This site was opened on March 25, 1997.

Sarah touches up on the set of January 1, 1999 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)
Updated the Rumors Page.
Updated the Poll Question

December 19, 1998
Updated the Poll Question

December 12, 1998
Did the main page over.
Finally completed the Rumors
Added a Buffy News It'll be up soon.
The Slayer Chat will be up soon.
Added Angel's Corner

September 26, 1998
Re-vamped the main page.

September 23, 1998
Updated S.M.G. Links Page and Updated Buffy Links Page

August 30, 1998
Updated the Coming Soon section.

August 17, 1998
Updated the Coming Soon section.

August 16, 1998
The imahge gallery's have big fixed so now they will load VERY fast.
Added 20 new images to image gallery's 4 and 5.

August 10, 1998
New information added to Site News.

July 30, 1998
Added new information to Site News.

July 24, 1998
Added 3 new links to S.M.G. Links Page

July 23, 1998
Updated Site News
Added 4 new images to The 4th Gallery
Added new information and a new pic to the Site Maintainer Page

July 21, 1998
Added 4 new links to Buffy Links section
Added 1 new link to S.M.G. Links

July 18, 1998
Added 3 new links to Buffy Links section.

July 16, 1998
Added a new look to the main page a fixed some broken links.

July 15, 1998
Added Buffy Links and updated S.M.G. Links

July 11, 1998
Added Site News and Coming Soon

June 24, 1998
The Images Page is now up and running.

June 23, 1998
Added new logo and image to the front page.
Created Biography Page.
Created Site Maintainer Page.
The Image Gallery's will be up very soon.
Coming Soon to TSMGC:Links to the best Sarah Movies and Sounds pages and a couple brand new features!

June 15, 1998
Created Acting Credits Page.
Added "Vanilla Fog" image shown to your left.
Coming Soon-More Link updates
The Creation of the Image Gallery's, The Biography, Information, and Site Maintainer Pages! :-)

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