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                        LONG FICS                            SHORT FICS (all complete)

If You Don't Love Me... 

Season 2. Spuffy rewrite of  'Lie to me'

Rating M15+


A Future Set in Sand

Complete (3 chapters)

Season 1  

Set in 'Prophecy Girl'. What if not all of the Master's childer mindlessly went along with his demands? Could the presence of a disgruntled Master vampire of the Aurelian line sway the course of a supposedly unbreakable prophecy? And what will that mean for the slayer who is fated to die by the Master's hand?

Rating M15+  S/B 


Axis of Love. 

Complete  (20 chapters)

What would have happened if Spike had discovered his feelings for Buffy before Angel left her jaded and emotionally scarred? 

(AR from School Hard)

Rating MA 15+    S/B


A Fortune Told  

Complete  (11 Chapters)

Post chosen and Post not fade away the Powers That Be call Spike to an audience where he is to receive his reward.

Rating R 18+   S/B


Duty Bound

WIP (10 chaps atm)

Buffy has to save the world from Angelus and Acathla and she needs Spike's help to do so... in a manner she would never have imagined.

R 18+  Season 2 challenge response. S/B


In Dreams, What May..

Complete (7 chapters)

In a nightmare world a slayer and a vampire meet under unusual circumstances.

Rating R 18+  Season 1 challenge response. S/B


A Grain of Sand 

Wip (10 chapters atm)

 Set in Season 6 somewhere around 'Life Serial' and goes very AR from there as slayer and vampire find themselves scouring dimensions. Will their search be in vain? And what will they learn along the way?

Rating: R 18 +  S/B


Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers

COMPLETE (5 Chapters )

Riley Finn has been having a bad week... will it get better... or simply worse?

By Always_jbj and Mefiant   

 Rated R 18+    S/B,  Contains some (mild) Slash  

Postcards From the Ledge

Set during an alternate Lover's Walk.

Buffy runs into Spike on his way to the school to kidnap Willow and it seems that not everyone takes kindly to a slayer and a vampire duking it out in their back yard...


Boys And Their Toys

Set in the 'Axis of Love' world but can be read as a stand alone.


Words Unspoken

S7 Spuffy ficlet set once they arrive home after the opening sequence in Potential and going AR from there.

Rated PG


We All Have Destinations

A short Buffy pov  set post Not Fade Away 

Rated PG  for angst


76 Bloody Trombones 

Set in Season 6 Post OMWF pre Tabula Rasa. Written for the Spuffy smut-a-thon on Live Journal.

R 18+  S/B


Time Around Me Whispers 

Spuffyverse twist of  "Bargaining" S/B

R 18+ 


This Quintessence of dust  

Set during "School Hard". What if things had gone a little differently in The Bronze during School Hard? S/B

Rated PG


Something for the Pain  

A brief moment in season 6 which could have happened if the gods, or Joss, had been nicer to us! S/B

Rated MA 15+ Season 6


Captive Pleasures  

My first pwp. Season 4. Post Something Blue Spike is chained in the bath tub once again. S/B

Rated R 18+


To Sin—Divine

Buffy isn't feeling well... is it somehow Spike's fault?
A porn-with-a-fair chunk of plot. lol.

Rated R 18+  Season 2.



Rated MA 15+ Sequel to 'To Sin--Divine'


Shadows Fall  

Spuffyverse twist of "Shadow". Rating PG.


New Beginnings  

PG   Response to a challenge by Redwulf50

Post "The Girl in Question." (Spuffy-theme)

Lover's Leap

A short Spike POV set in an alternative Lover's Walk