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How's she gonna feel if taking her out of here causes more people to die?


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I'm adding AtS episodes and collages as fast as I can, but no ETA, it depends how my schedule is... Stay tuned! And yes, the site will remain up despite the ending of both BtVS & AtS as long as I can afford the hosting... after all, there's still lots to do!
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Thursday 9/30/2004: ATS COMPLETE!

It's been a little over 2 years since I decided I wanted to feature Angel the Series on this site as well as Buffy, but at long last, with the addition of the last few season 3 episodes, I've got all 110 of 'em here. Of course there's still lots to do, including many of the Buffy episodes I added early on which have gaps that need to be fixed, a lot of combing for mistakes, and a lot of image addition, but it feels pretty good to have reached this milestone. You can view the last piece of the puzzle, 3.22 Tomorrow here.

Wednesday 9/29/2004: BENEDICTION

3.21 Benediction.

Tuesday 9/28/2004: A NEW WORLD

3.20 A New World.

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