''Evil has never been so... blonde, but the beauty is still a beast.''

Angel Disharmony - 2ADH17

Written by David Fury - Directed by Fred Keller - First Aired on April 17th, 2001

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Hug The Short: From the
WB11 home page: Angel's ready to do as he's told to redeem himself with Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia, but they're not going to make it easy for him. He sits in Wesley's office back at the hotel (the gang has returned to their old location) and listens to a lecture on how to get along with his co-workers. As Angel squirms uneasily Wesley informs him that it's going to take time. They've set up a little table as a new space for him as the crew tells their former boss what kind of coffee they'd like. Ouch. Later on, Angel comes downstairs to find the crew unpacking and asks Cordelia if he can help her with a box. She informs him that even though he's asking how she's doing, they're not friends. Double ouch. Just then, Cordelia gets a vision and Angel catches her before she falls. Hooded figures are attacking and kidnapping people in Lafayette Park, then she sees a large red stone bird. Angel, Gunn and Wesley bolt out the door, but not before Angel tells her to relax and recover from the vision. In the park they come across one of the hoods kidnapping a woman but they rescue her and stake the vamp. Back at the hotel Cordelia is just getting ready to leave when she senses that she's not alone. Guess who's come to town for a little reunion? Harmony steps out from the shadows and it's like high school all over again. Cordelia offers her a place to crash and they head out. Next we see them in bathrobes laughing about old times. Harmony says she's a bit peckish and when Cordelia leans over the grab the phone on a pizza call she vamps out, but returns to normal before Cordelia can see her. Later that night Cordelia is sleeping peacefully in her bed when Harmony walks in and stares at her in obvious desire. The door slams (hi Dennis!) and Cordelia wakes up, wondering what her old friend is up to. After a confusing conversation where Cordelia thinks Harmony's a lesbian and Harmony thinks she's confessing her vampire status they go back to sleep. Cordelia then puts in an early morning phone call to Willow to complain about not passing on the Sunnydale gossip when she's informed that Harmony's no longer alive. Oops. Flash to Willow calling Angel to tell him that Cordelia's got a vamp in the house. Angel and Wesley burst into the place ready to stake Harmony, only to find them painting each other's toenails. Cordelia says she knows the truth and trusts her friend. They head back to the hotel to continue the kidnapping investigation. They figure out that while a lot of kidnappings have been occurring, not a lot of bodies have been found. Could a vampire be building a vamp army? Cordelia discovers an online article about a motivational speaker suspected of running a pyramid scheme using the symbol the gang found on the robes before he disappeared. The gang is getting a tad fed up with their resident soulless vamp when she spills her cup of pig's blood all over the keyboard and Cordelia decides the girls should head out on the town. Flash to Caritas, the karoake bar. Harmony sings "Memories" while Cordelia and The Host cringe. He then explains that he can't help Harmony, that Cordelia is her guide to the right path. The crew arrives to inform Cordelia that they need to drive around the area where the kidnappings have been taking place to see if she recognizes the red bird anywhere. Harmony unexpectedly tags along, to everyone's regret. They come across the red stone bird on top of an old theater. After much debate it's decided that Harmony should go in and scope out the place. Just as they're about to declare that she's betrayed them (as Angel told Cordelia she would) Harmony arrives with the info and a back door entry. They enter the theater to discover they're surrounded and Harmony has betrayed them after all. Fight scene. Cordelia is in the position to kill Harmony but gives in and lets her go. Back at the hotel Angel and Wesley are discussing how it will take Cordelia time to forgive Angel and how Angel's ready to work on it... when there's a scream. Cordelia throws open the office doors with her hands filled with clothes. Angel has replaced the wardrobe he gave to the runaway teens to win back Cordelia's affections. The shot of Cordelia and Angel bouncing up and down in excitement shouldn't be missed.

The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see Continuity #1) we open on Wesley giving Angel a bad time as Wesley lays down the rules about working for them. Wesley takes what was once Angel's office and sets him up with a desk outside. Angel is flabbergasted as the crew order him to get them coffee and donuts. (Listen to the teaser here.)


Creature Feature

Wesley mentions that some vampires can sense the presence of Angel's soul. This is consistant with Darla sensing it back when he was first cursed and Marcus sensing it in
In The Dark.

Cool Quotes

  1. Cordelia: ''How come you guys didn't tell me about Harmony. Sunnydale is that far away you couldn't afford a little phone call?''
    Willow: ''Harmony? Wha-what about Harmony?''
    Cordelia: ''She's here, in L.A.''
    Willow: ''Yikes. Big yikes. Uh. What happened? Did she come after you?''
    Cordelia: ''Yeah! She practically attacked me in my bedroom last night.''
    Willow: ''Your bedroom. How did she...''
    Cordelia: ''Came in while I was sleeping. Good thing I woke up, too. She was ready to jump me right there! but I think she got the message that I don't' go for that sort of stuff when I shot her down.''
    Willow: ''You wounded her?''
    Cordelia: ''She'll get over it. I never should have invited her to stay with me.''
    Willow: ''Say what?''
    Cordelia: ''Yeah, I know. Awkward much?''
    Willow: ''Cordelia! Okay. We're all clear on the fact that Harmony is a vampire, right?''
    Cordelia: ''Oh. Harmony is a vampire? That's why she, oh, my god, I'm so embarrassed! All this time I thought she was a great big lesbo! Oh, yeah? Really? Well, that's great! Good for you.''
    Willow: ''Thanks for the affirmation. Cordelia, Harmony is very dangerous. You have to get out of there!''
    Cordelia: ''Okay. Yeah. I'll call you when I get somewhere safe.''
    I haven't heard something that funny since the Willow/Spike impotence talk in The Initiative. Listen to the quote

  2. Cordelia: ''That's Harmony. She's visiting for a couple of days.''
    Wesley: ''It's all right to speak freely in front of her. She's a vampire.''
    Gunn: ''Don't we kill 'em any more?''
    Thank you Gunn! Listen to the quote here.


    Big Bird
  1. Cordelia: ''They're taking, people and, and, whoa, big bird.''
    Gunn: ''Big bird?''
    Cordelia: ''Not the muppet, you dumb ass.''
    Big Bird is..

  2. Cordelia: ''Ah... Lafayette Park, near the fountain.''
    Lafayette Park is...

  3. Cordelia: ''What am I? The bird lady of Alcatraz? It had wings and a beak. For all I know it was a duck. A big, red duck.''
    The Bird Man of Atcatraz is...

  4. Gunn: ''Two U.S.C. students grabbed in a parking garage. Fourth and Figueroa.''
    U.S.C. is the University of Southern California. It has an international center of learning, enrolling more than 28,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students on two campuses and offering degrees through its College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, Graduate School and 16 professional schools. It ranks in the top 10 among private research universities in the United States in federal research and voluntary support, and is one of only four private research universities in the western United States elected to membership in the Association of American Universities, a group that represents the top one percent of the nations accredited universities and accounts for nearly two-thirds of all federally sponsored research. They have a web site at

  5. Harmony: ''You kidding? Free blood, potato skins. Hey, I'm thinking about doing another number. Now what do you think: Candle in the Wind or the Princess Diana Candle in the Wind?''
    Candle In The Wind is...

  6. Doug Sander's cult is based in the Palace Theatre.


  1. Although it isn't mentioned, one would guess that in between the end of last week's episode and the beginning of this one Angel traveled to Sunnydale to attend the funeral of Joyce Summers, as seen in The Body.

  2. Wesley: ''Previously on Angel.''
    Reunion - Angel locks Darla and Drusilla in with the Wolfram & Hart lawyers. Darla bites Holland Manners. Angel fires his crew.
    Redefinition - The lawyer's bodies lay dead in Holland's home. Angel burns Darla and Drusilla.
    The Thin Dead Line - Wesley is shot trying to help Gunn with a zombie cop.
    Reprise - Cordelia gives up a book to Angel and says she doesn't know who he is anymore.
    Epiphany - Angel sleeps with Darla, but doesn't loose his soul. He talks with the host of Caritas. Angel saves Cordelia and says he wants to work for Angel Investigations.

  3. Cordelia: ''Wow. I haven't seen you since...''
    Harmony: ''Our high school blew up.''
    Graduation Day Part 2 - Sunnydale High was blown to pieces in the successful attempt to stop the ascension of Mayor Wilkins into a true demon.

  4. Harmony: ''I just broke up with someone. Real smothering relationship. You know, the kind where they just can't live without you?''
    I Was Made To Love You - Harmony broke off her relationship with Spike after he left her for Drusilla, and then Buffy.

  5. Cordelia: ''And you know, you didn't just betray me, Angel. You didn't just hurt me. You gave away my clothes.''
    Angel: ''To the needy.''
    Blood Money - Angel gave away Cordelia's clothes to a teen home.
    The Thin Dead Line - Cordelia discovered a girl in the home wearing her clothes.


  1. When Harmony and Cordelia are singing on her couch, you can see Harmony's head reflected in the window behind her, even though she's a vampire and should cast no reflection.

  2. The whole idea of spilling blood on the keyboard, it making sparks and having the screen go black is a little absurd. There is only low power in the keyboard, and it's pretty isolated from the CPU and display functions of the computer. Most likely in the real world such a mistake would have ended up with a sticky keyboard, no more.

  3. When they close up on Harmony's face and she vamps out on the street, they do a very bad job of morphing her, as her hair is sitting on her shoulder completely differently in both forms. As her face changes her hair just blends to it's new position.

  4. As Angel walks in and out of Wesley's office at the end you can see his reflecton in the glass in the door, even though he too is a vampire.


  • According to the shooting script there was an opening scene that didn't make the final cut. In it Cordelia and Gunn deal with Angel's old blood dried coffee cups.

  • According to an interview with Mercedes Mcnab in TV Guide they cut a scene from this epsiode where '' I was in Mexico, recruiting people for the cult.'' You can read the interview here.

  • Although this is the first appearance of Willow on the show, it was Willow that was speaking to Cordelia in Blind Date.

  • During the first broadcast of this episode on the night of April 17th, 2000, they played a commercial for the film The Forsaken with Phina Oruche as Cym, who played Olivia in season 4 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

  • Harmony sings the song Memories. You can listen to her sing it here.

  • I wrote up a conversion of Harmony for Champions 4th edition role playing game at http://angel.fcpages.com/csharmony2.html.

  • Harmony gets invited into Cordelia's home.

  • I wrote up a conversion of Harmony for Champions 4th edition role playing game here.

  • I wrote up a conversion of Willow for Champions 4th edition role playing game here.

  • New name for Cordelia: Brown Eyes (by the host).

  • The Morgue

    1. Anonymous vampire: In the Palace, staked by Angel.
    2. Anonymous vampire: In the Palace, staked by Angel.
    3. Anonymous vampire: In the Palace, staked by Gunn.
    4. Anonymous vampire: In the Palace, staked by Gunn.
    5. Doug Sanders vampire: In the Palace, beheaded with an ax by Angel.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

    Guest Starring:
    Host Andy Hallett as the Host Demon (Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan)
    Harmony Harmony Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall
    Doug Pat Healy as Doug Sanders
    Willow Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

    Coming soon! Adam Weiner as the Caged Guy
    Coming soon! Rebecca Avery as the Caged Girl
    Darla Julie Benz as Darla (Uncredited, seen in flashback to Reunion and Redefinition.)
    Drusilla Juliet Landau as Drusilla (Uncredited, seen in flashback to Reunion and Redefinition.)
    Holland Manners Sam Anderson as Holland Manners (Uncredited, seen in flashback to Reunion.)

    Famous Faces

    Mercedes McNab, playing Harmony Kendall, has been a supporting character on Buffy The Vampire Slayer since the beginning, being a schoolmate to Buffy and Cordelia. Mercedes has been acting since she was 10 years old. You might recognize her as girlscout Amanda Buckman from the Addams Family series of films. She also appeared as young Sue Storm in the unreleased 1994 Fantastic Four film. There is a good Mercedes McNab fan web site at http://mmcnab.hypermart.net/.
    Amanda Buckman Amanda Buckman Sue Storm

    Hanna Jill Echo

    Alyson Hannigan playing Willow Rosenberg, is of course one of the stars of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Buffy's best friend. Alyson has been acting since a young age as well. She had a big roll as Jessie Mills the 1988 comedy film My Stepmother's An Alien. After hitting it big on Buffy she got a major roll as Michelle in the 1999 comedy film American Pie. She's also done a number of promotions for the WB. One ironic point is that although she is very popular among the fans, Alyson wasn't the first choice to play the part of Willow on Buffy. The networks wanted one actress and Joss Whedon, the show's creator, wanted another. Alyson was was their compromise, someone they both liked in the roll.
    Jessie Mills Michelle Alyson

    Points Of View


    Harmony was long overdue to visit, although it's a little unbelieveable that Cordelia was never told about her by the scoobies. They really should share info. The vampire/lesbian talk was a hoot, just like Spike and Willow from last year. I liked the vampire pyrimid scheme. This episode lost major points because of the badly written ending, where Cordelia and the crew just let Harmony go after she tried to kill them. I don't give a rats ass about her being an old friend, she's a vampire, not the real Harmony. She's a killer and anyone she kills is blood on their hands.

    6 out of 10

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