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3 August 2006 - News
More Buffy Season 8 Comic News
Vote For Firefly/Serenity Podcasts in the Podcast Awards
Doug Petrie and Jane Espenson to Write The Batman Episodes
Send A Birthday Message to Andy Hallett
New Audio Blog from Nick Brendon

3 August 2006 - Updates
Two New Pix of Morena Baccarin in Stargate added
Interview with Mercedes McNab added

2 August 2006 - News
David Greenwalt Producing new Sci-Fi Show
Send Your Best Wishes to Nicholas Brendon
Fox Announce Fall Season Premiere Dates
New Film for Alexa Davalos
Vote in the SyFy Portal Genre Awards
Buffy Season 2 Now Available on iTunes

2 August 2006 -Updates
Interview with Morena Baccarin added

29 July 2006 - News
Astonishing X-Men Wins Eisner Award
Done The Impossible Available for Legal Download

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