Baker Description: Baker had ridges around his eyes and a small pair of horns.

History: Baker was among the large number of demons who were captured my the MacNamara brothers and forced to fight to the death. He fought Angel and was killed.

Powers: Baker has minor enhanced strength and agility and was an acomplished hand to hand combatant.

Appearances: The Ring.

Show notes: None

Balthazar - DECEASED

Balthazar Description: Balthazar was an obese hairless humanoid with rows of spikes on his cheeks.

History: Balthazar was once a powerful demon in the town of Sunnydale, but he was forced out my Richard Wilkins, and thought to be dead. He returned to the town with a following of vampires to reclaim a magical amulet of great power and attempt to destroy Wilkins. He was killed when he was electrocuted by Buffy Summers.

Powers: Balthazar was very strong and had some level of telekinetic power which could pull objects to him.

Appearances: Bad Girls.

Show notes: Played by actor Christian Clemenson. Makeup artists called him the pudding man.


Barney See Empath Demons.

Show notes: Played by actor Maury Sterling. According to issue 8 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer magazine Maury was one of the people who auditioned for the part of Doyle.

Bezoar Demons

Bezoar Description: The Bezoar is a large sub-terrian creature with an eye and tenticles.

History: A Bezoar demon was uncovered living under Sunnydale High School in early 1998. It immediately took over a health teacher who had it's eggs distributed to the students for an experiment in parenting. These eggs then hatched and took over the students, except for the ones Xander Harris and Buffy Sunmers had, which were killed. Buffy Summers then confronted and killed the mother Bezoar, killing it's offspring in the process.

Powers: The mother Bezoar can create offspring that attach themselves to humans and control them.

Appearances: Bad Eggs.

Show notes: None

Bracken Demons

Lucas Description: Bracken demons are humanoids with green skin and red eyes. They have rows of spikes covering their faces and necks.

Powers: Bracken are stronger than an average human and have a good sense of direction. They can dislocate their necks, to the point of appearing to be snapped and return them to normal. Bracken can assume human form, but in it they are less powerful.

Names: Allen Francis Doyle, Lucas.

Brotherhood Of Seven - DECEASED

Marc Description: The Seven are humanoid shaped with mottled green skin, hairless, and with sharp teeth.

History: Sid, a demon hunter cursed to live his life as a ventriloquist's dummy, had already killed six out of the seven when the final demon began to steal organs at Sunnydale High School. The seventh demon turned out to be a student magician named Marc. Marc had already collected a healthy heart from the dancer Emily, but needed a healthy brain. When he tried to get the brain from Watcher and school librarian Rupert Giles, Buffy Summers, the slayer, cut off Marc's head, but to kill him, Sid needed to stab the demon in the heart, which he did.

Powers: The Brotherhood of Seven were a group of demons who took on human form. To maintain this guise, they must harvest a healthy human heart and brain every seven years. Failing to do this would cause a reversion back to their true form. Both in human and demon form they were incredibly strong. The only way to kill them is to cut off their heads and stab them in the heart, otherwise they will eventually rise. They also seemed able to cast a curse that placed a human mind inside a doll.

Appearances: Puppet Show.

Names: Marc

(Thanks to Karma and VHunter from the Watcher's Diary for helping me with this entry.)

Burrower Demons

Taramour Description: Burrower demons are small non-human snake-like creatures.

Powers: Burrower demons live inside human bodies, killing the host upon entering them and taking over the body. When they leave the body it enter a new one the old body quickly falls apart.

Appearances: Lonely hearts.

Names: Talamour

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