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Willow Rosenberg - Faith Lehane - Rowena Allister - Rupert Giles - Kennedy - Dawn Summers - Xander Harris - Robin Wood - Andrew Wells - Jeff Lindquist - Vi Joston - Skye Talisker - Kadin VanHelsing - Buffy SummersBecca Giles

Willow Rosenberg - High Priestess - Once a shy, 'computer nerd' befriended by Vampire Slayer Buffy Summers, Willow has grown into a more confident, accomplished, magic wielding woman. After the murder of her lover Tara, her magic use spiraled out of control. Losing herself in her grief and rage, Willow took her vengeance out on Tara's killer, Warren Meers, by flaying him alive with the help of black arts. If not for Giles intervention and the love of her best friend, Xander Harris, Willow very well would have destroyed the world. 

After doing a spell that called all the potential Slayers into service as actual slayers, Willow traveled to Cleveland with Giles to rebuild the Watchers Council. Her lover at the time, Kennedy, also joined the group. Their differing views of her Wicca religion proved problematic, and they ended the relationship on friendly terms. Willow then fell in love with fellow council member and watcher, Rowena Allister.  After many trials as Rowena ran the council, the two separated, but Rowena decided to leave her position as Council Head in the hopes of rebuilding her relationship with Willow. The witch still serves as head priestess of the Cleveland Coven. 

Faith Lehane - Head of Slayer Division - All attitude and the skills to back it up, Faith is the no-nonsense yet fun loving Vamp/Demon killer. Good Slayer turned bad turned good again, Faith was one of the original Slayers and is the second oldest next to Buffy. When Angel, her friend and biggest supporter, needed her help, Faith broke out of prison and decided she could repay her debt to society by being the slayer she was chosen to be. Thanks to a little hacking and magic, Faith's record was cleared. But much like Willow, Faith walks a path of redemption for the wrongs she's caused and struggles with the line between good and evil. 

Ten years after giving birth, she met her son Norman Hansen for the first time when he needed a bone marrow transplant. Later that year, after a physical confrontation with Kennedy, Faith was dismissed in a tribunal vote of the world councils and removed from her post as Head Slayer. That, however, hasn't deterred her from using her slayer skills for good. In the most recent battle, Faith was killed but thanks to an archangel's magic touch her life was restored. Her lover, Robin Wood, went to the European Council on her behalf to have her reinstated with the information the Cleveland group prepared[Top]

Rowena Allister - Watcher -

Rowena, the youngest Watcher to be assigned a potential Slayer, was chosen because of her skill and intellect. Her Slayer was one of the first killed by the attacks of The First in Istanbul. At the time of the murder, Rowena was on a mission for the council to locate and retrieve the 'Opus Obscurum', a book containing much of the watchers council's history to be used against The First. She arrived in England just prior to the explosion that killed many of the remaining council members. 

With the loss of her Slayer and the Council, Rowena the perfectionist felt the guilt of losing not only her charge but the only life she had known. The surviving, lesser known Watchers and retirees of the 'Old Guard' sent her to Cleveland for her first duty to report the going-ons of the "New Council," but soon she found herself stuck between both groups. After being captured and beaten by the Old Guard (and a former lover within the group), Rowena told Giles that she intended to give him the Opus Obscurum, and upon being rescued, she joined the Cleveland group. Although well versed in world religions over the ages, Rowena doesn't prescribe to one set of 'rules' although she considers herself a spiritual person respectful of others beliefs including Willow's Wiccan way of life. 

Soon after the 'new guards' first battle, Willow confessed her growing attraction for Rowena. Although she admitted she felt the same, Rowena refused to be anything more than friends since she had to leave for the European Council to guide them on Watchers Council protocol. Rowena did return from England and confessed to Willow her insecurities of love and physical intimacy. The two over came the problems Rowena had carried for years, but when Giles named her has his replacement the couple were more at odds than together. Willow made the decision to leave the relationship because mixing work and love was becoming too difficult. Rowena then made the decision to leave her post as Head Watcher, and the two women re-joined and rekindled their relationship. [Top]
Kennedy - Lead Slayer - Having survived the attack of the Bringers that left her Watcher dead, Kennedy made her way to Sunnydale with Giles where she instantly became smitten with Willow. Brash and bold, she earned the nickname 'brat' from Faith. After proving her worth as a slayer, Faith changed it to 'Slick' and gave her a spot as her second in command. After a physical altercation that Faith started, Kennedy was promoted to Head Slayer but she helped Rowena and Robin Wood mount an appeal against the tribunal’s decision to dismiss Faith. As far as her home life, Kennedy hails from a wealthy family which includes a half-sister. She has learned that her birth mother was Jenny Calendar.

After Willow's decision to end their relationship, Kennedy's life took a few rough turns, and she considered leaving the council. But after some soul searching, she decided to dedicate her life to being a slayer and concentrated on reforming her impetuous nature. The personal growth paid off as she has become one of the council's most trusted. Kadin VanHelsing, her lover and rogue demon hunter, is her biggest admirer and supporter, but she's not afraid to tell Kennedy - and anyone else - what's on her mind.  [Top]

Dawn Summers - Watcher - Dawn looks like an normal young woman despite being a mystical creation conjured by monks using Buffy's DNA and magical energy. The kid sister to the former chosen one, Buffy, Dawn is now an official watcher of her young slayer, Shannon. A keen researcher and reader of several dead languages, Dawn also has experience on the front line with fellow scoobies like Xander. She has a strong bond with Willow, who took on the task of raising Dawn after Buffy and their mother, Joyce, died, although the two young woman rarely see eye to eye. When Dawn traveled to Cleveland to complete high school and join the Watchers Academy, her college freshman girlfriend, Skye came along for the ride. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when Skye was forced to become a vampire. 

Dawn then went on a quest to restore Skye's soul but ended up losing it in the process. As punishment, TPTB made Dawn's worst fear a reality - they made her an immortal. Her sentence would be to watch generation after generation of those she was closest to die, with no escape from life. [Top]

Xander Harris - Weapons Master - Xander Harris, the handsome but self-deprecating core Scooby member, met his best friend Willow Rosenberg as infants. Although not always close, their bond grew after meeting the Chosen One, Buffy Summers. Soon after, Xander found himself fighting with the Slayer side by side. And without possessing any special skill at the time he managed to bring Buffy back to life after her run in with the Master, as well as save the world from utter destruction when Willow became lost in her grief over losing Tara.

 A brave young man who came from a less than perfect upbringing, Xander walked away from the altar when the pressure of marriage to Anya seemed too great. Realizing his mistake, he slowly worked his way back into her life only to have her taken in the final battle which destroyed Sunnydale. Prior to the fight against the First Evil, Xander lost his left eye thanks to The First's head minion, Caleb. After losing both his sight and Anya, Xander no longer felt he could be a part of the Watchers’ Council and used the funds that Willow had sent him to travel the country in his R.V.  Willow, however, helped restore Xander's eye thanks to a sex magic spell after Anya's spirit contacted her with serious concerns about his growing depression. 

With his eye restored, Xander continued his travels until he realized that his place was with the Watchers. For the most part, however, Xander uses his building skills as the Watchers’ Council's  'Q', as Andrew calls him. Xander's main purpose is building new and improved weapons for the Slayers to use in their fight against evil. Feeling useful again, Xander began a romance with one of the lead slayers, Vi[Top]
Robin Wood - Security Chief/Academy Teacher - The son of a fallen Slayer in New York, Robin Wood spent many years trying to avenge his mother’s death by hunting vampires, hoping to find the one that took his mother's life. When he joined the faculty at Sunnydale High School as the new principal, he soon learned Buffy's identity and joined forces with her. He also learned that the vampire who killed his mother was Spike, Buffy's former lover. After a confrontation with a reformed Spike which nearly killed him, Wood decided to dedicate himself to the battle at hand and stood shoulder to shoulder with Giles in the final battle against the First Evil. 

After a one-night stand with Faith, he soon learned of her love 'em and leave 'em ways, but he convinced her to give him a chance to prove he's not like the other men she's known. She agreed, and the two continue their fight against the forces of darkness, acting as the council's security chief and teacher to the new Watcher recruits. 

During a battle in the dimension of Vor, Faith was forced to chop of Robin's leg when he become trapped under a large demon. Depressed about his physical state, he pulled away from Faith, but she showed him the same determination that he shown to her. She helped him work through his insecurities. Now, fitted with a prosthetic leg, Robin continues the council's work, including researching and presenting Faith's case to have her reinstated at the Council. [Top]
Andrew Wells - Coven High Priest - Formerly part of the Trio, a crime organization headed by the deceased Warren Meers, Andrew has decided to fight evil after his confrontations with The First.  A sci-fi nut who often creates his own realities to deal with the difficulties surrounding him, Andrew does his best to integrate into the group of skilled people who surround him. Although he doesn't possess Slayer skills or Watcher knowledge, Andrew can be brave of heart when need be, coming to the aid of anyone in trouble. 

When the Presidium planned its attack on our worldly dimension, Andrew helped talk Willow through dismantling a device the evil group used in its quest of destruction and domination. Along with his hired help, and now lover, Tracey, Andrew's main job is to see that the Slayers basic needs are met on a daily basis in addition to organizing the household chores each Slayer must do. A nurturer by nature, finding the common ground with just about anyone, Andrew is still trying to find his place in the world and who he really is deep down although he's managed to build strong friendships with Xander and Willow's star Wiccan coven pupil, Jeff. [Top]

Jeff Lindquist - Watcher/Coven Member - With a good heart but a rebel chip on his shoulder, Jeff is one of the youngest members of Willow's coven in addition to being one of her brightest students. His skill was so great, in fact, that the Presidium kidnapped him to test their device meant for Willow in the final showdown. 

Jeff came to the council with his mother Lilly, a teacher at the academy. At first, stand offish and a little backward, Jeff has formed friendships with Xander and Andrew, A growing attraction to Dawn didn't work out for him, but he maintains being a close friend to her in good times and bad. Like Dawn, Jeff also has a slayer of his own, Lorinda, who much like Jeff can hold a cynical view of the world. Jeff spends many of his days balancing his life between being a coven member and a watcher. [Top]

Vi Joston - Slayer - One of the remaining Slayers from the battle with The First, Vi has had her share of heartache over the last few years having lost one Watcher friend, Howard, her best Slayer bud, Rona, and her twin sister, Angie. 

With a dry wit and physical prowess that could match even Buffy and Faith, Vi serves the council in the fight against evil, often acting as Kennedy's right hand in times of stress and trouble. In social situations, she is usually shy and a bit insecure regarding how others feel about her, in particular the man she's currently dating - Xander Harris. [Top]

Skye Talisker - Resident Vamp - Skye got her first taste of a Hellmouth after accompanying Buffy and Dawn, her girlfriend, to Cleveland prior to the Presidium. When Dawn made the jump to the Watcher Academy, Skye followed leaving her hometown of San Francisco to enroll at John Carroll University to study psychology. 

Deeply dedicated and supportive of Dawn, Skye balanced her time between spending evenings at the Academy and her college studies. Her future plans took an unexpected turn however when she was turned into vampire - forced to drink blood against her will. Although soulless, she still has great love and affection for Dawn.[Top]

Kadin VanHelsing - Rogue Demon Hunter - Heir to the famous family of demon hunters, Kadin first met the council as she tracked one of the wolf pack members that killed her father - Oz's wife Camille. When no one at the council was able to convince Kadin to give up her bloodlust for Camille, who was trying to repent for her past sins, it was Kennedy who managed to show Kadin the error of her ways.

Still ever the demon hunter, most of Kadin's work is 'freelance', which sends her to various places all over the world. After Kennedy's girlfriend Mia departed, and Kadin was put on trial at a werewolf tribunal, Kennedy stood by Kadin and their romance began to bloom. A loner by nature, Kadin prefers fighting demons with Kennedy one-on-one as opposed to working in a group setting, such as a slayer patrol. [Top]

Buffy Summers - Head of Watcher Division - After saving the world countless times, Buffy decided to take a break once Willow activated all the potentials. Buffy still stayed in contact with the council, and her family and friends there, but most of her time was spent seeing the world she had spent years of her life saving. When Rowena decided to step down, the watcher wanted to name a successor who was both experienced and could attest to the welfare of both watchers and slayers alike. The obvious choice for her was Buffy. Rowena coaxed her out of retirement to oversee the duties as head watcher. 

Buffy, always the 'action girl', tries to adjust to the new role of reforming the 'New Guard' in a way that makes Quentin Travers roll in his grave. Instead of a hard-line, old watchers' school approach, Buffy is trying to make train the council so their slayer/watcher relationships are more closely aligned to the style that she and Giles shared. [Top]

Rupert Giles - Retired Watcher Head - Former Head Watcher, Rupert Giles continues in the fight against the evil forces working against mankind when called upon by the council, but he doesn't engage in day to day operations. After a mysterious and hell-raising past, the 'Ripper' as he's known to some, Giles focused his efforts on becoming a model Watcher. When the attack of The First Evil claimed the lives of many of the world’s potential Slayers and their Watchers, Giles survived - a testament to his intellect and cunning. Giles continues his work to this day but as more of a teacher and research expert than as a hands-on Watcher. Most of his days are spent with his wife, a charming bookstore owner, Becca, and their one year old daughter Elizabeth[Top]
Becca Giles - Mrs. Rupert Giles - Open-minded and spit-fire when it comes to things she's passionate about, Becca has found a place beside Giles as his wife. The charismatic book shopkeeper found herself drawn into the Watchers’ circle when Giles arrived looking for a book that would help restore Willow's magical powers. Not knowing she possessed such an item and the danger owning it entailed, she unwittingly sold it to the watcher only to be accosted by the Presidium. The attack was thwarted by Giles, and the two began a relationship built on a love of music and books - although their preferences do differ from time to time. Thought never to be able to have children of her own, Becca relished her time with the slayers, both old and young, being somewhat of a mother figure to the group. Her role of mother changed, however, when she unexpectedly became pregnant with Giles’ child (after trying unsuccessfully for years with her ex-husband). As Giles was in Vor to help fight the Presidium, Becca went into labor and Buffy had to help deliver the baby - a girl named Elizabeth. [Top]
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