''Only Angel can stop the end of time.''

Angel Happy Anniversary - 2ADH13

Written by David Greenwalt & Joss Whedon - Directed by Bill Norton - First Aired on February 6, 2001

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Machine The Short: From the
WB11 home page: It was an episode we've been waiting for since the gang began frequenting the karaoke bar. Angel must team up with our crooning host as the two take on an ingenious, yet incredibly twisted physicist. Apparently the host demon was doing the usual, reading futures at the karaoke bar, when a nondescript guy took the mike. He sang a sad love song and the Host passed out. Not only did the guy not have a future past the next night, neither did anyone else. Feeling this is reason enough to risk a visit to a surly Angel, he passes on the good news. They set off on a search and, many karaoke bars later, find out the nondescript guy in question is a student at the nearby university. Seems the not-so-good mathematical genius thinks he can keep his girlfriend from breaking up with him by bringing time, as we know it, to a complete and total, screeching halt. Little does he know that he's the chosen one (according to some creepy demon-types). When he stops time in a bubble around him and his girlfriend, the unstable bubble will encompass the world, ending human life. Fortunately, our heroes arrive in time to prevent disaster. Time marches on. Meanwhile, Cordy, Gunn and Wesley have taken on wealthy clients who are being tormented by a demon. They solve the crime and business seems to be picking up.

The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see Continuity #1) we open on Angel looking out a window. Elsewhere Cordelia and Wesley prepare their new offices and fight off the blues. Wesley insists they need regular clients. Gunn walks in having passed out flyers around the neighborhood. They notice they have no working phone. Wesley attempts to fix it and knocks out the electricity. Back at the hotel Angel goes to sleep, only to be woken by a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He walks out to the lobby to find the host from Caritas (see Reference #1). Angel is cranky. The host tells Angel that tomorrow night the world is going to end. (Listen to the teaser here.)


Host Host

Creature Feature

Moloch Torto The first demon we see is a Torto demon singing the Everley Brother's hit Bye, Bye Love at Caritas. He is a horned and scaly demon with a small second head, referred to as a parasite, jutting out of his chest. Except for the parasite he greatly resembles the demon Moloch from I Robot, You Jane.

Lubber Lubber demons are humanoids with white wrinkly skin and black eyes. They also have pointed ears. They are part of a death cult and speak their own language.

A demon who we only see after he is dead is a Wainakay demon. He was summoned and controlled to kill someone. It has webbed feet.

The host is able to sing a musical note so loud that it can be painful and he says he can hold a note forever.

Cool Quotes

  1. Host demon: ''I'm the host. Have you met me? I never shut up.''
    He's funny and he's honest. Listen to the quote

  2. Angel: ''You want to know what my problem is? I'm screwed. That's my problem. I can't win. I'm trying to atone for a hundred years of unthinkable evil. News flash! I never can! Never going to be enough. Now I got Wolfram & Hart dogging me, it's too much! Two hundred highly intelligent law-school graduates working full time driving me crazy. Why the hell is everyone so surprised that it's working? But no, it's 'Angel, why you're so cranky?' 'Angel, you should lighten up. You should smile. You should wear a nice plaid.'''
    Host demon: ''Oh. Not this season, honey.''
    Angel: ''Redemption. Darla had a shot at redemption. They took it from her. Now I have to hunt her down and kill her. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna kill her, and then I'm gonna burn that law firm to the ground. My crew, they couldn't handle that. That's good. It means that they're still human. It means their better off fired.''
    Host: ''You kind of left them in the cold.''
    Angel: ''It's a lot colder in here.''
    I think I liked him better when he was broody boy. Listen to the quote here.


  1. Host demon: ''We're all brothers under the skin, mi amigo. Although the garden hue and the horns have kept me out of some key public performances. Just once I'd love to ring in a Lakers game with our national anthem. Is that so much to ask?''
    The Los Angeles Lakers a basketball team with the National Basketball Association. They have an official web site at

  2. Host demon: ''Or a duster, buster.''
    A dust buster is...

    Sea Breeze
  3. Host demon: ''...which is nothing compared to what Elian had done to my sea breeze!''
    A sea breeze is a mixed drink made up of 2 measures vodka, 3 measures Cranberry juice and 3 measures Grapefruit juice. Get 4 or 5 ice cubes and crush them by placing them in a plastic bag and hit them with a rolling pin. Pour the ice in a tall glass, add the above ingredients and stir. Add a straw and a slice of lime to decorate. Also mentioned by the host in Dear Boy.

    Albert Einstein
  4. Gene: ''In Newton's world space and time are separate entities, in Einstein's they're entwined.''
    Sir Isaac Newton is...
    Albert Einstein is...

  5. Val: ''Look, I like the theory of freezing time as much as the next Star Trek nerd...''
    Star Trek is of course the famous 1966 science fiction televisions series which spawned a great number of sequels and has tons of loyal fans.

  6. Val: ''Denise. Thank god you're here. Your boyfriend was just coming on to me with the old Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlation.''
    The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlation is an experiment proposed in 1935 involving the simultaneous measurement of two correlated photons at distant locations, with the conclusion that quantum mechanical description of some physical systems fails to satisfy realistic criteria of completeness; paradoxically, quantum theory dictates that the particles communicate over space-like separations. This paradox inspired the hidden-variables theories. (Thanks to Melissa Evans for this information.)

  7. Host demon: ''Hmm, it's not that bad. Nothing a couple bottles of Lysol can't cure.''
    Lysol is brand of disinfecting cleaners.

  8. Host demon: ''Interesting choice. Too bad about the cuisinart tomorrow. You know, if we stop the world from ending tomorrow the scar won't even be that noticeable.''
    Cuisinart is a manufacturer of food processing equipment. They have a web site at http://www.cuisinart.com/.

  9. Host demon: ''Goliath, you got a good picture of this grad student in your head?''
    Goliath was a character in the Bible from the 11th century B.C. He was a Philistine giant slain by David in the Philistine's war against Saul. He was slain by David's sling and pebbles. After Goliath was defeated the disheartened Philistines were easily turned away. Their story has come to represent the underdog overcoming a much more powerful foe. Also mentioned by Wesley in Expecting.

  10. Host demon: ''Yeah, it's him. It's our boy. Fabulous tone by the way, really nice vibrato, and you keep plugging away on that novel, F. Scott. Art is its own reward.''
    Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is..

    Stephen Hawking
  11. Student clerk: ''Oh, yeah. He's our own Stephen Hawking. Ah, what do you want with him?''
    Professor Stephen William Hawking, born in 1942, is a British theoretical physicist. In 1962 Hawking was diagnosed as having an incurable muscular disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Although the disease eventually confined him to a wheelchair and forced him to use a computer-generated voice synthesizer to communicate, he continued to teach and to lecture and began his research in cosmology. In 1971 Hawking provided mathematical support for the big-bang theory of the origin of the universe, he showed that if the general theory of relativity was correct the universe must have a singularity, or starting point, in space-time. He has an official web site at http://www.hawking.org.uk/.

  12. Gene: ''Listen, I am, really, really sorry. I had no idea I was putting the whole world in jeopardy or - or there were all these demons. Although the idea of aliens among us is consistent with Murdoch's multi-verse. I just, I just didn't want her to leave.''
    Murdoch's multi-verse is...


  1. Wesley: ''Previously on Angel.''
    The Trial - Angel swears Darla will never be alone again. Lindsey's goons and Drusilla break in and vamp her.
    Reunion - Darla and Drusilla attack the Wolfram & Hart lawyers at Holland's party. They beg Angel to help but he doesn't care and locks them in. Wesley says they are all that's standing between him an real darkness. Angel fires his crew.
    Redefinition - A beaten Angel smokes a cigarette, then burns Darla and Drusilla. Darla wonders who that was.

  2. Host demon: ''...Oh. The man is such a moron. You have no idea how I'm suffering since Ramone left.''
    Guise Will Be Guise - Ramone was the bartender at Caritas until he betrayed the host by telling an enemy of Angel where Angel would be.

    Angel goes to hell!
  3. Angel: ''Well, the guy is a disaster at love, and nearly destroyed the world. I can relate.''
    Becoming Part 2 - Angel nearly had the world sucked into hell, but Buffy, his former lover, sent Angel there instead.


  1. The representation of the mercury falling was very fake looking, it doesn't blob up like that and it should be falling much faster. Also the laser beams are incredibly slow in extending, as they should be moving at light speed!

  2. When Angel gets out of the car after hitting the Lubber demon, you can see his reflection in the car's paint, despite the fact that he is a vampire and should cast no reflection.

  3. I just can't accept how at the beginning Gene is singing at Caritas surrounded by demons, and later he is surprised that demons exist at all.


  • The host sang The Star Spangled Banner. You can listen to him sing it here.

    Everley Brothers
  • The Torto demon and his parasite sing the song Bye, Bye Love by the Everley Brothers on their album Wake Up Little Susie. You can listen to them sing it here. You can download a clip of the song here.

  • Gene sings the song All By Myself. You can listen to him sing it here. You can download a clip of the song here.

  • The guy on stage sings Greensleaves. You can listen to him sing it here.

  • The bartender sings For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. You can listen to him sing it here.

  • The song playing at the party at the new Angel Investigations office is Hey Baby by Mocean Worker. You can download a clip of the song here.

  • The host speaks the demon language of Lubber demons, but Angel doesn't.

  • The sickle-like weapon that the Lubber demons use are called a hunga munga. Atlanta Cutlery, a company which sells hunga mungas, says they are an African weapon which has even been used as money. Also used by the demons in Anne. (Thanks to Nick Nayko for this information.)

  • New names for Angel: Big Fella (by the host demon), Mister Get-To-The-Pointy-Pants (by the host demon), Angel Face (by the host demon) and Leonard Taubman (by himself).

  • New name for Wesley: Negative Energy Boy (by Cordelia).

  • The Morgue

    1. Anonymous Lubber demon: In the street, run over accidentally by Angel.
    2. Anonymous Wainakay demon: In the Bointon home, axed by Gunn.
    3. Anonymous Lubber demon: In Gene's basement, stabbed with a hunga munga by Angel.
    Note: Before the episode started Derek Bointon was killed by the Wainakay demon, who was controlled by Aunt Helen.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

    Guest Starring:
    Host Andy Hallett as the Host Demon (Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan)
    Virginia Brigid Brannagh as Virginia Bryce
    Gene Rainy Matt Champagne as Gene Rainy
    Denise Darby Stanchfield as Denise
    Bartender Mike Hagerty as the Bartender

    Val Victoria L. Kellener as Val
    Mike Danny LaCava as Mike
    Lubber Eric Lange as Lubber Demon #1
    Clerk Geremy Dingle as the Student Clerk
    Guy Michael Faulkner as the Guy On Stage
    Helen Norma Michaels as Dotty Aunt Helen
    Father Frank Novak as the Curmudgeonly Father
    Man Al LeBrun as the Man
    Torto Demon Bob Jesser as the Torto Demon
    Darla Julie Benz as Darla (Uncredited, seen in flashback to Reunion and Redefinition.)
    Drusilla Juliet Landau as Drusilla (Uncredited, seen in flashbacks to Reunion and Redefinition.)
    Holland Manners Sam Anderson as Holland Manners (Uncredited, seen in flashback to Reunion.)

    Famous Faces

    Tippin Gene Matt Champagne who played Gene Rainy, played Mister Tippin in the 2000 comedy film The Specials.

    Mike Hagerty who played the bartender, played Captain Larg in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Redemption Part 2 5.01 and Skoran in Thine Own Self 7.16. He played Sikes in the 1999 comedy film Inspector Gadget, where he got to act with Michelle Trachtenburg, who plays Dawn on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. You may have also seen him as Michael Huttle in the Ally McBeal episode Alone Again 1.22 or playing a bartender in the Dead Last episode The Problem With Corruption 1.05.

    Bartender Michael Huttle Sikes

    Woman Helen Norma Michaels, who played Aunt Helen, played the older woman in Doppelgangland.

    Father Frank Novak, who played the father played the businessman in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Babel 1.05. He also played Raybert Fellowes in the X-Files episode Trevor 6.17.

    Points Of View


    Sort of useless filler as far as I'm concerned. Probably the best part was the host's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in the beginning, and it went downhill from there. The lubber demons were just silly. The bad special effects didn't help. So Wesley has a great destiny? Since when?

    6 out of 10

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