By Akaela-Lee
 Thanks to Always_JBJ for beta'ing this for me.

He had her cornered, trapped between a dumpster and the wall. She stood there, her eyes filled with fear and shining with arrogance and righteousness. Her chest rose and fell with each gasping breath, her body quivering in exhaustion and trepidation. He smiled, a predatory smile pulling across his features, a hunger, a need filling his lithe body. He would enjoy this.
“Slayer.” He breathed, enjoying the scent of her fear, her blood, he breathed it in as if tasting it, savouring it. He moved towards her, one hand pinning her back against the wall, she let out a slight gasp, unable to fight him off. He smiled again, every part of him aching for what pumped through her veins. The blood that rushed through her, speeding up, filling with adrenalin and the intoxicating taste of fear.
He leant forward as she struggled, pushing against him, kicking, snapping with her teeth, survival instinct driving her, and her own strength, her courage pushing her as it always had to keep fighting to the last. She cried out as he pinned both arms above her, head butting him. He loved that even defeated she would still fight him, with her last gasping breath she would reach for hope, for life.
He sucked in his cheeks, pulling her hair, golden and shimmering, away from her neck.
She gasped as his fangs touched her neck, he scratched her skin enough to make her bleed, albeit slowly. He would savour this one. Each beat of her heart drove more of the warm, intoxicating blood into his mouth, he pushed her harder against the wall, digging his fangs in to hold onto her neck as she struggled.
Her blood was fierce and strong, it tasted of the sunlight he no longer knew; he could taste in it her fears, hopes, love and hatred, everything about her now belonged to him and it would forever.
He stepped back, looking into her green eyes, dim as her life faded though fierce with the struggle to hold on.
“I know you, Slayer, I know everything about you, you will never be rid of me.”
As he drank from her the last of her life, letting her body fall to the ground he looked down at her.
“I love you, Slayer, you will never be rid of me.”
Beneath his sheets he muttered; this dream, like so many before and after it, would be lost, forgotten in the morning. They would mark and stain him and stay with him forever. The dark haired girl beside him knew this, she laughed to herself, she alone knew how the dreams, the subconscious feelings would always haunt him. Her laughter, soft, scornful and tinged with madness continued as his dream ended and he fell into a deeper sleep.

The end