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“So, why sunlight?” Dawn asked.

“Well, we’re creatures of the night, aren’t we?” Spike responded succinctly, this latest round of questions had begun the minute he’d sat down to watch the telly.

“Yeah. But that’s only because you can’t go out in the sunlight. So, why sunlight? Why not moonlight, or fluorescent light or, I don’t know... candlelight?” She hopped down from her seat on the sarcophagus and plonked herself on the coffee table between the vampire and the television.

“Look, I don’t know, Nibblet. ‘s just the way it is. Why don’t you ask the watcher? I’m sure he’s got some nice damning little explanation.” He closed his eyes, leaning back in the chair as he tried to calm himself, determined not to lose his temper with the girl, after all she was pretty much the only company he got nowadays.

Dawn glanced behind her before turning back to the vampire. “Why Passions?” she asked, studying his face intently.

Spike lifted his head, blue eyes fixed intently on her serious little face. “What?”

“Why Passions? I mean, there are lots of much better shows on, so why that one?”

“Because I bleeding well like it, you annoying little bint. So why don’t you shut up, get out of my bloody way an' let me watch it in peace.” His jaw clenched, his fists bunching at his side as he glared angrily at the teenager.

Dawn smiled; she knew that if she kept pushing long enough she could make him lose his temper. He looked so hot when he was angry and her eyes devoured him as he strode furiously across the room to grab a beer out of the fridge. One day he would stop seeing a little girl and really notice her, until then she’d just have to settle for whatever she could get.

the end