New Beginnings

Dedicated to my fellow ‘House Bitch’ (lol) Redwulf

“What do you mean you're dumping me?” Buffy’s voice was calm and quiet, none of the hysteria he was hoping for. Oh well, time to give the knife a little twist, that should get the result he craved.

“Dumping you? No my dear, you misunderstand. In order for me to be dumping you, there needs to have been an ‘us’ to begin with. The only reason I had anything at all to do with you was to torment your vampire boyfriends.” His dark sinister laugh echoed in the late night air and he awaited eagerly the tears that would follow the crushing of this fragile soul before him.

“Boyfriends?” She asked quietly.

He laughed at her ignorance; this was going to be more fun than he had thought. “Angelus and William the Bloody. They have been in my town for the last few days, and it broke their poor hearts and tore at their tortured souls to see me with you. You see we have a little, shall we say... history.”

Spike? Spike was alive… and he had been here? With Angel!?

Buffy watched the buffoon in front of her; he honestly thought his callous words would hurt her? This guy really did think he was something special, didn’t he? She thought back to the reasons she had started dating him in the first place and, when all was said and done, it came down to one thing and one alone—the appearance of acceptance; of moving on. It was important to Giles, and the scoobies that she get on with her life, stop grieving for the vampire. That was how they thought of him, despite what he had done.  The vampire. So she had gone through the motions for them to please them, to make the worried looks and furtive glances cease.

His eyes narrowed when the slight girl drew herself up to her full height, her jaw setting before a slow smile curled the corners of her mouth. The fist had connected with his nose, a sickening crunch and a wave of excruciating pain hitting him before he was able to comprehend what had happened. He watched through pain-wrought tears as the girl turned and sauntered off down the road, leaving him standing with blood gushing from his nose—forgotten.

Buffy’s hand shot out, flagging down the taxi as it made its way up the all but deserted late night street. “The airport, please.” She leaned back in the seat, a happy, dreamy smile played across her face. Spike!