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Heather Long

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Falling Rain: An alternate ending to S6 in which Spike makes a wish.
Heidi Shavor (aka Spikelicious)


Unleashed:Set during Halloween of Season five. The gang must go to a costume party to stop yet another demon from being summoned, with an impromtuperformance by Spike. 

The Perfect Cuppa: Set sometime after ‘Listening To Fear’ but before ‘Crush’. Buffy gets another lesson from Spike.


Buffy/Spike songfic series

My Way: Spike goes to the Bronze after Buffy shuts him out; spoilers for "Crush."

In Your Eyes: Buffy tries to sleep, but someone's playing music under her window; post-"Crush."

On the Outside: Spike sings at the Bronze; guess who is in the audience? After "I Was Made to Love You."

I Would Die for You: Spike tries to help Buffy feel; spoilers for "The Body."



Ingression:Spike visits St. Gregory of Caesarea Catholic Church. Buffy follows him to see what he's up to.
Jacque1in and Wendy (aka Archivesgrrl and Cobweb)
Dark Side of the Moon Series (AU Season 6)
U-Turn: Post-"Gift" fic in which Buffy returns.

Second Chances: Buffy's back -- but she's not happy about it.

Happy Birthday: Dawn's birthday is an occasion for Buffy to meet with Angel for the first time since her return.

The Mascot Dawn and friends' Homecoming prank goes disastrously wrong. 

Jody E./JodithGrace
Black and Blue: Someone is hovering out of sight at Joyce's funeral; spoilers for "The Body"

Just What He Wanted: Buffy and Spike have an emotional talk; but there's a twist. Post "I Was Made to Love You."


Love at Stake: Spike, Buffy and Riley have a confrontation. Post "Fool for Love."


Overtime: Spike wants to buy Buffy a present for her 20th birthday.


Magic Box Redux: Spike and the SG have another confrontation in the Magic Box, only this one turns out differently. Post "I Was Made to Love You."


War and Peace: Dawn and Spike bond during "Checkpoint."


A Little Distance: Five years in the future, Spike meets Buffy and Dawn again and he's made some changes.


Slayer in the City: Sequel to "A Little Distance."  Buffy, William, Emily, and Dawn are in the Big Apple.


Or Forever Hold Your Peace: Sequel to "Slayer in the City."  Riley comes back just as William and Buffy are about to tie the knot. 


The Lark: POST post-"The Gift." It is a short fic that takes place one week after Buffy's resurrection by what ever means the writers dream up.


Shining Through: Spike spends time in a London air raid shelter with a group of humans during WWII.

Porch Talk: Takes place after "Flooded." Sometimes comfort is found in the simple things.

Shaken: There's an earthquake and the balance of power gets...err...shifted.

A Song in My Heart: Spike sings at a certain bar in LA...


Many Happy Returns: Takes place after the season five finale: "The Gift"

Keith Duval (Maladetto Lupo)
Bloody Kisses: I was getting a little depressed with all the strictly angst pieces

I’ve written lately, so I decided to do something a little fun, and more than
a little bloody.


End of the World:Post "The Gift," (again), a short, bit of an angst-ridden Spike-centric piece.  


Memento Mori, William: Spoilers through "The Gift", and random bits from the past. 

Kelly Frieders
Graveside:Post- "The Gift" and follow-up of sorts to two other post-"Gift" stories, "No Place Like..." and "Promises...," but this one stands alone. You don’t need to read either of those to get the gist. Angel and Spike have an encounter in the cemetery.

No Place Like ... Post-"Gift" and Angel: The Series' "There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb." Angel and his friends find out about Buffy’s battle against Glory—and about who was helping her.


Promises: Post- "The Gift." Spike tries to cope with his loss.

Denouement:  One. Good. Day.
Angels' Hierarchies: Buffy discovers she likes poetry.

Perchance to Dream: Angel, Cordelia and Spike share the same 'vision' of things, Spike gets a job (!) and Buffy sees Spike through new eyes.


Turtle Dove ... er ... Love: A hindsight post-Triangle story.

Love Lies Bleeding: Sometimes love is a promise. Sometimes it's a curse. Pray that it's never both.

Telling: Buffy is back and someone has to tell Angel. 

LC Fenster
Aftermath: After the apocalypse, Buffy has an epiphany that sticks. And admits a few hard truths to her friends. Post-Chosen.
curse. Pray that it's never both.
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