Characters: Kennedy

FBI Department of Extranormal Affairs
From: Agent Arnold Downs, Deputy Director
To: Major Julian Winters, Delta Green
Re: Found Data

Our tech boys just got back from the lab with the hard drives recovered from the wreckage of the warehouse fire in Brooklyn . The perpetrator, hereafter referred to as "Omega", made a masterful attempt to utterly destroy his records. However, with the aid of our mystical division and Dr. Michael Mordred, we've recovered some interesting snippets of information, not the least of which is this picture of one of the Sunnydale Slayers.

Data Follows:

"The Slayer known as Kennedy (real name unknown), is well known to followers of occult dealings. One of the original Slayers imbued by Willow Rosenberg's spell just prior to the collapse of Sunnydale, her time since then has been extremely busy. Most recently, and importantly, she followed Rosenberg into Southern Louisiana . A powerful sorceress had resurrected Tara Maclay( Willow 's former lover), in an effort to reportedly gain control over the class nine witch. During the ensuing battle, Kennedy was killed by a gunman. Reports vary, but rumor has it she made a deal with the devil to come back to life, her soul after death in exchange for resurrection.

Kennedy didn't stay around, even after she learned that Maclay opted to move out West and run her family's ranch, leaving Willow behind. Possibly she didn't like being second string. Kennedy then proceeded to do what a great many lost souls do: she moved to the big city;  i n this instance, New York . There she continues to kill vampires, a job she is even more suited towards than many of the other Slayers."

Sir, there's a significant break in the document here. The rest is in high-level encrypted machine code. We hope that it provides some leads, but the rumormill has it that the entire Sunnydale group is off-limits. I hope this provided some insights, regardless.


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