There's Me!
Vital Statistics

Full Name: Timothy Christopher Faherty

Birthdate: October 1st 1983

Height: 6'1

Eye Color: Blue or Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Tim's Favorites

Color: Blue, Green

Food: Decent Food

Least Favorite Food: bad food

Movie: I Know What You Did Last Sumer, Scream 2, Halloween, Psyco 1-5 (I'm a fan of the horror fest)

TV Show:BtVS, MTV shows

Actor:Jamie Kennedy

Actress:Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katie Homles, Britney Spears

Personal Quote:That was not Roofus.

Season:Spring, Summer

Vacation Spot:Flordia, Vermont, Cape Cod

Holiday(s): Halloween, Christmas

Book:Hmmm And Then There Were None


Hobbies:Friends, internet, some sports, goofing off.

Sports:Baseball, Basketball

Sports Team:Patriots

Music:Alternative, Some Rap and some R&B Musical Artist:Eminem

Piece of Clothing:Um, leather jacket

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