recommended fiction


Want to know which stories to read? Below are some stories recommended by other readers.


If you have a story recommendation you'd like to submit, just E-Mail me your suggestion.




Knightout by LadyFae. I have found and read this wonderful tale. It gives hope to anyone who feels different. It remindes me of Friendship.



The Abracadabra Series by Saber ShadowKitten. My favorite!!! :) (outside link)

Ten Year Reunion by Kaitelynn. one of the best stories I have ever seen!!!!

When All The Battles Have Been Fought by Hoochamoo. What can I say....great!!!! (no link)



Mom by A.j. is a wonderful fic. I recommend anyone, W/A shipper of not, read it!



The Obsession Series by Lorelei. I think it's a must-read for any fan of W/A fic. 



I'd like to recommend Masters and Minions by Medea. It's epic and really well written, and generally just absolutely brilliant.


Danielle Weeks

Xander's Betrayal by Dayna. I love almost all of her stories, but this is my favorite. I'd read it.



Take Your Time and It's About Time by Carrie. Main reason, just cuz Carrie keeps so well with the descriptions that you feel like one of the characters.  It's so involved and the plot always thickens. 


Kendra A.

The Halls of Pain by Calligryphy. Because it's got such a spectacular plot build-up and because she writes the characters so well.


Lady Myst

Thank You and Bitter Sweet Betrayal by EvlWillow. No reason stated.



The Hello... Goodbye... Series by the Bad Girl of Buffonia. It's one of the sweetest fiction series I've ever read.



Take Your Time by Carrie is the best W/A-W/S story I ever read.



Take Your Time and It's About Time by Carrie. It's great for anyone who likes LONG series. There's also a bit of w/a and w/s in them. Definately one of the best fics i have ever read


nein nein

Hero and Seduction of Spike by SpikedLuv. Just amazing W/S stories



When Stars Collide by Serendipity. It's my favorite fic...Itīs really wonderful!



I recommend Chronologically Incorrect by Donomock. If you liked Take Your Time then you'll love this. Donotmock writes a lovely story keeping everyone to their natures and has her facts right. I cannot say how much I loved this fic.


Scarlett Fire

Knightout by Ladyfae and Assantra. It's practically as long as a novel but the read is worthwhile. Prophecies, interwined fates, forever love. Suspense and "magick" in there as well. It's a masterpiece and I don't think anything could compare to it. (outsite link!)



The Path Less Traveled Series by Ciderbreak. A W/A-shipper classic!



Dianthus Barbatus by Kate the Cursed. It's one of the most erotic and devastating S/W/Aus stories that I ever read



Me And You... by LightLes. It's fantastic, sweet, real, angsty and funny all at the same time!

Friendship by Melinda Dawney. It's the MOTHER of all W/A fics! (no link)


Valerie Owens

Burn for Me by Emily, it is by far one of the best Willow and Spike fics that I have read



Dead, Lay Buried by T. C.

Intertwined by T. C.

Outside Eternity by T. C.

Tarnished Heart by T. C.

Your Twisted Love by T. C.

The reason I recommended T.C's fanfiction is because she is a talented writer and I think other people will enjoy her stories and she has one hell of an imagination. I think a lot of people will love her stuff.