Parodies by Mediancat

Friendless  - Willow's story.

Counterplot  - Angel's story.

This story is a parody of Melinda Dawney's stories Friendship and Counterpoint. If you haven't read the original fanfics and would like to, please check them out at Melinda's site. These parodies are done with Melinda's permission.
(Rated PG) 

Other Parodies by MedianCat

Stranger Bedfellows
A parody of the fanfic Strange Bedfellows by Peter and Anya.
If you'd like to read the original fic, you can find it here.

Musical Pairs
A parody of Rebecca Carefoot's story, Musical Chairs.
The original story can be found here.

Armageddon Out of Here
A parody of My Own Armageddon by Violator and KiNeTiC.
The original story can be found here.

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