Angel to Cordy: you think Angelus is smarter than me?
from Awakening (Season 4)
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CORDELIA: They're all going to die—the flowers, plants, trees—without sun. I'm just realizing... I just came to say that I'm on your side. Angelus is the jumbo family-sized bad of bad ideas. He'd be a danger to all of us. You made the right call. Wesley, the others...they don't get it.

ANGEL: But you do.

CORDELIA: Well, if I didn't when Angelus was loose and killing in Sunnydale, then reliving his past horrors in virtual wide-screen sense surround during my tenure in floatyville pretty much makes me an expert.

ANGEL: Right. Do you— Do you think Connor's right, that I'm being used by the Beast without even knowing?

CORDELIA: (quickly) No.

ANGEL: Are you just saying that?

CORDELIA: Yes. I don't know, Angel. It's possible.

ANGEL: Well, if I am, then I'm already a danger to you, all of you.

CORDELIA: Well, not like Angelus would be. I mean, he's—he's smart.

ANGEL: Excuse me?

CORDELIA: Well, you know what I mean...

ANGEL: You're saying Angelus is smarter than me.

CORDELIA: No, I're smart. He's just—

ANGEL: Ingenious.

CORDELIA: But in that twisted, sadistic, ruthless kind of way.

ANGEL: Like the Beast.

CORDELIA: Yes. Exactly. They think alike, always a step or two ahead of us. I mean, what is it about evil that jacks up the I.Q. points? It's like whenever...(notices Angel's resolute face) What? (Angel stands, walks back into the building) Angel.


ANGEL: We're going to need a cage.

LORNE: Cage?

ANGEL: Strong one. About 10 x 12, steel reinforced, 2-inch bars, maybe 3. I'll make some calls.

(goes into his office and shuts the door)

GUNN: What—do you think something like that's gonna hold the Beast?

WESLEY: It's not for the Beast. It's for him.

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