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Archives :-



Orlando Bloom Fiction :-



 # NB the majority these fics are rated NC-17 or R(18+)

 "/ " denotes romantic pairing "and" denotes friendship


* Cousinjean's Future Imperfect Spike/Buffy complete and A Perfect World Spike/Buffy complete

* Lizerrrbeathan's Kissed Awake Spike/Buffy complete

* Kallysten's To See the Sun Again Spike/Buffy (complete) and the sequel Days in the Sun  Spike/Buffy (ongoing series)

* Kcarolj65 's Confidence Spike/Buffy complete.

* Slaymesoftly's Hearts Breaking Even  also her Prologue to life , Are We Friends? and Just a Little Spell all complete all Spike/Buffy.

* AmyB's Whispers in a Dead Man's Ear Spike/Buffy complete and All the Sinners Saints Spike/Faith which is an ongoing series and NOT a work in progress

* TalesofSpike's  Spike's Will be Done series. Spike/Buffy 5 books complete  Broken Things  Spike/Buffy wip

* Mefiant's  Unexpected Arrival Spike/Buffy, Spike/Other wip  The Call Spike/Buffy Spike and Dawn  wip.

* Jen's Into the Light Spike/Buffy complete. (Tissue warning)

* Temptation's The New Me Spike/Buffy wip

* SpikesKat's Lost in Time Spike/Buffy complete and Alone with You Spike/Buffy complete

* Enigmatic Blues' Avocation Spike/Buffy complete and Confluents Spike/Buffy complete.

* Ashlee's  Reflection of a Dream Spike/Buffy complete.

* Phendog's Cancelled (hilarious!!)  Spike and Angel complete

* Rayne y Daze's Holiday out Ethan/Giles complete  To tell the Truth  Ethan (Gen fic.) complete 

* Pfeifferpack's The Ice Queen Cecily (Halfrek) complete


If I have recommended your fic and you would rather I removed it please contact me and I will happily do so.