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"Billy," Monday, October 29, 2001

by Anne

Episode Summary

Angel is training Cordy how to fight. Later, the gang gathers at Wesley’s for dinner; Cordy observes that Wes is interested in Fred. As Cordy tries to give Wes dating advice, she has a vision of a woman’s murder. The A-team soon learns that there has been an outbreak of violence against women. Billy, the guy that Angel rescued from the hellish dimension, is responsible. Cordy and Angel separately track Billy. At the hotel, Wesley has been infected and tries to kill Fred, who finally manages to knock him out. Cordy tries to kill Billy to send him back, but Angel stops her. Billy touches Angel, but Angel is unaffected. They fight as Cordy aims the crossbow at Billy and starts to pull the trigger. Gunshots ring out as Lilah shoots Billy.

Episode Review

Billy: truly one of the worst monsters I’ve seen on the show. Isn’t it ironic that he looked human? I simply can’t say enough bad things about him. Did you notice that none of Billy’s female relatives came to Wolfram & Hart to pick him up? And did anyone not take an instant dislike to Billy’s uncle? When I heard that he was a congressman, I realized that the phrase “you can’t touch him” applies on many levels.

It’s great to see Cordy take an interest in training; I really hope that we will see her continue with it. I thought it was out of character for Angel to try to tell Cordy to stall her opponent until he came to save her, but it nicely set up her (very true) line about how men are not always around to protect women.

There was a notable parallel between Lilah’s situation in this episode and Cordy’s situation in “That Vision Thing.” Both were attacked, but their reactions to it were completely different. Cordy blamed herself for the violence caused by Billy, while Lilah, who was actually at fault, chalked it up to “just business.” Cordy went out to find Billy and send him back, while Lilah stayed home, hiding her wounds and drowning her sorrows.

I thought it was appropriate that Cordy introduced herself to Billy; she didn’t try to trick him and then take him by surprise. I also thought it was appropriate that Lilah didn’t say a word when shot Billy; most of the men that were under Billy’s influence kept wanting the women to shut up.

Before I even watched the ep, I thought, “I bet Fred will fight back.” Did she ever. That is the Fred that survived for five years in Pylea. I thought she would be very awkward around Wesley afterward, but, showing her inner strength, she went to see him hiding in his cave i.e. apartment.

I liked the scene with Cordy and Wesley discussing relationships. It was very telling how each finished the sentence “Maybe we’re meant ...” Wes optimistically suggested, “For each other?” Cordy was going to say, “To be alone.”

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