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  • Nov-21-2003: Updated Adam RPG page.
  • Jul-27-2003: Added new pictures to Real Me screen grabs. Updated Buffy Double Take page.
  • Jun-07-2003: Updated Kennedy for Champions to the full Slayer package.

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    Angel Season 1 Guides:
    1. City Of
    2. Lonely Hearts
    3. In The Dark
    4. I Fall To Pieces
    5. Rm w/a Vu
    6. Sense And Sensitivity
    7. Bachelor Party
    8. I Will Remember You
    9. Hero
    10. Parting Gifts
    11. Somnambulist
    12. Expecting
    13. She
    14. I've Got You Under My Skin
    15. The Prodigal
    16. The Ring
    17. Eternity
    18. Five By Five
    19. The Sanctuary
    20. War Zone
    21. Blind Date
    22. To Shanshu In L.A.
    Angel Season 2 Guides:
    1. Judgement
    2. Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
    3. First Impressions
    4. Untouched
    5. Dear Boy
    6. Guise Will Be Guise
    7. Darla
    8. The Shroud Of Rahmon
    9. The Trial
    10. Reunion
    11. Redefinition
    12. Blood Money
    13. Happy Anniversary
    14. The Thin Dead Line
    15. Reprise
    16. Epiphany
    17. Disharmony
    18. Dead End
    19. Belonging
    20. Over The Rainbow
    21. Through The Looking Glass
    22. There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
    Angel Season 3 Guides:
    1. Heartthrob
    2. That Vision Thing
    3. That Old Gang of Mine
    4. Carpe Noctem
    5. Fredless
    6. Billy
    7. Offspring
    8. Quickening
    9. Lullaby
    10. Dad
    11. Birthday
    12. Provider
    13. Waiting in the Wings
    14. Couplet
    15. Loyalty NEW!
    16. Sleep Tight NEW!
    17. Forgiving NEW!
    18. Double or Nothing NEW!
    19. The Price NEW!
    20. A New World NEW!
    21. Benediction NEW!
    22. Tomorrow NEW!
    Angel Season 4 Guides:
    1. Deep Down NEW!
    2. Ground State NEW!
    3. The House Always Wins NEW!
    4. Slouching Toward Bethlahem NEW!
    5. Supersymmerty NEW!
    6. Spin The Bottle NEW!
    7. Apocalypse, Nowish/Rain of Fire
    8. Habeas Corpses
    9. Long Day's Journey
    10. Awakening
    11. Soulless
    12. Calvary
    13. Salvage
    14. Release
    15. Orpheus
    16. Players
    17. (Unknown)
    18. Shining Happy People
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    Our last poll asked fans which BTVS/Angel leading man looks best shirtless. 40% said James Marsters/Spike, 37% said David Boreanaz/Angel, 11% said Marc Blucas/Riley, 5% said Nicholas Brendon/Xander, 3% said Seth Green/Oz and 2% said Anthony Head/Rupert.

    Who should Winifred date next?
    Andrew Wells - Because geeks attract.
    Angel - Hey, it was her first crush.
    Charles Gunn - Because they can work it out.
    Connor Angel - Because we haven't visited Oedipus enough!
    Krevlornswath - Because Fred looks damned hot in green.
    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - For intellectual stimulation, of course.
    Willow Rosenberg - Because there was a definite spark, and Fred just needs a good woman!
    Alexander Harris - Why not? He is a viking in the sack.
    The Groosalugg - She can be his new princess.
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    Nightspawn & Champions RPG:
  • Alexander Lavelle Harris - A Natural Psychic
  • Anya Jenkins - Sorcerer
  • Buffy Anne Summers - Slayer
  • Cordelia Chase - Nega-Psychic
  • Faith - Slayer
  • Riley Finn - Team Epsilon Trooper
  • Rupert Giles - Acolyte
  • Willow Rosenberg - Arcane Detective
  • The Anomovic Demon Character Class
  • The Brachen Demon Character Class
  • The Immortal Character Class
  • The Shadow Witch Character Class
  • The Slayer Character Class
  • The Vampire Character Class
  • The Vigorie Demon Character Class
    See my Rifts RPG page for more of my work.

  • Alexander Harris - Buffy's sidekick.
  • Adam - Demonoid soldier.
  • Angel - Vampire with a soul.
  • Anya Jenkins - Former vengeance demon.
  • Buffy Anne Summers - The Slayer.
  • Buffybot - Spike's plaything.
  • Charles Gunn - Vampire hunter.
  • Connor Angel - Demon Destroyer. NEW!
  • Cordelia Chase - The seer.
  • Daniel "Oz" Osborne - Rocker werewolf.
  • Dennis Pearson - The ghost.
  • Drusilla - The insane vampire seer.
  • Faith - The Slayer.
  • The Groosalugg - The brave and undefeated.
  • Harmony Kendall - Vampire bimbo.
  • The Host - Musical demon.
  • Jheira of Odin Tal - Demon princess.
  • Kendra - The Slayer.
  • Kennedy - Vampire Slayer. NEW!
  • Melaka Fray - The Slayer.
  • Riley Finn - Government operative.
  • Rupert Giles - The Watcher.
  • Spike - Vampire rockerboy.
  • Tara Maclay - Witchy sidekick.
  • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - The Watcher.
  • Willow Rosenberg - Bad-ass wicca.
  • Spells converted to Champions rules.
  • Vampire Racial Package
  • Vampire Slayer Racial Package
  • Vengeance Demon Racial Package
    See my Champions RPG page for more of my work.

    Actor Crossovers:
  • Bring It On
  • Bye Bye, Love
  • Can't Hardly Wait
  • Chance
  • Charmed
  • Kindred The Embraced
  • Pleasantville
  • Psycho Beach Party
  • Roswell
  • Star Trek
  • Wild Wild West
  • X-Files

  • Aliases for main characters on Buffy and Angel.
  • Buffy Double-Take listing reused actors on Buffy and Angel.
  • Buffy Screen Grabs Snapshots of the episodes. NEW!
  • Demons, Demons, Demons All about the demons on Buffy and Angel.
  • DVDs The DVDs that I own.
  • Music of Angel
  • Music of Buffy NEW!
  • Product Placement.
  • Profile Pictures For Haven members.
  • Profile Pictures For Watcher's Diary members.
  • Scooby Rhapsody a song the Buffy gang.
  • Shows To Watch With Buffy and Angel actors!
  • Spoilers for Angel upcoming eps.
  • Timeline for Buffy and Angel.

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