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AN:My first PWP... Written as a follow up to a challenge response called 'Touch for your lust' by Crackers4Jenn posted on the Bloodshedverse. Jenn has since gone on to complete the fic herself. This fic starts where hers originally ended at the end of her first chapter.

Her tongue slid along the long, cool length of him, tracing the veins lazily with light pressure and quick little flicks. Her teeth gently followed suit, nibbling and scraping, eliciting tortured moans of need from the captive vampire, her mouth closed around the soft head, sucking gently, tongue swirling, before lowering to take in more of his straining erection. His quiet whimpers encouraging her explorations.
Buffy felt a surge of pride that she was able to reduce the cocky vampire to a moaning, whimpering mess, her feeling of accomplishment boosting her confidence as she sucked harder on him, sliding her mouth gently up and down, as she reached the head she laved it gently with her tongue, exploring the soft tip, dipping into the slit, tickling lightly before taking him once again deep into her mouth. His urgent moans increased in frequency, as her mouth continued its ministrations, his hips rising involuntarily to meet her. Moving her hand from its place at the base of his cock she reached down, sliding it across his jean clad thigh, lightly massaging the taut muscle, thrilling in the feel of him under her eager fingers.
The hand that had been resting on the side of the tub, supporting her as she leaned forward from between his splayed thighs, moved instead to worm beneath the hem of his black T shirt greedily stroking the sculpted abdominals, tracing the hills and valleys with a growing urgency. He had an amazingly beautiful body, she thought to herself as she gently increased the suction with her mouth, sliding back up his length to gently scrape her teeth over his sensitive head, nibbling lightly before softly breathing across the damp, heated surface. The shock of cool air as across the sensitised flesh, that the heat of her mouth had warmed far beyond it’s usual room temperature, caused him to gasp in shock, his balls clenching as he fought for control, he did not want this to end so soon, but the slayers fervent tongue, and innocent enthusiasm were rapidly bringing him to a climax.
He bit down hard on his lip to try to regain some measure of control, but at the same moment Buffy’s teeth once more scraped across his head, her tongue flicking out to tease its way into the slit, wriggling slightly—delving deeper; a strangled moan escaped him and, as she once more enveloped him in the warm sanctuary of her mouth, he softly cried out a warning to the girl that he would not last much longer.
Stubbornly, Buffy refused to heed the vampire’s warning and as his hips jerked sharply, forcing himself deeper into her mouth, his agonised cry, strangely muffled, reached her ears.
His orgasm ripped through him, wave upon wave of pleasure engulfing him as the slayer readily drank down his seed, her tongue working rapidly to capture every drop.
Buffy released him, and lifting her head took in the sight of the vampire’s beautiful face contorted in an agony of pleasure, his mouth closed around his own arm in an effort to stifle the noise created by his desperate cries of release. Her own lust-filled eyes met his, briefly, before ducking away from the intensity of feeling displayed in those exquisite cerulean depths. Gently tucking him back into his jeans and carefully zipping him up, Buffy leaned forward, to place a fleeting kiss on his soft lips. “I should go Spike, before…before someone comes to see what is taking so long. I...”
“Don’t go love, Buffy, what about you? And I thought you were supposed to be pumping me for information.” His eyes twinkled at the thought of what she had just been pumping; he was desperate to make her stay, not wanting this encounter to end so soon.
He remembered when the spell that the bloody witch had cast had ended. He’d been happily kissing the slayer, surrounded by her warmth, her scent, the soft yet firm feel of her strong body, it had been incredible. Then just like that it was gone, she was gone, and as much as his body had ached from the loss of contact, as much as he had longed to reach out and gather her close to him again, whispering poetry and promising her the world, his pride had made him recoil from her just as she had recoiled from him.
Now he had felt her touching him, tasting him, the pleasure she had given him was incredible, and he ached to pleasure her in return, hold her warm little body to him as she cried out her release. He would show her the way her body should be loved, ‘cause he was damned sure his useless ponce of a Grandsire would not have done justice to her, and as for that idiot college boy she had been foolish enough to spend the night with, well the git obviously didn’t know what a treasure he’d had in his bed. Spike would show her, he would make her body quiver with pleasure, again and again until she could take no more; then he would hold her close while she slept in his arms, where, deep inside, he knew she belonged. He was brought back from his musing by the sound of the slayer’s quiet, uncertain voice.
“I can’t Spike, I have to go. They’ll be wondering, I… I’ll tell them you wouldn’t tell me anything.” With that she quickly climbed out of the tub, flicking on the TV she had so cruelly turned off earlier. Checking in the mirror and quickly straightening herself up, she turned and, without looking back at the sulking vampire, she fled out the door, closing it behind her.
“Hey Buff, any luck with the bleached menace?”
“Wha… oh… no, he wouldn’t tell me anything, or couldn’t… I’m not sure. I’ll try again later. I gave him back the TV though, so that should keep him quiet at least.”
“Are you certain you tried to get information from him, Buffy, or was it just another continuation of the juvenile display of arguing and name calling you two have been participating in since he got here?” Giles pinched the bridge of his nose firmly between his thumb and forefinger, having the vampire living in his house was beyond trying, and although he had attempted to remain patient and control his temper, the childish behaviour of the two super beings was, at times, more than he could bear.
“Yes Giles I tried, but he was sulking about the TV, so I put it back on and I’ll try again later. Ok?”
“Yes I suppose that will have to do, won’t it. I’m sorry Buffy, I am just...” letting out a deep sigh and adjusting his glasses, Giles attempted to find the words to explain to his young charge that he was tired, that he had been vampire sitting for a week now, that he wanted his bathroom, no, his home back, and that the constant squabbling that the two engaged in was rapidly destroying what little patience he had left.
“Look, why don’t you guys go. You too Giles, go out, do something. I’ll stay here and guard Spike, give you a break. I know I haven’t been making life exactly easy for you, Giles, so you go do whatever it is old people like you do for fun and I’ll make sure that Mr Not-So-Dangerous-Any-More stays put.” Holding up her hands in a gesture of non-violence, “I won’t dust him, no matter how annoying he is, cross my heart.” She smiled brightly at her watcher.
“Well, I must say, if you are certain you don’t mind. An evening away from the, ah, tedium of watching Spike would be much appreciated.” Giles found himself having to stamp down his enthusiasm, refusing to bubble like an adolescent in front of the, well, adolescents. “There was a gig in LA I had been hoping… but, well no that would involve me having to be away for the night and I wouldn’t feel right..”
“Its ok Giles, I can stay here, I’ll just sleep in the spare room. You go, I can so handle this. And you’ve been all kinda grouchy lately, so a night of fun, just what the doctor ordered. Just don’t get up to anything while you are away…or if you do…please, and I cannot stress this enough, please spare me the details!”
“Honestly, I can assure you…” Giles started, indignantly, when he noticed the laughter in his slayer’s eyes. “Yes, well now that you have had you fun at my expense, thankyou Buffy, I will gladly take you up on your offer. You know where the sheets are?” At her nod he said good bye to the other youngsters and made his way upstairs to his room to pack a small overnight bag.
“If you want we can stay with, you know, keep you company?” Willow gave Buffy a patented lost puppy look.
“Thanks, Will, but I’m fine. I’ll probably just have an early night anyway, it’s not like he can exactly cause any trouble, I mean he is chained up. You go, didn’t you say something about a Wicca group meeting tonight?”
Willow’s face lit up, “oh yeah, I had forgotten about that.” She thought about the shy, quiet girl, Tara, she was rapidly becoming friends with.
“Well, Buff, I would offer to stay, for manly protection, but I promised Anya I’d take her to the movies tonight, and well, she can get kinda scary sometimes so…”
“No, no, you go have fun. Tell Anya I said ‘Hi’.”
When the last of them finally left Buffy breathed a huge sigh of relief, ‘I can’t believe I am even thinking about this’ she chided herself, ‘evil undead here… hot, sexy, oh so yummy, evil undead.’ She cast an eye around the room, ‘now where were those keys? Ah there they are.’
Heading up to the second floor, Buffy stopped at the linen closet and took out a set of, what looked like, Giles’ older sheets. Heading into the spare room she quickly made the bed up, not allowing her mind to linger on anything beyond the task at hand. When that was done she made her way to the bathroom. Taking a deep breath outside the door she attempted to control her nerves, ‘am I really going to do this? My God, yes, ok, yes, really doing this!’
She opened the door to reveal Spike’s hopeful face looking up at her from the tub.
“‘sjust you an’ me now pet, so, what you gonna do love, come in here to dust me, or…”
Buffy knelt by the tub, leaning forward to look into the vampire’s eyes as she spoke.
“Spike, if I unchain you, do I have your word you won’t try anything?”
“Oh no love, you have my word I will try something.” He leered at her, mischief and lust sparkling in his eyes, “but if you mean do I promise not to run away, yeah, you have my word, pet.”
Buffy studied him for a moment, before reaching over and unlocking the chains.
Spike climbed to his feet reaching into a long, arching stretch, muscles that had knotted, from sitting chained up in that bloody tub, loosened and unbunched.
Buffy watched, mesmerised by the exquisite body on display in front of her, ‘does he know how gorgeous he looks when he does that,’ she wondered to herself.
Unable to resist any longer, she reached out and ran her hand lightly up his side, under his shirt from his waist to the bulge of muscle just below his armpit, his skin was like silk and her fingers itched to feel more, her other hand joined the first, sliding under the hem of his T shirt and up across perfectly sculpted abdominals, gliding across his chest, her fingers gently twisted the nipple she encountered, causing it to pucker in need.
Spike turned to face her; he watched her face, her eyes clouded with lust as she ran those ravenous little hands over his body. When she unconsciously licked her lips hungrily he struck, capturing her mouth and plunging his tongue deep before she could protest, his hands moved up to rest at her back, pulling her close to his aching body. At her moan of pleasure he deepened the kiss, his tongue redoubling its efforts, tasting, capturing, exploring, tangling with hers and then moving on, tracing the roof of her mouth, tickling gently before running sensually along the back of her teeth, then returning to dance slowly with hers.
As they separated, each gasping for breath, his unnecessary for survival but driven by lust, he closed his arms tighter around the slayer’s body and holding her fast to him stepped up and out of the tub, lifting her as he completed the manoeuvre.
“Want you Buffy, need you.” He breathed against her hair, planting soft kisses and nuzzling close. His eyes closed, as he once again found himself in the heaven that was Buffy. He loved the feel of her, the scent of her; all this had been his, given to him briefly and then cruelly ripped away, leaving him bereft, with a deep aching need for the girl who should be his enemy, the girl he should ache to kill, not long to love, to protect, to cherish.
If ever he had wanted to hurt someone, to cause pain immeasurable, it was the witch; what she had done to him was, in his mind, unforgivable. To give him a brief glimpse of the happiness he had sought through all of his existence, and then to heartlessly take it away without so much as a thought for the pain and emptiness that would be left behind. And they had the cheek to call him evil!
Buffy pulled his body closer, moulding hers to him, longing to touch every inch of his beautiful body. His heartfelt plea breathed softly against her hair had wrenched at her heart, at the same time causing a flood of desire to drench her panties and a longing ache deep inside her womb.
“Bedroom, now!” She pulled him towards the stairs; somehow they managed to make it up the stairs and into the spare room whilst still maintaining as much contact as possible.
Once in the bedroom they continued kissing and stroking, moving towards the bed until the back of Buffy’s knees hit, buckling, and they fell to the bed.  Spike twisted as they fell, turning them so that her body landed on top of his.
He moaned hungrily as she moved to grind her wet centre against him, his cock hardening further as her heat rubbed teasingly through the layers of fabric separating them, aching to be released from the tight confines of his jeans.
“Christ love, you’re killing me! Please Buffy, please love, need to feel you, taste you.” His hands reached for her halter top, aching to remove at least one of the barriers between him and her soft warm skin. Lifting herself slightly off him, she allowed him to pull the top off over her head, before her own hands reached for his t shirt. Instead of removing the tee from the prone vampire she grasped the hem and ripped it off, tearing the flimsy fabric straight through the centre, exposing his delicious torso to her eyes and eager hands. Her hands wandered happily over his chest, stroking and tweaking at his nipples, before she lowered her mouth to first lick and suck gently at one hardened nub, before nipping lightly, causing him to gasp in pleasure. She smiled at the response and moved on to lavish the same attention on the other.
His hands moved to the clasp of her bra, opening it and freeing her breasts, he longed to taste her eager pink nipples and grasping her waist firmly he lifted her up his body, causing his own nipple to leave her hungry mouth with a pop, until her chest was level with his mouth. Reaching out with his tongue he slowly circled one pebbled nipple, before squeezing it gently between his teeth, at her moan of longing he moved to latch on and suckle hungrily, her moans coming quicker as he brought his tongue into play, licking and flicking at her nipple as he suckled, occasionally nipping gently. His mouth moved to the other breast treating it to the same lavish attention.
Meanwhile his hands wandered down her back one sliding between their bodies to reach for the fly of his jeans, as the other roamed across the perfect swell of her bum, down the back of her thigh and back up under the hem of her skirt to brush gently against the sopping scrap of lace. As his fingers brushed lightly against her, a fresh flood of moisture poured out, drenching her panties further and filling the air, and his nostrils, with the unmistakable, heady scent of her arousal.
His cock jumped, desperately reaching for the slayer whose warm body nestled so close, he grasped his fly, ripping it down and freeing his aching member. Her moans turned to mewls of need as her hips arched, reaching for him, aching to feel him deep inside of her. Flipping them over and settling him between her legs, she grasped his jeans and yanked them down, exposing the strong lean muscles of his thighs. Spike gently extricated himself from the slayers grasp, hurriedly removing his boots and socks, followed quickly by his jeans and the shredded remains of his shirt, until he stood before her, naked and glorious, like a fine work of art.
Kneeling back on the bed between the slayers open thighs, he gently lifted her, moving her further onto the bed and settling her head gently on a pillow. “Wanna love you all night love, no need to rush pet.”
Shaking her head emphatically at him, Buffy spoke softly, her voice thick with lust, “slow later Spike, need you, now!” She reached again for the vampire, grasping his hips and pulling him to her.
The obvious lust in her voice and her eyes sparked a fresh wave of need to course through his body, fingers threading through the thin straps of her panties, he pulled them down, exposing her body to him as her short skirt had ridden up to be little more than a belt around her waist.
He stilled, wanting nothing more than to take in the sight of this beautiful girl before him, but her strong insistent hands pulled him to her. Grasping his cock in his hand he placed it against her warm entrance, gently teasing up and down along her slit a couple of times, coating himself with her juices, before plunging deeply into her in one strong thrust.
Buffy cried out as Spike filled her, he felt so good, so hard and strong, but more than that, so right! He moved slowly, gently allowing her body time to accustom to his invasion; his mouth sought hers in a blistering kiss and his hands gently stroked her body, wandering over her seeking out her most sensitive places and teasing her to raging heights of pleasure. His thrusts deepened, coming harder and faster, a slight twist of his hips with each stroke causing her to gasp and clutch at him as her pleasure built. In mere moments he brought her to her climax, her body arching and reaching for him, her nails clawing into the perfect skin of his back leaving trails of blood in their wake. His name falling quietly from her lips, her voice catching as she weakly whimpered the name of her mortal enemy.
As her body exploded beneath him Spike called upon a hundred and twenty years of control, desperate to hold off his own climax until he could bring this beautiful girl to hers a few more times.
He slowed his movements, his hips keeping a slow, steady rhythm as he allowed her to catch her breath and himself to regain control.
He traced gentle kisses along her collarbone, moving up to brush gently the warm inviting skin of her neck, he smiled to himself when she did not flinch away from his kisses, allowing him access to her neck with no fear or hesitation. His tongue lapped gently at the warm golden skin, he could feel her powerful blood pounding below the surface, calling to him, he planted tender kisses to her pulse point, thrilling when her body trembled in pleasure at his touch and her hips moved hungrily once more to meet his.
Suckling lightly on the fine skin over her pulse he tasted her blood as the slightest flush of it pulled through the skin and into his hungry mouth, her moan of pleasure at his gentle hickey fuelling him to suck a little harder.
“Do it Spike.” She breathed so softly he swore he dreamed her words.
Pulling back he looked into her clear hazel eyes as they regarded him tenderly.
“It’s alright Spike, I trust you, do it, take what you need.”
“No love, I can’t, you don’t understand, don’t know what it means if I do that, bite you while we make love.” His hips continued their slow steady rhythm, gently building the fire back up in his lover’s body.
“Tell me, tell me what it means,” her hand reached to gently cup his face, the other stroked his back, wandering over the smoothly rippling muscles.
Spike regarded her, she was serious, he could see that, she actually wanted to know, to understand what it would mean to him. So he told her, explained the commitment it signified, the depth of feeling.
“Do you want that Spike, would you…with me, I mean…,” her words fell away uncertainly.
“Buffy, course I would pet. Love you —never stopped loving you when that bloody spell wore off, hurt like hell that you didn’t want me any more.” He waited for her to laugh at him, to take the feelings he had exposed to her, laid out on a platter for her to accept, or ridicule.
“Didn’t want you…” her voice was incredulous, “I thought you didn’t want me. That only a spell could have made you…you mean you still…”
“Yes love, I never stopped.  Missed you so much Buffy, ‘ve wanted nothing more than to hold you, love you like this.” He rolled his hips gently in emphasis, causing her to moan softly with the increase in pleasure.
“Do it Spike, please, I... I want this, I want this to never end.” She looked into his eyes, hers filling with unshed tears as her heart overflowed with love for this beautiful vampire.
“An’ your friends, and the watcher?”
“They’ll just have to learn to deal. I’ve been all about the calling, and worrying about what they want or expect from me. It’s time I worried about what I want,” she looked deep into his eyes and saw nothing but love shining from their depths, “and I want you, Spike, I want what I know we can have together.” She leaned forward to kiss him, slow and sensual; their tongues dancing an intimate tango, a silent promise of love everlasting from two beings who were made to destroy each other.
As their kiss broke apart Spike lowered his head to her warm inviting neck, shifting, he allowed his fangs to gently pierce the delicate skin; the warm intoxicating rush of slayer’s blood that flooded his mouth, along with the all encompassing torrent of love that poured over him, brought tears of happiness to his eyes. As they overflowed to run unabashedly down his face he licked tenderly at the wound on Buffy’s neck, before breathing reverently against her ear, “Mine.”
Buffy clung to him, when his fangs had pierced her there had been no pain; instead she felt a rush of love and tenderness from the vampire; for her—all for her! “Yours”, she confirmed, seeking his eyes so he could see the unreserved love in hers. The slayer had found a mate, someone strong enough to share the violent and dangerous life a slayer must lead; someone passionate and tender enough to love her without restraint, for as long as this world would give them.

The next morning found the slayer and vampire entwined in each other, limbs tangling where they had finally collapsed, their passion spent for now. The gentle rumbling purr emanating from the vampire spoke volumes of the peace, tranquillity and completion the two had found in each other.
The end