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  • March 14th, 2005

  • Yup, you thought this day might never come, but low and behold I present to you the final part of Chapter 4. Go read and dont forget to comment.

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Sunnydale was a nice little town, wasn't it? Sure, you had your freaks, demons, and the occasional fairy tale critter, but really, it was a recent arrival on the world scene. The monsters there were all new to the deal: vampires, werewolves, creatures of myth and legend come to suckle on the Hellmouthy teat. But what about the other side of the States?

The East Coast is a different creature. It's older, more established, more conservative. How do the ghosts and ghoulies live there? They can't just rove in bands of bloodthirsty miscreants; they'd never survive long. They must have developed a society, a confederation of beasts. They must have a way to get along with the masses, either through deception or coercion.

Then Kennedy the Vampire Slayer, Thrice Born and Once Damned, shows up. Well, I think it's safe to say that the old school will have some issues with the brash young Slayer, don't you?

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Site: Version 2

If you're not completely oblivious, you've noticed the new site. Each month, the theme of the site changes to reflect the theme of the chapter. Some them will be obvious, as you can see by my buddy Ted there, but some of them will be less so. One of our wet dream plans is to allow you to change the theme by yourself, with new themes opening every chapter. Until then, enjoy.

Notice: New Format

I was about to nod off to sleep when I realized that I had the first chapter of The Damned published almost three months ago, and the second chapter isnt' even finished. I love the comic book look, I love comic books in general. But unless I want to be doing this comic until I'm thirty, I've had to cut and cut and cut on the page count of the chapters. The great strength of the Buffyverse, that is the depth of interaction, is getting literally cut short. Action scenes, which I love, are getting pared down to the bare bones. One one hand, this is a good lesson in tight plotting, but on the other hand, it's a little depressing.

This is my long, drawn out way of saying that The Damned can no longer be a comic book. I'm really worried how you'll all react to that. So let me tell you my other plan.

The Damned will continue, but with a new way of having words and pictures interact. The pictures will be fewer and further between, and the words will wrap around, flow into, and bolster the pictures. Howerver, the majority of the info, the meat, will be in the prose. It's my real stregth, and I still very much want to tell the stories I have floating around in my head. Let me know what you think. - Jon

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