WARNING!!! Please do NOT read if you are religious or offended by blasphemy.

Now... as part of her birthday pressie I wrote AmyB a very short sacrilegious ficlet... which kind of stems from an amusing little incident on YM... when a certain person *cough*Amy*cough* used a very inventive little cuss which took on an ENTIRELY different meaning when my daughter asked if the 'S' in sweet was a capital or lower case.... well... hysteria ensued as it often does. Sooo... this is the prequel shall we say.. to that little scenario.

RATING.. R18 +
Season... NONE
Characters... Sweet (the demon) and... well you work it out!

Sweet F#*king Jesus Tap Dancing on a Soda Cracker
The story begins…..


“Does this mean I have to… be your queen?” he asked fearfully, his gaze fixed on the strangely attractive red demon.

“Well,” Sweet allowed his eye to roam slowly over the man before him; with a bit of a clean up, some new clothes—who knows, he just might scrub up ok. “Rules are rules.” He shrugged. “Who am I to go breaking them?” He reached a hand out and slowly fingered a lock of long dark hair. Moving gracefully he made his way in a leisurely circle around his new ‘queen’, eyes devouring every inch before stopping once more in front of him. “The first thing,” he purred, “is to get rid of that.” With a casual wave of his hand the dirty, plain robe disappeared to be replaced by a new exquisitely embroidered robe of the softest white linen.

“I really didn’t mean any harm,” the man offered quietly as he toyed anxiously with the pendant around his neck, “I just thought there’d be lots of singing and dancing. I only wanted to make sure we’d… get a happy ending.” He looked sadly over at the twelve smouldering bodies lying scattered around the room, and at the remnants of a simple feast resting on the large wooden table, wine goblets were knocked askew, their contents dripping like spilled blood to pool on the floor.

“Come,” Sweet commanded, holding out his hand and waiting patiently as the man took a last lingering look around the room before taking the offered hand.

“Father did say that when my time on this earth was done, I would enter a kingdom. Somehow I had always thought he meant his kingdom, maybe this is what he meant after all.” He smiled gently at the charismatic demon, his heart at peace for the first time in memory. “Alright, let’s go home.”

With a dramatic flourish, a colourful swirl of light and music the pair disappeared only moments before the cock heralded the dawning of a new day.