the story of Angel, the vampire with a soul. When Angel came to L.A. Doyle approached him about guiding him with his visions. Together with Cordelia Chase, an old friend of Angel's, they formed Angel Investigations (City Of). Doyle was rather taken by Cordelia, although she was not interested in him at first. Doyle helped Angel research the burrower demon Talamour (Lonely Hearts), fought the vampires Spike and Marcus (In The Dark) and came up against the psychic surgeon Ronald Meltzer. About this time Doyle became indebted to the underworld, some collectors, including two Kailiff demons were sent to collect the money or kill him. Meanwhile he was helping Cordelia find a better apartment. The demons attacked them at the apartment just as they were exercising a killer ghost from the place, but Angel, Cordelia and Doyle killed the demons and expelled the ghost (Rm w/a Vu). Just as Cordelia started to warm up to him, Harry re-appeared in his life, wanting an official divorce, as she was ready to marry someone else, the Anomovic demon, Richard Howard Straley (Bachelor Party). When The Scourge showed up again, Doyle, Angel and Cordelia helped a clan of Lister demons escape their clutches. When The Scourge trapped Doyle and friends on their getaway ship, they placed a beacon that would detonate and kill anything around that had human blood in it. After making a voluntary yet completely suicidal decision, Doyle sacrificed his life to save the others by disarming the bomb himself (Hero).

Powers: Doyle was a Bracken Demon, with all the normal powers of one. He also had received the gift of visions, which gave him warnings of danger in painful flashes.

Appearances: City Of, Lonely Hearts, In The Dark, I Fall To Pieces, Rm w/a Vu, Sense and Sensitivity, Bachelor Party, I Will Remember You, Hero.

Show notes: Played by actor Glenn Quinn.

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Angel Description: Angel was a caucasian human male who was turned into a vampire when he was 26 years old.

History: See his web page.

The Anointed One

See Colin, The Anointed One.

Anomovic Demons

Anomovic Demons Description: Anomovic demons have red scaly skin and vestigial horns growing from their eyebrows.

Powers: They are long lived and it is implied their knees bend in both directions. The can assume a human guise.

Appearances: Bachelor Party.

Names: Richard Howard Straley, Nick, John, Martha and Rachel.

Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins

Anyanka Description: Anya appears to be a female caucasian human about 21 years old

History: See her web page.

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