Vanilla Fog
Amanda - 1998
Cruel Inventions
Scream 2
Cici Cooper-1997
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Helen Shivers-1997
Beverly Hills Family Robinson
Jane Robinson-1997
High Stakes
Karen Rose-1989
Funny Farm
Madolyn Smith's student-1988
Over The Brooklyn Bridge
Burt Young's daughter-1984

T.V. Appearences

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Buffy Summers-1997-Present
All My Children
Kendall Hart-1993-1995
Swans Crossings
Sidney Orion Rutledge -1991-19??
A Woman Named Jackie
Young Jackie-1991
Girl Talk-1989
Series Regular
SPenser: For Hire
AN Invasion of Privacy
Jennifer Bianchi-1983
Love, Sidney
Gail Hunnicutt-1981

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