The Stories

1) We've Gotta Talk
Summary: Dawn has a little discussion with Kennedy.

2) Mirror Mirror
Summary: What if every dark fantasy you ever had could get up and walk around, alone? Willow must face her shadow self, while Kennedy learns that dark selves aren't relegated only to sorcerers.

3) The Thrill is Gone
Summary: A bizzare collection of events force Kennedy and Willow to come to terms with their relationship and Kennedy and Willow deal with the fallout of Willow's doppelganger.

4) The Penultimate Pranks of Peddyworth T. Puckett
Summary: Kennedy accidentally unleashes a group of faeries from their prison. Being faeries, they do the only logical thing: begin rhyming and demand a bride.
Faeries! Rhyming Faeries! It's more fun than a barrel full of rabid monkies!

5) My Lazarus Stance
Summary: Somewhere in the dark of the Louisiana Bayous, someone wants something with a very special corpse. Kennedy and Willow head to investigate.
WARNING: This tale is one to chill the flesh. If you lack a strong constitution, go no further.