DINGOES ATE MY BABY. Buffyverse Term/Concept/Idea/Intratext.

The not-very-good  (but nonetheless popular) rock band in which Oz plays as a guitarist in Seasons Two to Four.

The dingoes were referenced in the unaired pilot episode:

Jock: Cordelia! You going to the bronze tonight?

Cordelia: Not with you.

Harmony: But we're still going right?

Cordette: Who's playing?

Harmony: Dingoes Ate My Baby.

Cordette: They rock!  

Buffy: Is the band any good?

Xander: Well, they don't know any actual chords yet, but they have really big amps. But it's always a good time, though.

And they are evoked in other episodes as well. In "Surprise":

Willow:  Do you guys, uh, have a gig tonight?

Oz:  Oh, no. Practice. See, our band's kinda moving towards this new sound where ... we suck, so . . . practice.

In "Dopplegangland":


Devon: Man, we need a roadie. Other bands have roadies.

Oz: Well, other bands know more than three chords. Your professional bands can play up to six, sometimes seven completely different chords.

Devon: That's just, like, fruity jazz bands.

And in "Earshot":


Freddy: You're not here about the review?

Oz: The review?

Freddy: Yeah. Last Thursday.

Oz: (reading) Dingoes Ate My Baby play their instruments as if they have plump polish sausages taped to their fingers.

Freddy: Sorry man.

Oz: No, it's fair.

The Dingoes' lead singer is Devon, who is initially romantically linked with Cordelia.

The band's name is derived from a line in the film A Cry in the Dark (1988) based on the trues story of Lindy Chamberlain who claimed a dingo stole her baby daughter during a camping trip to Ayer’s Rock (Australia). On BtVS the Dingoes music is played by a band named Four Star Mary.


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--Vanessa Knights, with David Lavery