Machida - DECEASED

Machida Description: Machida was semi-humanoid with snake-like features and a large tail in place of legs.

History: Machida inhabited the basement of the Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity house. Once a year, the frat brothers of DZK lured three high-school girls to their basement so they could feed them to Machida. In return the brothers were granted wealth and success. When the brothers brought Buffy Summers, the Slayer, they got more than they bargained for. Machida rose, and as he was about to eat Cordelia Chase, he was stabbed in the back by a sword wielded by Buffy.

Powers: Machida was physically powerful and was able to grant success and wealth to his worshipers.

Appearances: Reptile Boy.

Show notes: Played by actor Robin Atkin Downes.

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Mallish - DECEASED



Appearances: The Ring.

Show notes: Played by actor Marc Rose.

Marc The Magnificent

Marc See Brotherhood Of Seven.

Show notes: Played by actor Burke Roberts.


Marcus Description:

Powers: Marcus had the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

Appearances: In The Dark.

Show notes: Played by actor Kevin West.


See Anomovic Demons.

Appearances: Bachelor Party.

Show notes: Played by actress Lauri Johnson.

The Master - DECEASED

The Master Description: The Master is unlike most other vampires, with clawed hands and red eyes.

History: The Master is an ancient and powerful vampire, already so old when he sired Darla in 1609 that he had lost his human features completely and gained a more demonic appearance then most vampires. The Master is the progenator of a long line of vampires. We know he sired Darla, who sired Angel. Angel sired Penn, Drusilla and Theresa Klusmeyer. Drusilla sired Spike and Sheila. The Master is the head of a vampire death cult called the Order Of Aurelius, which plan to bring about the end of the plague of humanity on Earth. The Master was the major villain for the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In the 1930's he came to Sunnydale, California, and not just to feed. He came to open the Hellmouth. Being a worshipper of the Old Ones, he wanted to open the mouth of Hell, allowing them to walk the Earth once more. His attempt to open the Hellmouth in 1937 failed due to an unexpected earthquake. This earthquake trapped the Master inside of a church, and it became a sort of prison, since he was not able to escape. For years, he waited and waited until the Harvest came in 1997. During the Harvest, he attempted to open the Hellmouth again, by feeding on humans through Luke, his vessel. His plans were foiled again by Buffy Summers, the Slayer. She stopped Luke, which stopped the Master's Harvest (The Harvest). The Master knew that a prophecy stated that he will face Buffy, and she will die, but he needed the Colin, Anointed One. So he set up a plan to trick Buffy into thinking she killed the Anointed One, when in reality, the Anointed One was on his way to the Master's lair (Never Kill A Boy On The First Date). When the night finally came, the Anointed brought Buffy to the Master, where he drained her blood, then left her in a pool of water, drowning her. As the Hellmouth opened, Buffy was revived and threw the Master to his death (Prophecy Girl). Three months later, the Master's minions attempted to resurrect him by killing those near him when he died, but Buffy ground the Master's bones into dust (When She Was Bad).

Powers: The Master had the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire, but was much more powerful then the average vampire. He also has certain psychic powers, including the ability to sense powerful psychic beings and paralyze opponents.

Appearances: Welcome To The Hellmouth, The Harvest, Angel, Nightmares, Prophecy Girl.

Show notes: Played by actor Marc Metcalf.

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Mister Trick - DECEASED

Mister Trick Description:

Powers: Trick was a Vampire, with all the normal powers and vulnerabilities of one.

Appearances: Faith, Hope and Trick.

Show notes: Played by actor.

Mohra Demons

Mohra Demon Description: A Mohra demon has green skin and a red jewel in it's forehead.

Powers: Mohra have regenerative powers and require salt to survive. Destroying the jewel in their foreheads will kill them.

Appearances: I Will Remember You.

Show notes: Played by actor David Wald.

Mok'Tagar Demons

Mok'Tagar Description: Mok'Tagar demons are humanoids with orangish skin and green glowing eyes.

Powers: Mok'Tagar are dimensional travelers, who can alter their appearance. They are long lived and regenerate.

Appearances: Living Conditions.

Names: Kathy Newman, Taparrich.

Moloch The Corruptor - DECEASED

Moloch Description: He is much taller then the average person, as well as having green pebbled and wrinkled skin, and red eyes. He can be most easily recognized by the two large curving horns protruding from the sides of his head.

Powers: Moloch the Corrupter was a greatly feared demon who was active up until 1418 B.C. when he was confined inside a book. As his name suggests, he worked to corrupt the innocent by offering them everything they could desire. He professed to only want their love, but once it was gained, he quickly dispatched of his follower, usually with a sharp twist and break of the neck. Most recently, his confinement was changed from that of the book to a computer after being scanned into it. While invading all computers via the internet, he was once again bound and sealed inside a physical (in this case, mechanical) body, which was destroyed shortly after.

Appearances: I Robot, You Jane.

Show notes: Moloch's voice was played by Mark Deakins.

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