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Cordelia: Lemme break this down for you, Fred. (Being Buffy) Oh, Angel. I know that I am a Slayer, and you are a Vampire, and it is impossible for us to be together, but --
Wesley: (Being Angel) But my gypsy curse, and our hot little loins, sometimes prevent us from seeing the truth. Oh Buffy --
Cordelia: Yes, Angel?
Wesley: I love you so much I almost forgot to brood.
Cordelia: And just because I sent you to hell that one time doesn't mean we can't be friends.
Wesley: Or possibly more?
Cordelia: Gasp! No! We mustn't! You'll lose your soul!
Wesley: To hell with my soul! Again! Kiss me!
Cordelia: Bite me!
Angel: How 'bout you both bite me?
received 59.7% of 72 votes [Finalist! received 51% of 212 votes]

Spike: Hello, big guy! Need another car. Afraid this last one ended up in the drink...
Angel: Spike...
Spike: Look at you.
Angel: Just turn around and walk away.
Spike: You're a--
Angel: Spike!
Spike: You're a bloody puppet! You're a wee, little puppet man!
Smile Time
received 41% of 100 votes [Finalist! received 16.9% of 212 votes]

Man: This is a private club. Featured word: Private.
Angel: You don't talk to me, I'll kick your ass. Featured word: Ass.
received 30% of 70 votes [Finalist! received 3.3% of 212 votes]

Faith: Angel's got a kid?
Wesley: Connor.
Faith: A teenage kid… born last year.
Wesley: I told you. He grew up in a hell dimension.
Faith: Right. And what? Cordelia spend her last summer as…?
Wesley: A divine being.
Faith: Uh-huh. Can I just ask… what the hell are you people doing?
Wesley: Leading complicated lives, obviously.
received 33.3% of 81 votes

Cordelia: Okay, you get to leave now. You're not gonna come in here and accuse Angel like this.
Wesley: Cordelia.
Cordelia: No! I don't care how many files you have on all the horrible things that he did back in the powdered wig days. He's good now. And he is my friend. And nothing you or anyone else can say will make me turn on a friend!
Angel: Cordelia. He's right.
Cordelia: You stake him and I'll cut his head off.
received 25.7% of 70 votes [Finalist! received 5.2% of 212 votes]

Angel: I'm not perfect, Faith. Even with a soul I've done things I've wished a thousand times I could take back.
Angelus: Yeah, like those Manilow concerts, you son of a bitch!
received 25.3% of 99 votes

Darla: But we...
Angel: Yes...
Darla: ...and you...
Angel: I know...
Darla: Then I...
Angel: Three times...
Darla: You're not evil?
received 22.9% of 70 votes [Finalist! received 5.7% of 212 votes]

Sahjhan: I have a lot of work to do. I can't be in every time/space at once, and here I find you drinking with my sworn enemy.
Angel: Sworn enemy? Really? Have we met? Because I don't remember swearing.
Sleep Tight
received 21.8% of 55 votes [Finalist! received 0.5% of 212 votes]

Wesley: I'm not quite finished. I think it's only fair that everybody have a turn. The cross obviously doesn't affect me or our friend, the pugilist.
Gunn: Oh, your ass better pray I don't look that word up.
Spin The Bottle
received 21.1% of 57 votes [Finalist! received 5.2% of 212 votes]

Angel: What you did to me was unbelievable, Connor. But then I got stuck in a hell dimension by my girlfriend one time for a hundred years, so three months under the ocean actually gave me perspective.
Deep Down
received 20.8% of 53 votes [Finalist! received 1.4% of 212 votes]

Cordelia: Wow. How did I - ? I am a spy. I get it now. You're all spies. Probably all Russian. And you've brainwashed me, and want me to believe we're friends so I'll spill the beans about some nano-techno-thingy that you want.
Gunn: So... I look Russian to you?
Cordelia: Black Russian.
Angel: That's a drink.
Cordelia: Says the head spy.
Slouching Toward Bethlehem
received 20.8% of 53 votes [Finalist! received 4.2% of 212 votes]

Wesley: Angel --
Angel: Invite me in.
Wesley: What?
Angel: I've never been here before, Wesley! You have to invite me in!
Wesley: That's true, you haven't...Well. Perhaps if you'd shown more interest --
Angel: Wesley!
Wesley: Yes! No! Absolutely! I invite you in! In I invite you!
received 20% of 70 votes [Finalist! received 6.6% of 212 votes]

Fred: You know what they say about payback? Well, I'm the bitch.
received 19.3% of 57 votes

Lindsey: I guess it's fair to say you've never seen anything like real poverty. I'm talking dirt poor. No shoes, no toilet. Six of us kids in one room. And come flu season it was down to four. I was seven when they took the house. They just came right in and took it. And my daddy's bein' nice, you know? Joking with the bastards while he signs the deed. See we had a choice -- you got stepped on or you got to steppin'. And I swore to myself I wasn't goin' to be the guy standing there with a stupid grin on my face while my life got dribbled out…
Angel: Ooof. I nodded off. Did you get to the part where you're evil?
Blind Date
received 19.2% of 52 votes

Darla: All you have do, is let me give you one little moment of happiness.
Angel: You took me places, showed me things. You blew the top off my head. But you never made me happy.
Darla: But that...that cheerleader did?
Dear Boy
received 19.2% of 52 votes

Furies: Only Angel is equipped to make good on this debt.
Cordelia: Angel pfttt. I don't know. For a guy, who's a couple of centuries old; not very big with the wise investing. And when you say 'equipped' that isn't what you mean, is it?
Furies: Mmm, Angel.
Cordelia: Got it. And 'eww!'
That Old Gang of Mine
received 19% of 84 votes

Groo: You and I have fought side by side on more than one occasion – Fellow warriors, shoulder to shoulder. By now, my counsel must assuredly hold weight, so I beseech you to heed my words...
Angel: Mmo-kay...
Groo: "Pomegranate Mist" is the wrong color for this room.
The Price
received 18.2% of 55 votes

Connor: I think...maybe I tried to kill your friend.
Angel: Yeah, well... she's used to it.
received 18.2% of 55 votes

Lilah (being Fred): Oh, forget about that evil witch. Let's talk about me. I'm good and pure and science turns me on, and-and one day if I pray hard enough and eat all my vegetables, I just might just have hips.
Apocalypse, Nowish
received 17.5% of 57 votes

Fred: I'm still working on a plan, but so far it involves being sent to prison and becoming somebody's bitch.
Ground State
received 16.9% of 53 votes

Willow: I flayed a guy alive and tried to destroy the world.
Wesley: Oh. So…
Willow: Darkness. Been there.
Wesley: Yes. Well, I never… flayed. I had a woman chained in a closet.
Willow: Oh, well, hey!
Wesley: Nah, it doesn't compare.
Willow: No, dark! That's dark. You've been to a place...
received 16.2% of 99 votes

Wesley: Thought you could use a little release. Feel natural?
Faith: Just like riding a biker.
received 16.0% of 81 votes

Angel: What I meant was ... I'm gonna miss her. She was just this nice, quiet kind of crazy. I found it soothing.
Cordelia: And what, I'm not soothing? I can be soothing. I could soothe your ass off, pal.
received 15.9% of 82 votes

Gunn: I wanna know how he does it. No last name, no bank account. How are you ordering stuff off the web?
Fred: It's not that hard, really. All you have to do is hack into the shipping database, find someone who is ordering what you want, then substitute your information. Except that would just be high-tech robbery.
Angel: I memorized Cordelia's credit card numbers.
Fred: Oh. Low-tech robbery.
received 15.9% of 82 votes

Gunn: Five herb shops in Chinatown and we've been to four. How come whatever we're searching for is always in the last place we look?
Wesley: I supposed it is one of the unwritten laws of being a 'dick.' Ah, a sleuth, a gumshoe, Sherlock.
Gunn: All I know is you use the word 'dick' again and we're gonna have a problem.
That Vision Thing
received 15.5% of 84 votes

Angel: Maybe my persona is a little affected--
Swami: A little affected? Come on. How many warriors slated for the coming apocalypse you think are gonna be using that hair gel? Don't get me wrong, you're out there battling ultimate evil, you're gonna want something with hold.
Guise Will Be Guise
received 15.4% of 52 votes

Willow: Yes, hi. You must be Angel's handsome yet androgynous son.
Connor: It's Connor.
Willow: And the sneer's genetic. Who knew?
received 15.2% of 99 votes

Lilah: Don't be thinking about me when I'm gone.
Wesley: I wasn't thinking about you when you were here.
received 15.1% of 53 votes

Lilah: You're a remarkable man, Angel.
Angel: And you're an evil bitch.
That Vision Thing
received 14.3% of 84 votes

Cordelia: Oh please. They've got the forbidden love of all time. They've been apart for months, now he's suddenly human? I'm sure they're down there just havin' tea and crackers.
I Will Remember You
received 14% of 100 votes

Gwen: Gunn, I already apologized for killing you. What more do you want? A wake?
Long Day's Journey
received 13.6% of 81 votes

Cordelia: Actually, I'm feeling superior because I have an arrow pointed at your jugular. And the irony of using a phallic shaped weapon? Not lost on me.
received 13.4% of 82 votes

Angel: Seeing real ballet, live, it''s like another world. Gunn, these guys are tight, and you're gonna be tripping out.
Gunn: Don't be using my own phrases when we've lost the trust.
Waiting in the Wings
received 13.4% of 82 votes

Lilah: Mind if I join you?
Wesley: On many levels and with great intensity.
received 13.2% of 53 votes

Fred: Why do girls want to look like that? I spent years in a cave, starving. What's their excuse?
Cordelia: Fashion.
Carpe Noctem
received 13.1% of 84 votes

Angelus: Name's Angelus.
Wesley: I don't wish to resort to drastic measures. But unless you listen to reason, I warn you...
Angelus: You're warning me? What happened, Wes? You suddenly grow a pair?
received 12.8% of 70 votes

Angel: It wasn't too long ago that you were the one making the case for her rehabilitation.
Wesley: It wasn't too long ago I had full feeling in my right arm.
received 11.5% of 52 votes

Angel: I was having a nightmare.
Bethany: Looked like a pretty happy dream. Maybe the covers were just rumpled.
received 11.5% of 52 votes

Cordelia: Au contraire. His day is packed. Brood about Darla. Brood about Darla. Lunch! Followed by a little Darla brooding.
The Shroud of Rahmon
received 11.4% of 70 votes

Angel: But I did get time to think. About us, about the world. Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh, and cruel, but that's why there's us. Champions. It doesn't matter where we come from, or what we've done, or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world were as it should be. To show it what it can be. You're not a part of that yet. I hope you will be.
Deep Down
received 11.3% of 53 votes

Lorne: Wesley, would you please warn this walking infection that I haven't forgotten how she poked my head open like a Capri-Sun, and while my love for humanity allows me to tolerate her presence, if need be I will smack her down! Be a doll, Thanks.
received 11.1% of 81 votes

Gunn: What are you doing?
Wesley: Trying to imagine myself as John Wayne in Rio Bravo. You?
Gunn: Austin Stoker, Assault on Precinct Thirteen.
Cordelia: If we live through this, trade in your DVD Players and get a life.
received 11% of 82 votes

Angel: I had this dream that, uh...that Cordy was here. She was trying to tell me something--something really important.
Cordelia: Yes! And, and...?
Angel: ...It's weird.
Cordelia: *How* are you a champion? In what *way* are you a champion?
received 11% of 82 votes

Groo: He is very fortunate to have such a woman looking after his weapon.
Lorne: I'm not touchin' that one.
Double or Nothing
received 10.9% of 55 votes

Host: See there? She had a vision. That explains it. Well, see, there's this prophecy...
Angel: A prophecy. Great. Because those always go well...
Through the Looking Glass
received 10.7% of 84 votes

Cordelia: It all makes perfect sense now. I was a cheerleader, a princess and a warrior. And I have visions and super powers and I'm the target of an evil law firm because I've spent the last three months living on a higher plane, fighting for the forces of good, who wage a battle against demons and evilies and squishy bug babies, 'cause all that stuff's real and that's the world I live in. And I think I know why I don't remember any of this 'cause, hey - who'd want to!
Slouching Toward Bethlehem
received 10.5% of 57 votes

Angel: How are you feeling?
Faith: Like I did mushrooms and got eaten by a bear.
received 10.1% of 99 votes

Angel: Really, ah, fun party, last night.
Cordy: I'm so glad you came. You know how parties are, you're always worried that no one's going to... suck the energy out of the room like a giant, black hole of boring despair. But, there you were in the clinch.
received 10% of 100 votes

Lindsey: It's a secret society.
Gunn: Never heard of them.
Lindsey: That's because they're secret.
Power Play
received 10% of 100 votes

Cordelia: And this would be the same woman you didn't notice was in your bedroom every night for like three weeks straight?
Angel: That was different.
Cordelia: Different in the sitting-right-on-top-of-you sense, yeah.
Wesley: Cordelia has a point.
Cordelia: Finally!
Wesley: The last time Darla emerged she wanted to be found. Now she is out there among six million other people.
Cordelia: She could be sitting on top of anybody.
received 10% of 70 votes

Cordelia: What just happened? Can someone explain to me what just happened here?
Wesley: I believe we were fired.
Gunn: Canned.
Wesley: Let go.
Gunn: Axed.
Wesley: Shown the door.
Gunn: Booted.
Cordelia: All right! I get it. But what just happened?
Gunn: You got a thesaurus in there?
received 10% of 70 votes

Doyle: It's not all about fighting and gadgets and such. It's about reaching out to people. Showing them that there's love and hope still left in this world.
Homeless Woman: Got any spare change?
Doyle: Get a job you lazy sow.
City Of
received 9.7% of 72 votes

Angel: Oz.
Oz: Angel.
Angel: Nice surprise.
Oz: Thanks.
Angel: Staying long?
Oz: Few days.
Doyle: They always like this?
Oz: No, we're usually laconic.
In The Dark
received 9.7% of 72 votes

Host: I had to come back here to find out I didn't have to come back here, I don't belong here, I hate it here. You know where I belong? L.A. You know why? Nobody belongs there, it's the perfect place for guys like us.
Angel: That's kinda beautiful.
Host: Ain't it?
There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
received 9.5% of 84 votes

Gunn: Couple of weeks ago he was wearing diapers. Now he's a teenager?
Cordelia: Tell me we don't live in a soap opera.
A New World
received 9.1% of 55 votes

Willow: Hey, Fred. It's good to see you. [to Wesley] Oh, and it's the Marlboro Man… or at least his extra stubbly, mentally unstable, insomniac first cousin… oh, for the love of Hecate somebody stop me.
received 9% of 99 votes

Angel: I'm supposed to be evil, but they attack me without cause. They gang up on me because I'm different. They're as bad as my father.
Connor: Fathers. Don't they suck?
Spin The Bottle
received 8.8% of 57 votes

Cordelia: What is this stuff anyway? It's kinda pretty.
Wesley: It's the bodily excretion of an Ethros Demon.
Cordelia: No one could have said 'demon poo' before I touched it?
I've Got You Under My Skin
received 8.6% of 70 votes

Angel: Giles said she left Sunnydale about a week ago. Described her mental state as borderline psychotic.
Cordelia: That explains her outfit.
Five by Five
received 8.6% of 70 votes

Cordelia: Okay. Two words I don't like right off the bat: tomb and unearthed. People, you've got to leave your tombs earthed!
The Shroud of Rahmon
received 8.6% of 70 votes

Angel: Did you hear that? There's a sword. A sword to kill the Beast. And you wanted to turn me into Angelus by having an evil shaman cut off my head. Not that that wasn't a swell plan, too.
received 8.6% of 81 votes

Wesley: You should have called one of us.
Cordelia: Oh, please. Like I'm gonna bother you guys in the middle of the night just because I want sex and can't have it.
Wesley: Actually, I meant the vision.
received 8.5% of 82 votes

Angelus: Why the stalling? You whipped up a rain of fire, blotted out the sun, earthquakes...all to maneuver the Brady Bunch into releasing Angel's inner me. Don't you wanna kick the tires?
Beast Master: So beautifully vain, but the whirlwind doesn't always revolve around you. Destruction sometimes is its own reward.
Angelus: Hey, man, you're preaching to the guy who ate the choir.
received 8.1% of 99 votes

Wesley: Orb of Ramgarin!
Gunn: "Orb of Ramgarin, please," makes it happen.
Wesley: Please. And do be careful. Ancient conjuring orbs are notoriously fragile.
Gunn: [Tosses Orb at Wes]
Wesley: ANGEL!
Angel: Guys, don't listen to it, alright? Whatever it's whispering to you, just ignore it.
Cordelia: They were like this all the way over here in the car.
Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been
received 7.8% of 52 votes

Lilah: He's gonna kill us.
Cordelia: I know. Why do you think I let him out, you stupid bitch?
received 7.4% of 81 votes

Angel: Attacked? I thought you had double protection sanctorium spells?
Lorne: I do. It's a thing with the door and the stairs and the world and the thing. Never mind!
Gunn: Apparently you can be outside and shove stuff in.
Lorne: I just said that.
received 7.3% of 82 votes

Fred: What? No! This is worse! Much worse! I wish he had broken up with me!
Cordelia: Fred, I hate to say this, but... are you sure he didn't? I mean, those things you said he said to you...
Fred: I know I said he said those things to me, but he would never say those things to me!
Cordelia: Those things he said?
Fred: Exactly! That's how I know he's in trouble!
Double or Nothing
received 7.3% of 55 votes

Fred: Connor is new to this world, alone, probably scared.
Gunn: Yeah, he looked scared, kicking my ass.
A New World
received 7.3% of 55 votes

Cordelia: Do you even know where you're headed?
Wesley: Rogue Demon Hunters rarely do. Wherever evil lurks, wherever the forces of darkness threaten humanity, that's where I'll be.
Cordelia: Oh, okay. Well, keep in touch.
Parting Gifts
received 7.1% of 70 votes

Host: Remember when I said I loved this dimension and I'm never, never, never gonna leave? Exactly which "never" did you not understand?
Over the Rainbow
received 7.1% of 84 votes

Angelus: Aw, crap! You mean killing the Beast really does bring back the sun? I thought that was just Angel's retarded fantasy.
received 7.1% of 99 votes

Angel: Wes, it's not gonna happen.
Wesley: Why?
Angel: Because I'm not that guy. That guy is charming and funny and...emotionally useful. I'm the guy in the dark corner with the blood habit and the 200 years of psychic baggage.
Wesley: Get over it!
Smile Time
received 7% of 100 votes

Gunn: I'm the guy that's gonna be kicking a whole mess of ass if somebody don't tell me what's going on.
Cordelia: What do they call you for short?
Spin The Bottle
received 7% of 57 votes

Lilah: Go downstairs and check it out. Gavin, ask yourself this question: what are you more afraid of? A giant murderous demon… or me?
Gavin: I'll be right back.
Habeas Corpses
received 7% of 57 votes

Doyle: A good fight, yeah? You never know until you've been tested. I get that now.
received 6% of 100 votes

Wesley: And I'd love a cup of coffee.
Angel: Very funny.
Cordelia: Two sugars in mine.
Angel: Man, atonement's a bitch.
received 6% of 84 votes

Cordelia: You know, there's nothing like riding in a convertible with the top down to make you see the sun and sand. Mmmm. Smell that salt air.
Wesley: That's not salt.
Cordelia: I don't think it's air, either.
War Zone
received 5.8% of 52 votes

Cordelia: Maybe we can help.
Gunn: You two? I find Deevak, I'm gonna need more than C-3PO and Stick Figure Barbie backin' me up, no offense.
Wesley: Very little taken.
First Impressions
received 5.8% of 52 votes

Demon: This is Jay-don. He talks too much.
Angel: I'm a people person. I like the shirt. Where'd you get that, at Ed's Big and Spiny?
Spiny Demon: He's funny. You're funny. You'll be even funnier when I crush your head.
Angel: Funny 'ha, ha' or funny peculiar?
The Shroud of Rahmon
received 5.7% of 70 votes

Drusilla: It's not Daddy. It's never Daddy. It's the Angel-beast.
Darla: Come to punish us?
Drusilla: Yeah, yeah. Spank us till Tuesday. We promise to be bad if you do.
received 5.7% of 70 votes

Gunn: Yeah. And don't try to tell us there is no way to go but up, because the truth is there is always more down.
Virginia: Oh! And that was very well said by the way. But I found a case for you. A client. A rich one.
Wesley: Really?
Cordelia: And this isn't the first thing you say when you come in the room?
Virginia: Well, I got distracted by your waves of desperation.
Happy Anniversary
received 5.7% of 70 votes

Angel: Where's home?
Tina: Missoula, Montana. You've been to Missoula?
Angel: During the Depression. Uh, my depression. I was depressed there.
City Of
received 5.6% of 72 votes

Cordelia: So, um, are you still.... "GRRR"?
Angel: Yeah, there's not actually a cure for that.
City Of
received 5.6% of 72 votes

Fred: Looks like we've been following Angel's son's emissions the whole time!
Gunn: Now there's a sentence I don't ever need to hear again.
received 5.4% of 55 votes

Doyle: See, you need to chat people up a bit more casual like, you know? "Hi, what's your name? How's life treating you? What's that you say? Minions from hell getting you down?"
Lonely Hearts
received 4.2% of 72 votes

Doyle: Let's march down to the bank right now and deposit this beauty.
Angel: You guys go on. I think I'll stay here and not burst into flames.
Doyle: Oh, right, you're pretty much the night deposit guy.
I Fall to Pieces
received 4.2% of 72 votes

Fred: I've been forkin' with Gunn.
That Vision Thing
received 4% of 100 votes

Gunn: All I'm saying is, he tries dancing in here and pulling a Dark Shadows again, he's gonna get a dart up his evil ass.
Fred: Well, his ass moves pretty quick.
received 4% of 99 votes

Wesley: Sorry. I think my sense of humor's trapped in a jar somewhere.
Willow: It does seem like you've given in to the grumpy side of the Force.
received 4% of 99 votes

Cordelia: You need protection.
Gunn: And how exactly do you plan on protecting me -- with some weak-ass, lady smith battle axe?
Cordelia: Ask Joey and his cracked skull just how "weak-ass" it is.
First Impressions
received 3.8% of 52 votes

Angelus: I don't know. Maybe he doesn't remember the good times. Maybe he won't let himself. So like him. Here's one for you. What's the deal with Angel and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?
Wesley: The movie?
Angelus: The perfect-day fantasy he came up with. Caves, booby traps… the requisite phallic sword.
received 3.7% of 81 votes

Lilah: Don't go Watchtower on me, Saint Cordelia. I don't think I could stomach it.
Cordelia: Man, I'd love to punch your face in.
Lilah: Are you trying to turn me on?
received 3.7% of 81 votes

Angel: The Eye of Fire.
Wesley: Ancient alchemical symbol for fire.
Angel: And destruction.
Gunn: You had me at fire.
Apocalypse, Nowish
received 3.5% of 57 votes

Wesley: However, it appears that was not her only function. I've just found an entry in Rhinehardt's Compendium for that same little girl— or rather the entity presenting itself as one. Her name is Mesektet.
Fred: Hmm… I figured Tiffany or Brandi.
Long Day's Journey
received 3.5% of 57 votes

Wesley: Seems you're taking this personally.
Angel: Well, she tried to shoot my own personal back, so yeah.
Five by Five
received 3% of 100 votes

Angel: You haven't heard a word I've said. For, like, years back.
Lindsey: Well, you get a little speechy, all right? And I breeze out. I got the Cliff Notes. Honor and humanity - absolute good, I heard it. So here's the plot twist: I'm in.
Not Fade Away
received 3% of 100 votes

Cordelia: Oh crap! You're him...he...the guy. Apt pupil boy!
received 2.9% of 70 votes

Angel: This is strictly recon. I need to know exactly what we're dealing with before we make any moves.
Wesley: Right you are. Deliberate, cautious approach would be the most sensible plan. "Fools rush in."
Cordelia: No, he wants you to stay here.
The Prodigal
received 2.9% of 70 votes

Nathan: I'll consider both options. And the current status of Angel?
Lindsey: Angel? - He's up, he's down. - He's good, he's bad. He's a barrel of dead monkeys...
Dead End
received 2.4% of 84 votes

Angelus: Why are people always riding off and leaving me? Am I a bad bloke…?
received 2.4% of 84 votes

Cordelia: Hey, what are friends for?
Darla: If you ask me, they're for knocking you up and leaving you high and dry.
received 2.4% of 82 votes

Angel: I talked to people... Laura.
Cordy: Laura thought you hated her. I had to tell her you were challenged.
received 2% of 100 votes

Elliot: I thought I said discreet.
Gwen: What? Do you see a nipple?
Ground State
received 1.9% of 53 votes

Fred: Okay, so he survived an unspeakable hell dimension -- I mean, who hasn't? But you can't just leave him all alone on the streets of Los Angeles!
received 1.8% of 55 votes

Angel: You're trying to hide it. I can smell it on you.
Lilah: Chanel?
Angel: Fear.
Lilah: Well, you are very imposing in this light.
Apocalypse, Nowish
received 1.8% of 57 votes

Cordelia: Claws or hands?
Wesley: He wrote 'claw-like hands.'
Cordelia: Could be a mixed-breed. Smell?
Wesley: Sulfuric.
Cordelia: Add a Porsche and hair plugs, and I've dated this guy. A lot.
The Ring
received 1.4% of 70 votes

Cordelia: You were so . . . brave.
Doyle: You think you could say that again without so much shock in your voice? You're steppin' on my moment of manliness here.
Bachelor Party
received 1.3% of 72 votes

Lorne: Hey, listen, Angelcakes, if it's all the same with you, I think I might sit this one out upstairs. You know how dark magick unleashing unspeakable evil gives me the heebies.
received 1.3% of 81 votes

Beast: The boy joins the father in death.
Connor: No. In kicking your stony ass.
received 1.3% of 81 votes

Cordelia: Out on a case.
Fred: There's a young woman whose dead boyfriend is stalking her.
Angel: That's terrible. Did you...
Cordelia: I ran her credit. She's solvent.
received 1.2% of 82 votes

Beast Master: I have wonderful plans for you, my sweet boy.
Angelus: Um, yeah, but the thing is, as far as plans go, I make my own. So, you know, thanks for stopping by my head.
received 1% of 99 votes

Doyle: All I'm saying is, if you and I ever hope to take that cruise to the Bahamas together, we're going to need a lot more clients with means.
Cordelia: And an alternate reality in which you're Matthew McConaughey.
In The Dark
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Doyle: If you ever want to, you know, spend one night away from the place, maybe give me a call.
Cordelia: Well, stranger things have happened. No... wait... they really haven't.
Rm W/A View
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Cordelia: I'm really not a seer. I only had a vision once, and I'm pretty sure it was just something I ate!
Parting Gifts
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Wesley: Angel said it was as if she anticipated his actions before he carried them out.
Cordelia: A handy skill -- in a fight or on a date.
Blind Date
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Angel: It's gift. To feel that heart beat - to know, really and for once, that you're alive. You're human again, Darla. You know what that means?
Darla: Of course I do. It means pain and suffering and disease and death. Look, I released you from this world once, I gave you eternal life. Now it's time for you to return the favor.
Angel: Favor? Is that what you think? You think you did me a favor? You damned me.
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Fred: This is so wrong in so many ways. I mean, it isn't money or a stuffed bunny Angel's playing for. It's my boyfriend.
Angel: Fred, I understand you're nervous. Don't be. I've been around a long time. Played a lot of cards and won a lot of bets.
Fred: See, that's where we're different. I tend to get lost and lose things.
Double or Nothing
received 0% of 55 votes

Lilah: Hmm. That didn't suck. Well maybe just a little bit.
Wesley: Perhaps that is something we can expand on next time.
Lilah: What makes you think there will be a next time?
Wesley: Because you can't resist me.
Deep Down
received 0% of 53 votes

Angel: I never got the chance to thank you. Finding me, bringing me up. Must have been hard for you. No map, all that water.
Ground State
received 0% of 53 votes

Angel: No one's going to jail, Fred. I told you, a heist like this, I've done it a million times. Okay. Maybe twice, but I'm good at it. I swear!
Gunn: Uh, you're not counting the time we stole the crazy making death shroud that nearly killed us, right?
Ground State
received 0% of 53 votes

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