Buffy and Angel are my couple, the couple I care about more than any other. I cry and laugh and agonize over them. I write about them because I love them, and I want to make everyone else cry and laugh and agonize with me.

I've grouped the stories roughly according to size (long stories vs. vignettes). Use the links to jump around or scroll to read all the descriptions and reader comments.

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(Nominated at the Bite Me Awards for best WIP)
Part One I Two I Three I Four I Five I Six I Seven I Eight I Nine I Ten I Eleven I NEW - Twelve

Set after Into the Woods (Buffy season 5) and Reunion (Angel season 2). Buffy goes to LA to pull Angel out of his downward spiral, but he's not looking for help. And trouble follows her from Sunnydale.



(Winner of Winter 2001 Halo Award for Best BtVS Story)
Part One I Two I Three I Four I Five I Six I Seven I Eight I Nine I Ten I Eleven: Epilogue

Set right after the third season episode "All Men are Beasts," it follows an alternate timeline. Angel's back from Hell, but he didn't come back alone. Here's a comment on the story...

Great fic! Wonderful insight into Buffy and what Angel's return means to her life and her future. I can't wait for more. ----- Laure

Part One I Part Two I Part Three I Part Four I Part Five

A Post-Gift story. Angel follows Buffy to the other side.

(Nominated at the 2001 Undead Awards)
Part One I Part Two I Part Three I Part Four I Part Five I Part Six I Part Seven I Part Eight I Part Nine I Part Ten I Part Eleven I Part Twelve I Part Thirteen I Part Fourteen I Part Fifteen I Part Sixteen I Part Seventeen

Buffy and Angel are captured by a demon, and Buffy has to make a choice. But is she prepared for the consequences of that choice? Here's a comment...

You made this story come to life like nothing I have ever read. Your way of describing B&A, their feelings and situation and espcecially their clasped hands and what they feel about it was nothing short of incredible. ----- Anja


Series of Stories


The Sighing Game series was something I started during season 1. It is set in a sort of alternate version of season 1 and 2. And it puts Buffy and Angel's relationship to the test, pitting them against vampiric ememies, human disapproval, and eventually each other. The 4 stories are meant to be read in order, and the series does depart fairly radically from the show, so it'd be hard to jump into the middle and understand what's going on. The first two stories were my first two Buffy fics, and the quality does improve in the later stories.

It's a fairly short story of introspective pondering and romance, in which Buffy and Angel make a decision about their relationship. It's not a great story, but the series builds off it. Here's what one reader had to say...

"It was a tender look at both Buffy and Angel's outlooks. And I like that they are "trying" at the end, rather than the ..*Oh, but I must stay away, for my duty and task is to slay you!* tragic lines. " ---- Anya

Part 1 I Parts 2&3 I Parts 4&5 I Parts 6&7 I Parts 8&9 I Part 10
Buffy and Angel have to work at their relationship as they find resistance from both vampires and humans. Things get even more complicated when a new vampire enters town issuing ultimatums.
Here's what one reader had to say...

"I really loved this story! It had everything -great portayal of the characters, Angel & Buffy, a really kewl and original baddie, Angel & Buffy, some really funny lines, Angel & Buffy, introspection, battles, Buffy's mom wigging ....did I mention Angel and Buffy?" ---- EJ

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4
The Anointed One makes Angel a very tempting offer, and Buffy finds there are unexpected consequences to the events of Nights Like These. Plus sex becomes an issue.
I HIGHLY recommend you read Nights before this one.
Here's a comment from one of the people who've read it.

"WOW ... I just got done reading your story, for probably the 3rd or 4th time. IT'S AWESOME ... I was completely tingly and entranced by it. AND I'M AT WORK. Hey it would be worth getting reprimanded for!!!" ---- savannah1

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6 I Part 7 I Part 8 I Part 9

Buffy and Angel find themselves in the middle of a power struggle between the Anointed One and the newly arrived Spike and Dru. Unfortunately, Buffy is having more trouble with her vampiric tendencies than she expected. Here's a comment

Wow, what a ride that was!! I've been reading these stories since the first installment and they just got better and better. I think you're right to leave it there, you wrapped everything up beautifully. ---- Bria



This is a vignette based on the second graveyard scene in Bad Eggs. It's Buffy's POV. A little angsy. A lot of love for a certain *cradle robbing, creature of the night.*Here's feedback on the story...

"If only we could've had this on Monday night, to read alongside the show. You are so insightful, my dear. And here I thought they were just smooching...*grin* Loved it." ---- JustAnotherAngelLover

An introspective look at Angel's thoughts after the events of the episode Angel.Here's a reaction to the story...

"Angst, angst, angst and more angst. What can I say, I love it!! ... A dose of pure romance is good for the soul. :-)" ----- Melissa

Is there a reason Slayers die young? This fic is set in the future when Buffy is 25, and it deals with whether it would have been better for Buffy to die earlier. Here's what one person had to say:

What a fantastic piece of fanfic. I've read many, but few compare to what you've written. ----- Claudia

What might have happened between Buffy and Angel on Valentine's Day if he hadn't lost his soul? This is my take on it.
Very, VERY sappy...lovey-dovey... This is denial fic...S/I and everything after never happened. Here's a thought on it...

I have to say that "Light" is the sweetest fanfic about B/A that I've ever read.
That's just how I'd think that they'd spend Valentines day together, away from everyone else. Thanks, I think I'll survive until the next season now. ----- grrrl nightbreed

This one is basically a re-hash from Buffy's POV of the scene in What's My Line where Buffy goes to Angel's apartment. See what someone else thought...

"Sheesh--just when I think I'm doing fairly well at my attempts at fiction, you had to go and write this. Now I've got to work that much harder" ---- Bill M.

Angel's POV at the end of the third season episode "Lovers Walk."
Short, angsty piece.

"A lot of these internal reflections get too sugary, or spend too much time flashing back to the show. Yours did neither. It was very good. I especially like how you went into why he couldn't lie about loving her." ---- Wanderlost

Buffy's POV after the fight with Angel in "Sanctuary." My take on why she was acting the way she did. A bit of feedback...

"I loved this with all my heart Rebecca. This was truly beautiful. And when I think how quickly you jumped into her frame of mind I feel bad for calling her a selfish bitch." ---- Karen


It's a vignette from Angel's point of view about the events of Surprise and Innocence. Based on the dream Buffy has of Angel in the sunlight. Here's a reaction...

"Ok, stop it!!!! I'm not supposed to be in tears this early in the morning!!!
Nice job, Rebecca.... I think you captured that moment perfectly." ------ Terry

This is the companion piece to Dust. It's a vignette from Buffy's POV. Based on Surprise and Innocence. And yes it is another tear-jerker. Here's a comment...

" As thoroughly well written & moving of a downer as the last one." ----- Leah


The last Buffy and Angel scene in Becoming from Buffy's POV. Very painful. Bring a tissue. Here's one piece of feedback...

Oh my God, I'm crying again like a baby. I loved this story, it covered every feeling I thought Buffy would be having. After S/I you made me cry and now you have done it again. I'm not complaining,don't get me wrong, it is great therapy. ----- Tricia

The companion piece to Heart. It's from Angel's POV. His reflections on his last moments with Buffy, and their relationship in general. Here's a comment about the pair of stories...

Oh, Lord! I don't think that I have it in me to cry again today, I'm so dehydrated! Stupid me, I didn't follow your tissue warning. Thank you so much for writing these stories. While they were thearaputic for you to write, they were the same for me to read. A real comfort in a time of sadness. ----- Amy


Buffy's POV after Angel leaves, mainly focused on "Graduation Day." A look at the relationship after the break-up. Here's a comment...

I really liked your story. It told a different perspective than we got in the episode, and I love POV stories that do that. I really like your writing style. Not many people can write first person fanfic convincingly, but I always enjoy your stories. ----- Diana

The companion Angel POV to Fitting. Angel tries to explain why he had to leave. A comment...

"I LOVED this story. LOVED. ADORED. It's so goddamn clever and sweet and all those other adjectives I can't think of. And that ending is just awesome. I grovel at your feet! ----- zero



Just a bit of Angel/Buffy silliness. Please don't take this one seriously. Here's a comment...

"Hilarious Rebecca! Cracked myself up!" ---- Heather

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