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You may download the pictures for your personal use.
However, I cannot give you permission to post them elsewhere because I do not own the copyrights to any of them. If you want to upload them to your personal, non-profit website - as I have - be sure to include a disclaimer.

Do not direct link to the pictures.
Direct linking steals a webmaster's bandwidth/money, and we *hate* that. The only reason that I left the old galleries at a free webhost for so long was to avoid people trying to direct-link. (If direct-linking became a problem, I would be forced to return the galleries to a free webhost, because I could not afford the increased drain on bandwidth.)

The old Angel Galleries are still open.
I resized a few of the extremely large pictures and I re-organized the layout for the new galleries. If you'd like to see the old layout, or if you are looking for the larger pictures, visit the old galleries at the links below. (Watch out for the pop-up ads.)

Old BtVS Cast Gallery . Old Angel Cast Gallery
Old David Gallery #1 . Old David Gallery #2

The pictures in these galleries are copyrighted to many different organizations; links to a few of the sources are listed below. No copyright infringement of any kind is intended. No profit is being made. These pictures are not for distribution; they are presented here solely for the enjoyment of the fans.

Note that most of the pictures here are several years old, so
the cited source website may no longer be active.

Asylum . . .
Cyberpaws . . . . KTLA
Shivers . Star-Crossed Lovers . . WB17 . the WB

If you believe that I've failed to list your site as a source, please let me know.

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