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Watchers Building Tour

Pictures Room

council_front.jpg (70370 bytes)

 Front of the Watchers Council

lobby.jpg (67647 bytes)

 Watchers Lobby with Coat of Arms

Computer Center LR.jpg (67958 bytes)

 Computer Room  
Control Room.jpg (90711 bytes)  Control Room
libhall.jpg (93011 bytes)  Library Hall
libgallery.jpg (86126 bytes)  Library
Xanders_weapon_testing-training_area.jpg (82035 bytes)  Xander's Research Lab
canteen2.jpg (69534 bytes) Cafeteria
Coven_Classroom.jpg (79761 bytes)  Coven Classroom
hallway.jpg (143723 bytes)  Hallway to meeting rooms
large_briefing_room.jpg (47239 bytes)  Large meeting room
briefing_room1.jpg (113722 bytes)  

 Briefing Room

buffys office.jpg (99204 bytes)  Buffy's Office
ro_office_day.jpg (1062711 bytes)  Rowena's Office
interior_finished_basement.jpg (67898 bytes) Watchers Recreation Room on First Floor (Shot 1)


interior_finished_basement_pooltable.jpg (33183 bytes) Watchers Recreation Room

on First Floor (Shot 2)

lobby.jpg (21751 bytes) Waiting area on First Level
SCIENCE_LAB.jpg (31295 bytes) Watchers Science Lab on Second Floor
classroom.gif (41469 bytes) Watchers Classroom on Second Floor
Slayers Building Tour
dorms2.jpg (42073 bytes) Vacant Slayer and Watchers-in-Training Dorm Room
AndrewsWork-KitchenForSlayers.jpg (361670 bytes) Kitchen for the Slayer Building
laundry.jpg (19133 bytes) Slayers/Watchers-in-Training Laundry Room
washroom.jpg (38098 bytes) Slayers Washroom
archeryroom.jpg (47074 bytes) One area for Slayer Training 
slayer_rec2-pool.jpg (17413 bytes) Slayers Rec Room (Shot 1)
slayerrec2-bar.jpg (17023 bytes) Slayers Rec Room (Shot 2)
slayerrec2-kitchen.jpg (17257 bytes) Slayers Rec Room (Shot 3)
SmallKitcheninSlayersBarricks.jpg (36668 bytes) Small Kitchen in Slayers Barricks
weight_gym_lg.jpg (44582 bytes) Weight Room One
wt_room4b.jpg (47897 bytes) Weight Room Two
Character Room Tour (HQ Third Level)
faiths_livingroom.jpg (311440 bytes) faith_den.jpg (1069841 bytes)

faiths_kitchen.jpg (652830 bytes) faith_bedroom.jpg (233883 bytes)

faith_bathroom.jpg (1335279 bytes)

Faith and Wood's Apartment
kens_livingroom_day.jpg (823674 bytes) kens_bedroom_day.jpg (141804 bytes)

kens_bathroom.jpg (1258129 bytes) ken_kitchen.jpg (1570678 bytes)

Kennedy's apartment
xander_livingroom.jpg (591647 bytes) xander_kitchen.jpg (696017 bytes)

xander_bedroom.jpg (1437804 bytes)

Xander Apartment
 willro_livingroom2.jpg (663468 bytes) willro_kitchen1.jpg (1443336 bytes)

willro_bedroom_day.jpg (1243956 bytes) willro_bathroom.jpg (1791179 bytes)

Willow and Rowena's Apartment
andrews_room.jpg (142229 bytes)  Andrews Media Room (Shot 1)
andrews_room2.jpg (419180 bytes)  Andrews Media Room (Shot 2)
Misc. Areas
gilesfoyer.jpg (38433 bytes) gilesfamily room.jpg (33846 bytes)

gileskitchen1.jpg (42538 bytes) gilesbedroom.jpg (32413 bytes)

 Giles House
kadin2LR.jpeg (44646 bytes) kadinliv2.jpeg (49925 bytes)

kadinkitchen.jpeg (42124 bytes) kadinBedRoom01.jpeg (21906 bytes)

 Kadin's Cabin
MainEntrance_BeccasBooks.jpg (47835 bytes) BookStore2.JPG (219494 bytes)The_Book_Store.gif (124284 bytes)  Becca's Books



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Withdrawal 10/24/06
Hide-N-Seek 10/31/06