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Fists & Fangs Fists & Fangs
Fists and Fangs is here to help remind writers (Redemptionista and Evilista alike) that as Spike fans, we have an obligation to keep his character true, which means embracing William, William the Bloody, Evil Spike, Chipped Spike, and Ensouled Spike in equal measure. Never forgetting that all of them live behind those gorgeous blue eyes.

With Angel

The Adventures Of Captain Peroxide And Deadboy The Adventures Of Captain Peroxide And Deadboy
Home to the largest strictly William/Spike & Liam/Angelus/Angel multi-author fiction archive on the web. Site boasts many writer's resources, essays, links, and loads of extras like images, sounds, and more. Not strictly slash, but only because this is not yet a perfect world!

With Anya

Moving On - An Anya and Spike Affair Moving On
Need help writing a story about a capitalist vengeance demon with rabbit phobia shagging a recently ensouled neutered vampire? You know you do! Moving On is here to help, beta readers, essays, transcripts, fanfiction of many shapes and sizes and most importantly a little demon loving, but of course, not too much, because it isn't always about love!

With Buffy

Sinister Attraction Sinister Attraction
Buffy and Spike. Mortal enemies. Reluctant allies. Haunted lovers. Call them whatever you want, but you can't deny the obvious "sinister attraction" between the two. Browse through the archives, which is home to more than 800 stories, find a beta reader and other writing resources, or play games and look at artwork. Whatever you're looking for, if it's something Spuffy, we've got the goods!

With Drusilla

Love Lies Bleeding Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding is a home for unashamed Spike & Drusilla shipping nostalgia. We have fanfiction, essays, and art all about the deadly couple. So come and remember when love was "Eternal...Literally".

With Faith

Warm Champagne Warm Champagne
Does 'wrong' sound intriguing? Lust and violence are rampant here, caused by the duo Spike & Faith, making you beg for just a little bit more... In the right body or not, the two have chemistry just begging to be set loose. Find out for yourself as you pop open your very own bottle of Warm Champagne.

With Fred

Flesh For Fantasy Flesh For Fantasy
Flesh For Fantasy aims to be your number one resource for Fred/Spike fanfiction, a ship whose fanbase is growing by the episode.

With Lilah

Decadent Decadent
Evil's never looked this good.

With Wesley

Peaches Won't Be Happy Peaches Won't Be Happy
Can you think of a more fascinating couple than Spike and Wes? The chemistry these two could have is through the roof, and this site is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of their relationship through fan fiction and other writer recourses.

With Willow

Pavlov's Bell Pavlov's Bell
Spike & Willow: unconventional but never boring. Pavlov's Bell offers a growing archive, essays, and fan art about our favorite witch and vampire.

With Xander

SX And Violence SX And Violence
A resource site for writers of Spike/Xander love, lust, and mayhem, SX And Violence is geared towards helping writers improve their S/X stories and writing skills in general. For list members and the general public.

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