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Last updated 6th August 2006

New Spuffy fic If You Don't Love me...   added.

5th August 2006

New S3 Spuffy ficlet - Postcards From the Ledge added.

2nd August 2006

Chapter 2 of Akaela-Lee's Happily Ever After added.

1st August 2006

Akaela-Lee posted the first chapter of a new Willow-centric fic Happily Ever After

18th July 2006

I recently picked up a few awards for my stories Time Around Me Whispers and A Future Set in Sand as well as Runner-up Best Author over at Love's Last Glimpse Awards and the pretty award plaques were given out today. A HUGE thank you to Eurydice, the Judges and the artists at Love's Last Glimpse!

14th July 2006

New ficlet Boys And Their Toys set in the 'Axis of Love' world but can be read as a stand alone.

11th July 2006

S7 Spuffy ficlet Words Unspoken added

Giles ficlet Deja Vu added.

1st July 2006

Ficlet added We All Have Destinations - A short Buffy pov (Spike/Buffy)
Rated PG (Angsty)

26th June 2006

Added Part 2 of  New Beginnings   Spuffy - Post 'The Girl in Question' - a long drabble which follows on from another long drabble I wrote some time ago.

24th June 2006

A short Faith pov added. Thus Conscience Doth make Cowards of Us All  set in an alternative S7.

19th June 2006

New Days of Blood and Wine installment The Circle of Life

12th June 2006

New Fics by Seasons page added.

6th June 2006

Two Days of Blood and Wine  installments added  Portents and Prophecies  and  Battle of Wills

5th June 2006

New Drabble added Colder than Death 

25th May 2006

New Joss 100 Giles/Ethan ficlet added  Staying in

17th May 2006

Torn in Two  A short Giles-centric Fill in the Blanks set in 'Afterlife'. Rating PG

14th May 2006

Beta'd versions of  Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of  A Future Set in Sand  added.

4th May 2006

A Grain of Sand  Chapter 10  added.

2nd May 2006

Two Spike and Tara friendship ficlets added. The downside of love and Another shattered soul in the lost and found.

29th April 2006

Chapter 3 of  A Future Set in Sand  added  (unbeta'd at present.) Now complete.

28th April 2006

New Spuffy ficlet  Lover's Leap  added (unbeta'd at present)

27th April 2006

Chapter 2  of    A Future set in Sand added (unbeta'd at present)

13th April 2006

New Spuffy fic  A Future Set in Sand  Set during Prophecy Girl and written for the twisted_Spuffy community on Live Journal

26th March 2006

The site has moved to its new home and I am in the process of completely overhauling all the fiction pages; changing from Front Page to Dream Weaver and changing the design so they are easier to read and the text size is ajustable. This is a long process; some are done, some are not and I ask that you bear with me while the site goes through a rather fugly stage during the transition. If you notice any non-working links or encounter any problems of any sort PLEASE do not hesitate to drop me a quick line alwaysjbj@axisoflove.org to let me know.

Thanking you for your patience


26th February 2006

Chapter 9  of  A Grain of Sand  added.

Chapter 8  of  A Grain of Sand  added

24th February 2006

2 new Joss 100  Days of Blood and Winer series Gethan ficlets added. Till the stars don’t shine…  and  My Dreams went up in Ashes

13th February 2006

Chapter 10  of  Duty Bound added.

6th February 2006

A new Giles-centric ficlet  The Hard Calls  added.

1st February 2006

2 new Spuffy drabbles Too late and Under his Spell added

28th January 2006

Added Some Fools Think of Happiness  a new instalment in my Wesley/Faith series The Evil That men Do Lives After Them

24th January 2006

A new Joss 100 "Days of Blood and Wine series" ficlet  Somewhere South of Heaven  added.

23rd January 2006

Chapter 9  of  Duty Bound  added.

10th January 2006

The Illusion of Choice (new Joss 100 ficlet) added

The first 7 chapters of Axis of Love have been reworked... the rest should be finished shortly.

30th December 2005

Chapter 6 of  To Live Again added.

16th December 2005

Time Around Me Whispers won runner-up Best short fic at the VKAwards.

15th December 2005

Epilogue  of   In Dreams, What May...  added

A new  Hearts Breaking Even  instalment  Surrender my Heart.

13th December 2005

Chapter 6  of  In Dreams, What May... added.

3rd December 2005

Days of Blood and Wine won Runner-up best slash at the Shades of Grey Awards

Some of my stories are nominated in the Reader's Choice at the Bedtime Story Awards. If you would like to vote for myself or any of the other authors just follow the link. Voting begins on the10th December.

30th November 2005

Ficlet added: A response to the Good__Evil  LJ community Dracula challenge.  Imaginative improvisation.

New Joss 100 ficlets added...see prompts table

27th November 2005

5 Spike-centric ficlets added  all written for the Fall_for_Spike community on Live Journal. All G to PG rated.

A Dance with Death  ; Questions ; Fade to Black ; Love at First Sight ; Consequences

11th November 2005

Chapter 5 of  In Dreams, What May...  added

8th November 2005

Chapter 4 of  In Dreams, What May... added.

Added Playing with Fire W/F a follow up to Facing your Ghosts.

4th November 2005

Facing your Ghosts a Wesley/Faith ficlet added.

19th October 2005

I joined the joss 100 community challenge to write 100 ficlets/drabbles in response to certain prompts. My prompts table can be found HERE with completed prompts linking to their associated fic. My characters for this are Giles and Ethan.  And YES I do know I am insane! lol.

5th October 2005

Chapter 8 of  Duty Bound  added

4th October 2005

Chapters 6  and 7 of A Grain of Sand added.

16th September 2005

New ficlet  Time Around Me Whispers  my Spuffyverse twist of 'Bargaining'. Rated R18+

26th August 2005

Axis of Love was nominated in the Readers pick at the VK Awards

17th August 2005

New 'Hearts Breaking Even' verse  Ganya Fic.  On the Edge of a Broken Heart

New 'Hearts Breaking Even' verse  Ganya drabble. The way to a woman's heart...

14th August 2005

New Spuffy ficlet added 76 Bloody Trombones B/S  My Spuffy Smutathon fic. Bitey-goodness. Rated R18+

A couple of new  Spuffy Drabbles added. 'Sleep my love.' and 'No rest for the wicked.'

8th August 2005

New ficlet added. Buffy and Angel friendship. Rated G ( VERY Spuffy undertones ) Post Chosen.  Wasted and Wounded

2nd August 2005

Chapters 4 and 5 of A Grain of Sand added

30th July 2005

New fic added A Grain of Sand  Chapters 1-3

29th July 2005

Duty Bound Chapter 7 added.  And Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers chapter 5 is now beta'd.

26th July 2005

SFJTDoaSC  R 18+  Contains EXTREME levels of blasphemy... please do NOT read if this will offend!

Sweet the Demon... and his new 'queen'

20th July 2005

Against a Sea of Troubles a Liam Ficlet added.

18th July 2005

Chapter 5 of Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers added. Now complete.

14th July 2005

Shadows Fall, This Quintessence of Dust and Axis of Love have been nominated at the VKAwards

12th July 2005

A couple of new Drabbles added.

9th July 2005

Added a short ficlet  Ashes to Ashes a brief look at a Giles and Spike moment S4

29th June 2005

Chameleon a very short Willow/Angel ficlet added

24th June 2005

Chapter 5 of  To Live Again  added

20th June 2005

Added a new Ficlet  Hearts Breaking Even a Giles/Anya ficlet written for Selene2's Birthday.

15th June 2005

Chapter 6 of Duty Bound added. And Days of Blood and Wine and short Giles-centric companion piece to Duty Bound... contains spoilers up to chapter 6 of Duty.

5th June 2005

Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers is Nominated at Voting is now open.

Chapter 5 of  Duty Bound added.

30th May 2005

This Quintessence of Dust won best Buffy PoV at the Lost in Spike Awards. And the website won Runner up Fan fic site.  Thank you to the organisers and a huge congrats to all the other winners.

29th May 2005

New fic added The Right Side of Wrong. S/F/B

28th May 2005

Chapter 4 of  Duty Bound added.

16th May 2005

Added chapter 6 of Revolution of Tranquility

Spiral of Chaos and Between the Motion and the Act were nominated at the Shadows and Dust Awards

A Fortune Told  nominated at the Futureverse Awards

13th May 2005

Added Shadows Fall My Spuffyverse twist of the BTVS Season 5 episode Shadow

12th May 2005

Captive Pleasures was nominated at the VKAwards fop Best Naughty and Best Short.

8th May 2005

New Drabbles added to the Drabbles Page

29th April 2005

Moved to our new home at The House of Bloodshed

Art-works page added

19th April 2005

New short fic added New Beginnings, and a  Drabbles page added

17th April 2005

Chapter 3 of Duty Bound added

11th April 2005

Bunnylove_pet made me a beautiful banner for my Wesley fic Between the Motion and the Act

2nd April 2005

New chapter of Duty Bound added

To Sin--Divine nominated for best PWP at the Tales of the Slayer Awards

29th March 2005

New chap of Revolution of Tranquility by Q added

24th March 2005

New chapter of  In Dreams, What May... added

22nd March 2005

Between the Motion and The Act my Wesley fic won 2 awards for the 12monthsofbtvs on Live Journal.

20th March 2005

New Fic added Duty Bound Rated R18+

15th March 2005

New Fic added To Sin--Divine. Rated R18+ Complete

New Fic added When Death Comes Calling. My Watcher's Diaries Fic. Original Characters

Axis of Love website won runner up new site at the Lost in Spike Awards.

To Live Again won best Spike with other at the Lost in Spike Awards

Captive Pleasures won runner up PornWithoutPlot at the Lost in Spike Awards.

Thank you to those who nominated me

24th February 2005

Chapter 2 of    In Dreams, What May added

21st February

My Wesley fic added. Between the Motion and the Act

My Chapter of The Bloodsheverse Round Robin is up. To read from the beginning go here. To read only my chapter go here.

19th February 2005

The amazing and wonderful Diabola made me the most wonderful review forms for the site!

I THINK I have added them to all chaps of all fics... if you find any missing please let me know... either email or just tag the board.

18th February 2005

New Fic added.   In Dreams, What May...

17th February 2005

Captive Pleasures, A Fortune Told, and This Quintessence of Dust have been nominated at the Vampire Kiss Awards in the following categories; Best Romance, Best Naughty, Best Angst, Best Short, and Sexiest Bite.

12th February 2005

Chap 4 of Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers added

Chaps 3 and 4 of Revolution of Tranquility added


9th February 2005

*This Quintessence of Dust nominated at the Tales of the Slayer awards

*Spiral of Chaos nominated at the Tales of the slayer awardsAnd the Vampire's kiss awards

*"Axis of Love WEBSITE" was nominated at the Lost in Spike awards for best new site!

*To Live Again Chap 4 added.

* Captive Pleasures was nominated at the Lost in Spike awards

*To Live Again is nominated at the 'Lost in Spike Awards'

*PWP 'Captive Pleasures' added

*This Quintessence of Dust won runner up short fic at the BloodAwards

*Cornpone has been nominated at the Spuffy awards and at VKAwards!!  AND Love is Blood awards& Lost in Spike Awards & The Love-bite awards

*Chap 9 and Epilogue of 'A Fortune Told' added.. unbeta'd as yet.

Recent updates

*Revolution Of Tranquility    Chapter 2

*Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers Chapter 3

*Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers added

*  Revolution of Tranquility added