''While Angel confronts his darkest demons, someone is trapped into taking his place. It's one thing to fight, another to protect, but one thing he didn't expect.''

Angel Guise Will Be Guise - 2ADH06

Written by Jane Epsonson - Directed by Krishna Rao - First Aired on November 7th, 2000

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The Short: Angel makes a sojourn to ask a swami about his obsession with Darla. Since Angel's out of town, Wesley poses as the benevolent vampire when a powerful businessman demands Angel's services to protect his daughter. Angel gets in touch with his inner selves during a visit to the swami, but not everything's Zen. Angel discovers the swami he's been with is a fake who killed the real one and was sent to keep him busy. After romancing the daughter, Wesley is discovered to not be Angel and is thrown out. Angel, Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia meet and figure out the businessman is setting up his daughter as a human sacrifice to a demon for increased power and go to save her, but when they break into his home the ceremony is already underway. The demon ends up rejecting the sacrifice because she is ''impure'' and the father is shocked to learn his daughter isn't a virgin. She not only slept with Wesley but several other people who worked for her father in the last few years. The daughter leaves her father and Wesley gets the job of protecting her and gets a moment of fame in the newspapers as a celebrity bodyguard.

The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see
Continuity #1) we open in the lobby of Angel Investigations where Wesley is doing paperwork. After a little accident a man walks in and asks for Angel (see Goof #1). Although Wesley tries to help him the man brushes him off, saying he'll only deal with the boss. The man leaves and Cordelia comes downstairs saying she found Angel and telling Wesley he has to change his clothes. In the basement of Wolfram & Hart Angel and Gunn sneak in. As they make it to the elevator a briefcase stops the door from closing and Cordelia and Wesley join them. Cordelia won't let Angel close the door and although Angel insists he needs to see Darla, she talks him out of it. When a stake wielding guard shows up Angel stops him and then decides to leave like Cordelia wants.

house At Cataras Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn enjoy the entertainment as Angel talks to the host demon about his Darla obsession. The host advises him to seek help with a mystic named T'ish Magev (see Reference #1-#5 & Continuity #2-#3). The whole gang is relieved Angel won't need to sing. Angel takes off to meet T'ish as Wesley and Cordelia talk at the office. She makes a joke about imitating Angel (see Cool Quotes #1). Angel shows up at a cabin where he meets T'ish Magev (see Goof #2). Back at Angel Investigations a man with a gun jumps Cordelia looking for Angel. He threatens to kill her if she doesn't produce Angel. Wesley hears this from the next room and quickly puts on Angel's leather coat and walks in saying he's Angel.

Blood At the cabin T'ish talks with Angel about his car and clothes and asks why he obviously hates himself and is so concerned with his image. At Angel Investigations the man forces Welsey to come with him. He takes Wesley to the home of his employer, Magnus Bryce. They give Welsey a drink of blood, which he forces down. Magnus says he's a wizard who makes custom spells for the rich. He says someone, probably a business rival, is trying to hurt his daughter and he wants Angel to be her bodyguard. Magnus gives him no choice, but says he'll pay him well. In the cabin T'ish says Angel has two personas, then challenges him to a fight with staves. At Magnus's home ''Angel'' is introduced to Virginia. She seems cynical about him protecting her, but they get along. Virginia wants to go shopping, so they leave together. At Angel Investigations Cordelia explains what happened to Gunn. Cordelia wants Gunn to get Angel while she tries to find Wesley. Wesley and Virginia window shop at an expensive magic shop. She's looking for a present for her father's 50th birthday, which is coming up. She picks out a talisman of the goddess Yeska, her father's favorite deity. She tells him about how she loved magic as a child and shared it with her father, but now she doesn't. Two men try to take Virginia quietly, but when they learn the famous vampire Angel is her bodyguard, they are impressed. With some quick talking Wesley manages to intimidate them into leaving her alone. They admit they are working for Lanier and then leave. At the cabin Angel is fighting T'ish with staves. T'ish says Angel is holding back (see Reference #6 and Goof #3). Angel insists he can't let the demon inside him get out, but T'ish insists he is the demon. Later T'ish calls Paul and tells him he's not sure how long he can hold out with Angel. It seems this is an imposter hired by Paul to keep Angel busy for the weekend, the real T'ish is dead (see Reference #7). Paul wonders if Angel is there then who was the guy he saw working for Magnus.

Sex At Angel Investigations Cordelia is getting bored looking through mug shots on her iBook then starts to read a magazine article instead. In it she notices the man who pulled the gun on her standing behind Magnus Bryce and his daughter. Wesley and Virginia return to her home. Virginia says she's wasting her life by living under guard. When she gets to her bedroom she finds two robed guards standing watch. The guards jump them, but Wesley fights them off. Virginia is impressed, but notices he didn't vamp out, he just says he's not like a regular vampire. At the cabin Angel is explaining Darla's return to T'ish. T'ish says Angel blames her for what happened to him. T'ish recommends Angel go find a young blonde thing and bed her then leave her, taking out his anger against Darla. Angel then has to explain the mechanics of his curse. In the house Wesley and Virginia sit on her bed and talk, then they get closer. They start to kiss, then she worries about his curse. Back at the cabin T'ish is really shocked about the curse. Back on the bed Wesley plays down the whole thing, saying it's overblown. They get hot and heavy. Wesley tries to confess his identity, but she keeps kissing him and won't let him speak. In the morning Gunn pulls up to the cabin in his truck. T'ish greets him then knocks him out (see Reference #8). Angel sees this from the porch but can't get to the man because of the sunlight. Angel figures out he's an imposter and pulls the man into the shade with a fishing line. The next morning Wesley watches Virginia sleeping next to him in bed. He gets up, kisses her good-bye and sneaks out. Right then Cordelia walks in, saying they let her in. She tries to get him to leave, but he insists on staying and protecting Virginia. Magnus then walks in and confronts Wesley. An anonymous call let him know the real Angel is elsewhere. The guards pull Wesley near a window and they clearly see the sunlight doesn't burn him. Virginia is crushed. Magnus tells them to leave. Benny says he should have been allowed to kill him. Magnus is upset because he risked the sacrifice, which is in a few hours. We then see that Magnus has an alter with chains waiting for Virginia.

Group At Angel Investigations Cordelia consoles Wesley as Gunn and Angel walk in. Angel wonders why Wesley is wearing his coat, then explains how it was all a setup. Welsey figures out that Lanier must have tipped off Bryce to get Wesley out of the way to make Virginia vulnerable. Angel isn't following this at all. Wesley says that there is a party with tributes to the goddess Yeska going on right now for her father, but Angel says Yeska isn't a goddess, she's a Davrik demon. Wesley knows Davrik demons don't serve humans unless on their 50th birthday they sacrifice their daughters to them. He realizes Bryce is going to sacrifice Virginia to the demon. The team head out to protect her. At the party Virginia wonders what the alter with the chains is for. Magnus then starts the ceremony for the sacrifice. Virginia is chained up. Wesley and company break in to save her. There is a big fight, during which Magnus is able to finish the ceremony and the demon appears to eat Virginia. Yeska rejects her sacrifice saying she is impure and quickly disappears. Virginia is thankful to Wesley for protecting her. Magnus is shocked to learn his daughter isn't a virgin. Magnus blames Wesley, saying he hired Angel because he couldn't sleep with her. Virginia tells him she hasn't been a virgin for quite a while, having slept with chauffeur when she was 16 years old and several other men since then. She then punches her father and leaves him. At Angel Investigations Cordelia shows Angel a magazine article about how Wesley is now a famous bodyguard and private investigator for the stars (see Goof #4). Angel tries to play it down but is clearly jealous when the article calls the company the Wyndham-Pryce Agency.

Creature Feature

Paul Magnus Magnus Bryce is a wizard who casts custom spells for the rich. We discover there are several companies in Hollywood who provide this kind of service, including another one run by Paul Lanier, whose firm grants wishes. They also mention Briggs at Consolidated Curses.

Yeska Magnus says ''The goddess Yeska does not give with both hands.'' Yeska is a Davrik demon. Davrik demons don't serve humans unless they make a sacrifice of a virgin daughter to them on their 50th birthday. They then eat the sacrifice. The incantations to summon Yeska are ''Yeska, of the razor eyes and stone heart, take this offering. I cast my most precious emerald into the ocean on the moment of my birth plus 50 years. Take this gift. Let her death return tenfold onto me my power. The hour approaches Yeska. Do not be blind to my plea. Yeska I beseech thee. Appear!'' Her actions seem similar to Makida from Reptile Boy and the Haxil Beast from Expecting, in that they demand a sacrifice from humans in return for power or success.

To Cast A Deadly Spell The whole plot of this episode reminded me of the 1991 fantasy film To Cast A Deadly Spell. Set in early 20th century Hollywood, a powerful sorcerer hires a private detective to get magic book back, which he needs to cast a spell that will sacrafire his virgin daughter to a demon and grant him great power. The whole plan blows up when at the end we find out the policeman the detective asked to watch over the daughter had sex with her!

Cool Quotes

  1. Cordelia: ''Oh no, I can't do anything fun tonight... I have to count my past sins, then alphabetize them... oh by the way I'm thinking of snapping on Friday.''
    Cordelia's acting class is really paying off.


    Mr. T
  1. Host demon: ''You're Rocky, and Rocky II and half of the one with Mr. T.''
    The 1976 film
    Rocky and it's 1979 sequal Rocky II were among a series of boxing films starring Sylverter Stallone as Rocky Balboa, a poor Italian boxer who gets a chance to fight professionally and makes it big.
    Mr. T, born Lawrence Tureaud, is the actor who played Rocky's opponent Clubber Lang in the 1982 film Rocky III.

    Barry Manilow
  2. Host demon: ''You don't have to sing. A break for you, a break for me and a break for Mister Manilow.''
    Barry Manilow is the singer who recorded Mandy, the song Angel sang in Judgement.

  3. Host demon: ''An address in Ojai. A friend of mine, even though, does he ever call? Does he ever write? Good guy, though. You ever hear of the T'ish Magev?''
    Ojai is a city about two hours north of Los Angeles It has it's own web site at http://www.ojai.org/. (Thanks to Younglw for helping with this.)

  4. Host demon: ''I'm sending you to him. You need more than I can do for you. This guy... he'll shock your chakras, fillet your soul... whatever you need. Go to him.''
    Chakra, from the Sanskrit cakra for wheel, are any of a number of psychic-energy centres of the body, prominent in the occult physiological practices of certain forms of Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism. The chakras are conceived of as focal points where psychic forces and bodily functions merge with and interact with each other. Among the supposed 88,000 chakras in the human body, six major ones located roughly along the spinal cord and another one located just above the crown of the skull are of principal importance. Also referenced by the spa worker in She.

    Sonny and Cher
  5. Host demon: ''Lovely! That was Cheriffic boys!''
    Cher is a singer and former partner to Sonny Bono (1935-1998). They recorded I Got You Babe together. Cher was heard singing her song Believe in The Freshman.

  6. T'ish: ''You're whimping. This isn't Riverdance. Fight!''
    Riverdance is a broadway show. They have an offical web site at http://www.riverdance.com/.

  7. T'ish: ''I don't know how long I can keep up this Yoda gag. Son-of-a-bitch is strong. Plus something we didn't think about, you know the guy can smell blood.''
    Yoda was the wizened, ancient Jedi master who taught Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the second and third movies in George Lucas' Star Wars trilogy. Also referenced by Spike in School Hard. (Thanks to the BuffyGuide for this entry.)

  8. Gunn: ''Joking. Great. We got ourselves a funny Zen master.''
    Zen, from Sanskrit for meditation, is an important school of Buddhism in Japan that claims to transmit the spirit or essence of Buddhism, which consists in experiencing the enlightenment (bodhi) achieved by Gautama the Buddha. The school arose in the 6th century in China as Ch'an, a form of Mahayana Buddhism; though introduced centuries earlier, Zen did not fully develop in Japan until the 12th century. In its secondary developments of mental tranquillity, fearlessness, and spontaneity, all faculties of the enlightened mind, the school of Zen has had lasting influence on the cultural life of Japan. Also referenced by Lilah in Untouched.


    The Box
  1. Cordelia: ''Previously on Angel.''
    To Shanshu in L.A. - Wolfram & Hart summon Darla from the dead in a box.
    Dear Boy - Angel confronts Darla. Lindsey says they want to make Angel evil. Darla burns Angel with a cross and says she still wants him.

  2. Host demon: ''I thought maybe I'd seen you walk away for the last time.''
    Dear Boy - The demon advised Angel to give up on Darla, but Angel ignored his advice.

    Angel Sings
  3. Host demon: ''You don't have to sing. A break for you, a break for me and a break for Mister Manilow.''
    Judgement - Angel sang Barry Manilow's Mandy to karoke.


    Box 2 Box 1
  1. Wesley sets a drawer full of papers on the counter, but when he bends over and hits his head on it, he comes back up to a seemingly empty drawer. The drawer remains empty for the rest of the scene. (Thanks to Demondude of the Haven for spotting this.)

  2. When Angel approaches the cabin you can clearly see his reflection in the pond, even though he is a vampire and should cast no reflection.

  3. There is another reflection in the water when Angel and ''T'ish'' are fighting with the staffs.

  4. There are clear reflections of Angel's hands in the desk's finish when he reads the article about Wesley at the end.


Sonny and Cher
  • The Japanese business men sing Sonny & Cher's hit I Got You Babe. You can download a clip of the real song here. Cher can be heard singing her song Believe in the episode Living Conditions.

  • Among the mug shots Cordelia looked through were Albert Grey, George Pollon and Irvin Oliver.

  • The magazine Cordelia reads is called Rio.

  • New name for Wesley: Angel (by himself).

  • New name for Cordelia: The Piece (by Magnus).

  • The Morgue

    None! Although the real T'ish Magev is killed off camera, by the person impersonating him.


    Angel Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

    Guest Starring:
    Host Andy Hallett as the Host Demon (Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan)
    T'ish Art LaFleur as the man pretending to be T'ish Magev
    Virginia Brigid Brannagh as Virginia Bryce
    Paul Patrick Kilpatrick as Paul Lanier
    Darla Todd Susman as Magnus Bryce

    Yeska Danica Sheridan as Yeska
    Benny Saul Stein as Benny
    Thug #1 Frankie Jay Allison as Thug #1 (Left)
    Man #1 Michael Yama as Japanese Business Man #1
    Man #2 Eiji Inoue as Japanese Business Man #2
    Man Ed Trotta as the Man
    Darla Julie Benz as Darla (Uncredited, seen in flashback from Dear Boy.)
    Lindsey Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald (Uncredited, seen in flashback from Dear Boy.)

    Famous Faces

    Tuatha Sasha Brigid Brannagh, who played Virginia, played the part of Sasha, a Brujah vampire, on Kindred: The Embraced and played Tuatha, an evil witch, in the Charmed episode That Old Black Magic 2.06. She has a nice fan web site at http://www.homunculus.com/eikona/brannagh.html.

    Sonicare Magnus Todd Susman, who played Magnus Bryce, has played many parts in his time, including the P.A. voice on M.A.S.H. and more recently he can be seen as the Tooth Fairy in a series of commercials for Sonicare.

    Death Paul Patrick Kilpatrick, who played Paul, played the part of the horseman Death in the Charmed episode Apocalypse Not 2.21. He also played Reese in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode The Siege of AR-558 7.08 and Razik in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Initiations 2.02. He also played Randall Cooper in the X-Files episode Surekill 8.08.

    Man Ed Trotta, who played the man, played Pit in the Star Trek: Voyager episode The Chute 3.03.

    Points Of View


    Definitely the best of the night. After the disappointment of
    Family I really enjoyed Guise Will Be Guise. I'm sure my friend Morgan will be glowing as her favorite character, Welsey, got to be the star. I really liked the Swami, even if he was a fake. The mistake with the reflection in the beginning was really bad one. It cost them a point.

    7 out of 10

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