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Season Four Premiere of WaTchers

Coming September 26th, 2006...

Shot of Kennedy and her team - Marie, Chamique and Denise Ė walking in an apartment filled with police. Shot of a dead demon in one of the rooms as Kennedy examines it.

Kennedy: Iím not sure what you want us to do?

Detective: Get rid of it for one.  

Kennedy: Without an investigation?

Detective: Thatís your call lady, remember? We donít deal with demons and the supernatural, so we bring you guys in.

Shot of Dawn and Shannon walking into a doctorís office.

Dawn: Iím Dawn Summers and this is Shannon Matthewson. Weíre currently investigating a murder case, and a lead brought us here.

Shot of a doctor looking at picture and his eyes going wide in horror.

Doctor: This way.

Shot of Dawn and Shannon looking at a medical facility.

VO of Doctor: One of my associates who owns a plastic surgery practice in L.A. introduced me to the demon world. They provided surgery to alter the appearance of demons.

Shot of Xander holding Vi in the gym. Shot of Tracey quickly kissing Andrew in the kitchen. Shot of Faith with a small grin as she lies in bed, stroking Elizabethís hair while the baby sleeps. Shot of  Willow walking over to meet a man in the council lobby.

Willow: Mr. Pollan, Iím Willow Rosenberg.

Shot of Mr. Pollan taking Willowís hand and kissing the back of it.

Jim: Jim please. Itís pleasure to meet you. Miss Dimmons and her Coven in London speak very highly of you. And if itís not too forward I have to say sheís right.

Willow: About?

Jim: Youíre a very beautiful woman.

Shot of Willow blushing. Shot of Faith laying on a hospital gurney. Shot Kennedy getting tazered. Shot of Willow and Rowena in their apartment.

Rowena: I lost my faith in you during the battle. I didnít trust you.

Shot of Willow with her mouth opened.

Rowena: Lucifer asked me to make a deal.

Shot of Dawn and Shannon talking to a demon in his apartment.

Demon: Why are you doing this? Helping us; helping me?

Dawn: Because youíre the victims.

Better Days

Airs September 26th, 2006


Better Days 09/26/06
Unspoken 10/03/06
A Little Faith 10/10/06
Based on a True Story 10/17/06
Withdrawal 10/24/06
Hide-N-Seek 10/31/06