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“I really don’t see that it will make any difference.”

“That’s because you are clearly an idiot. Bloody good job I’m the one doing this.” Spike raised a derisive eyebrow and as he twisted the wire into place he carefully studied his fellow Englishman. “I’m amazed you even know how to turn the thing on.”

“Oh, just get on with it, will you? A little less of your sarcasm and a little more action and we may actually manage to salvage some part of the day,” Giles huffed. The watcher’s jaw clenched and he whipped his glasses off for a thorough polishing in lieu of taking his severely frayed temper out on his unwanted and increasingly annoying house guest. ‘The problem with technology was that it was so damned unreliable,’ he mused for the hundredth time that day.

After a string of loud curses and a considerable amount of banging Spike let out a triumphant whoop and threw himself eagerly into the watcher’s easychair, one leg draped casually across the arm as he settled back with a defiant smirk. Giles glared momentarily at the interloper before seating himself on the couch with a resigned sigh just in time for the announcer declare the day’s play from Lords officially rained out.

“Well that was rather disappointing wasn’t it?” Giles mumbled at the now-pouting vampire before pouring them each a much needed glass of scotch. “Well at least you got the infernal thing working,” he offered brightly. “There’s always tomorrow. Although judging by that score it might be better all round if the entire game is a wash-out. At least then we won’t be forced to endure the indignity of being beaten by those damned colonials once again.”

The two men nodded, their eyes meeting in a silent moment of shared camaraderie.

AN: The Ashes is a cricket series played between England and Australia (EXTREMELY serious stuff!)