Original characters

When Death Comes Calling  MA15+ My Watcher's Diaries fic. Original characters.



Torn in Two  Giles with references to Giles/Ethan. What was going through Giles' head as he returned from England after hearing that Buffy was alive? A short Fill in the blanks set in 'Afterlife'. Rating PG

The Hard Calls    Giles with references to Giles/Ethan. Season 7 set in 'Lies my Parents Told Me' Rating M15+

Days of Blood and Wine series  A series of ficlets and drabbles showing  glimpses of Giles/Ethan history from their youth to S2

Hearts Breaking Even series   An ongoing series of Giles/Anya ficlets and drabbles. Set post  'Hell's Bells'

Deja Vu   A short Giles-centric ficlet set post Not Fade Away.


We All Have Destinations    A short Buffy pov set many years after Not Fade Away. (Spuffy theme)



Another Shattered Soul in the Lost and Found  Alt Season 7. While Spike is in the basement he gets a visit from a friend.

The Downside of Love Set after the lights go down on Tabula Rasa. Buffy has taken flight once more and Spike is making his way back to his crypt when he comes across another broken heart.

A Dance With Death  Pre-series.  A Spike only piece set during the Boxer Rebellion Rated PG

Questions  Season 5. Dawn asks Spike a few questions. G

Fade to Black  Season 4. Spike and Giles friendship.  PG for a little language

Consequences Season 2. Spike PG

Love at First Sight  Pre-series. Spike only. PG

Ashes to Ashes  Rating G.    A  long drabble/short ficlet  Giles and Spike conversation Season 4



Thus Conscience Doth Make Cowards of Us All  Rated PG A short Faith pov set in an alternate Season 7



Between the Motion and the Act  A Wesley centric fic Rated MA15+

The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them.  A series of  Wesely/Faith  ficlets



Imaginative improvisation  In answer to the good__evil Dracula challenge. Ats season 1.  Angel and Cordelia.

Wasted and Wounded  Rating G.   Buffy and Angel friendship (VERY Spuffy undertones) Season 7  Post Chosen and working on the assumption that the events of S5 of AtS will unfold a little differently in light of this! (lol... I am allowed to dream... right!?)  Unbeta'd at present.

Chameleon  Rating PG.  A short Willow/Angel ficlet  S1

Against a Sea of Troubles  Rating PG ish  a short look through his eyes at Liam's last hours.


Sweet (The Dancing Demon)

SFJTDoaSC  Rating R 18+  Contains EXTREME levels of blasphemy.. please do NOT read if this will offend!