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Season One

Winners of October
Gold Award: WaTchers

Gold Award this month goes to one of the most inventive sites that I have seen for a while. It's a site that has created an online spin-off from BtVS using their own creativity and animation skills. Obviously, this is a very difficult task, but the episodes are mapped out like a story with a supporting animated credits scene to begin (that is very impressive). New characters have been introduced, and in the episodes, occasionally when a character says something, there will be a link that leads off to an actual sound file of their line, extracted from the original series. It's inventive, individual, unique, and absolutely stunning to say the least. Well done!











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Better Days 09/26/06
Unspoken 10/03/06
A Little Faith 10/10/06
Based on a True Story 10/17/06
Withdrawal 10/24/06
Hide-N-Seek 10/31/06