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Welcome to WaTchers, a Virtual Spin-Off of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is now in its fourth, count 'em, fourth year. New episodes for Season Four  will begin airing Sept. 26, 2006. Feel free to stop by our FORUM and our EGROUPS to meet fellow WaTchers fans and friends. It doesn't matter if you've been here since episode one or last week - we'd love to have you visit. Now some folks have asked what channel is this show on and if it's a 'real series'. Well...no. The only place you can 'watch it' is here at this web address or our new address of www.watchers.tv. WaTchers is a continuing story with a boat load of effort from a group of talented PEOPLE each week making pictures. In other words, it's glorified fan fiction. Our goal, however, is to come as close as we can to an actual television spin-off series. Aside from pictures, we've got some great sounds to compliment the dialog that our staff of talented writers create.
Another goal, as with prior seasons, is to push the envelope in terms of writing, making readers think on a deeper level and perhaps even educating folks now and then. At least we hope so. It all won't be pretty. It all won't be tragedy. Like life, we want WaTchers to fall somewhere in between. 

It should be noted that this series will follow Buffy by being PG-14 rated (No 'on screen' nudity but we will have adult situations and adult content). Our season will run similar to any show you might see on television.

Each new episode airs on Tuesdays evenings. To see our upcoming schedule be sure to check out our airdates on the right of this page.

Also be sure to visit our FAQ page for a list of, guess what?...Our most Frequently Asked Questions. It's pretty informative and will answer most, if not all, of your questions about Watchers and the Watchers site.

Before closing we'd like to give a thanks and round of applause to our staff and the folks that DONATE each year to keep us going financially. We truly have the best fans in the world. Funds that WaTchers fans make go toward our server space, domain and a little something for our staff who puts in hours of work per week free of charge. Each donator is entered into our raffle each year for a ultra-cool, groovy, awesome prize. Since most people seemed to like the raffle idea and enjoy getting a magnet we're running it again this year. You can find the link to donate on the bottom of the FAQ page or just look for the piggy picture.  

So enjoy...look around, join our e-group, stop by our forum and be sure to come visit us for new spoiler pictures and information on our upcoming season. We look forward to entertaining you again in year four. 

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Better Days

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo - The majority of characters in these stories are the creations of Joss Whedon and any and all entities who have a share in them such as Twentieth Century Fox, UPN, Warner Bros or Mutant Enemy Productions. The stories are written by fans, and are not intended for profit or to infringe upon or undermine the established copyright of those mentioned above. The situations depicted in these stories (sexual or otherwise) are not intended to harm the reputations of those actors associated with the characters involved. The only things that are ©2003-2006 are those characters that are the creation of the Watchers staff and the original plotlines of the stories. In other words, we're keeping the franchise alive and itís all in fun, so lighten up. 

July 29th, 2006

+  Added TEASER for Better Days.

+ Thanks to everyone who supported our Writercon auction to help our staff members get there so we could meet face to face after many years. Those who ordered CD's, they'll be shipping next week and arriving in the next two. 

+  Pleased to announce Kim B. is our winner of this years donation contest! All donation made after June 16th, 2006 will be entered for next years drawing. 

+  New Episodes will begin airing on Sept. 26, 2006. Until that time be sure to check out our Past Episodes or Back story Page to see our Season Recaps. 

Better Days 09/26/06
Unspoken 10/03/06
A Little Faith 10/10/06
Based on a True Story 10/17/06
Withdrawal 10/24/06
Hide-N-Seek 10/31/06